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  1. A Half Life Style game with the plot of Doom.
  2. I recently played through Quake and Duke 3D again and wanted to play some custom maps that people made. Searching "Quake maps" or "Duke Nukem 3D Maps" mostly brought sites that looked old and long abandoned. Are there any Map Repositories that are still active today? It may not particularly be Duke 3D or Quake. Something newer too, like Unreal or Half-Life. I am aware of moddb and the Steam Workshop for the Duke 3D Megaton edition. However, I find it difficult to find anything specific on moddb.
  3. DiaBomb

    Share Your Sprites!

    Just finished the Health pickups for my mod. The large one gives less health but also armor. Fun fact: These are the FIRST made-from-scratch sprites I ever did.
  4. DiaBomb

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Just finished my custom HUD for my mod that I will infinitely work on without releasing it release in a few weeks. This simplistic HUD style is my favorite kind in games. I always wanted this style in Doom. Until now, I guess.
  5. DiaBomb

    New mobile ports (iOS, Andriod)

    I guess that answers it:
  6. DiaBomb

    New mobile ports (iOS, Andriod)

    My Samsung S5 running android 6.0.1 isn't compatible.
  7. DiaBomb

    Literally Hell [v1 | 06.16.2019]

    Yes it is the exit. I just sounded like a bug. Good point though with the decorations turning you away, I will change that in the next version. Thanks for the feedback.
  8. DiaBomb

    Literally Hell [v1 | 06.16.2019]

    I actually designed it so that you could ignore the archvile if you are not going for 100% by running strait to the exit. Did you by any chance trigger the archvile before you almost got the exit?
  9. DiaBomb

    Literally Hell [v1 | 06.16.2019]

    Now that you say it, not really. I don't know why I choose UDMF.
  10. DiaBomb

    Recommend me YOUR wads

  11. This is just a small, short map I made in school. It is also my first officially released map for Doom2, if you don't count an entry in Joel's second mapping contest. You are (obviously, given the name) in hell. You have to make your way to the top of the mountain. This map is designed around Hurt me Plenty and requires GZDoom or a UDMF compatible source port (tested with GZDoom 3.7.0_Legacy & 3.7.1). Jumping and Crouching is forced. Freelook is optional. The map does not use any lights so your renderer will not matter that much. Click here to Download I may also have some more projects coming up in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned.
  12. DiaBomb

    Choosing from a list of modded wads on startup

    I don't think something like this is possible. There are autoload functions in the configuration file of gzdoom, but they only make files load with specific games (like Brutal Doom only for Doom1). I would recommend ZDL as an Alternative, but as far as I know you have to make your own lists of files to load. Other then the main games, it doesn't detect anything automatically.
  13. DiaBomb

    IDGames E-Mail service down.

    I am sending a verfication reply to a file I uploaded to newstuff (or as the instructions say the incoming folder). Though I don't know what you mean exactly with "order".
  14. DiaBomb

    IDGames E-Mail service down.

    I have tried to send my verfication reply for the fourth time now. Each time I get an E-Mail from thier provider saying that it could not be delivered. I have tried "idgmaint@abydos.com" and "idgmaint@gamers.org" both with the same results. I have waited one day between my second and third try. Any ideas on a workaround? Or do I just have to wait?
  15. DiaBomb

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Trying to do an Water Energy Plant.