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  1. moneyman

    Does anyone still play DM maps ???

    Thanks for the info DoomKid, this will help. Oldschool DM is also my main interest, never had more fun than playing wads like the dwango series, exec, gothic doom, greenwar. My maps in the past were very old school, only learned how to 3d floors the Legacy way. Anything I would make, even now would be classed as old school I have worked on my detailing and texture alignment is certainly easier with a "modern" builder. Where I lacked in textures and detailing, I excelled in DM map flow, sight lines, spawns and weapons, ammo and power up placement. This unfinished concept is called "Supercharged". had one map finished and started the second one, thats where I picked up. Already had added some custom graphics, sounds, music, title screen and interpic by way of Wintex which is now obsolete lol Regards, MONEYMAN
  2. moneyman

    Does anyone still play DM maps ???

    thanks for the heads up Marcaek, definitely going to check that out
  3. As the title states ... I have been out of Doom scene for quite a long time. Every now and then I log onto Zdaemon to find barely anyone playing FFA. It appears most everyone is into survival and co-op. My only real interest was the faced paced nature only Doom DM could deliver. I found my last unfinished work (DM wad) and decided to pick up mapping again and finish my planned package (roughly 5 maps), had a pretty cool concept in my head since 2007. Just wondering if these types of maps are even relevant anymore. Either way I am going to finish even if just for myself, has been fun re-learning how to map with something more up to date than Edmap lol. Been a few sleepless nights mapping with little concern for anything else ... just like the old days haha. Maybe I will get it right this time on another note ... I did participate in the closed alpha of the new game (console) and really enjoyed that experience ... Regards, MONEYMAN
  4. moneyman

    City themed levels

    I made one a while back, I am also a fan of downtown settings... I think my map is great fun ... not overly detailed due to its size ... I called t3000.wad http://www.geocities.com/mmanwads This has been my first time back to the forum in a looong time ... nice to see thing still a goin .... Best regards, Moneyman
  5. check out my new wad titled Towers 3000 (T3000.wad) it uses legacys 3d floors and water effects. http://www.geocities.com/mmanwads
  6. moneyman

    Player Connector Problems

    Is anyone else out there having problems with Player connector ... today I try to log on and stuff and it teminates itself after the loading interface little screen thingy... Is their server down or am I just a crackhead with an isolated problem. thnx for any feedback... Best regards, MONEYMAN http://www.geocities.com/mmanwads
  7. moneyman

    Edmap problems !! Please Help !!

    everything seems to look normal to me and none of my folders are over 8 characters .... at first the build would just fail probibly because it uses dos but I did some messing around (dont ask me what I did cuz I tried so many different things) and got the builder to half work It just keeps reverting to doom1 which is really weird and wont actually buld the map because its reverting
  8. moneyman

    Edmap problems !! Please Help !!

    Alas fraggle ... everything in the config file seems to be correct but still I have this problem ... any other ideas ?
  9. Ok i know there is not a lot of you you who dont use edmap .... but I grew up using that editor... I have recently have gotten a new computer and it seems like I cant get any of my old school doom stuff to work on it ... recently I have had some good luck and gotten most of my stuff to work (it has taken me a very long time) But My only last problem is edmap ... the editor itself works fine up until the point you have to save and build map once in the build screen it says "building map for doom2 .... reverting to doom 1, map 01 > e1m1, blah blah blah" ... I do not know why it is reverting to doom 1 for I dont even have that pwad on my new comp .... Please does anyone know what the heck is going on Best regards, MONEYMAN
  10. moneyman

    PLease Help need .dll for Wintex

    dang thanx ... I didn't know that that program was so easy to find
  11. Hello there I am looking for vbrun300.dll for wintex if there is still anyone out there who still uses wintex ... I doesn't come in the zip file :( I have used this program in the past and had to obtain it from a buddy but alas I have lost the file ... Is there anyone out there who can help me out
  12. moneyman

    xp problems :(

    Hello all I have been out of the community for a very log time and have a new computer .... I am suffering from deathmatch withdrawls ... x box does not do the trick for me I have all my old wads and know how to use all the ports but when I try to use legacy and or zdoom it freezes in the refresh deamon im thinking maybey perhaps because i am using windows xp ... I am an editor whos work has evolved of many many years but It has stalled because I can not run any of the new ports ... this saddens very much so does anyone have some tips with using ports on window xp ... I know my question is very vague but I do not know who else to turn to .... any help would be greatly appreciated :) Best regards, Moneyman
  13. moneyman

    Doom Connector gone for good now?

    Hey its me ... ive been out of the loop for a few months yet again ...but I was just wonderin is Dc still up and runnin or did they just shut everythin down ?? Best regards, MONEYMAN
  14. Ok first of all I miss ftp.cdrom.com !! ... it says that I need to login with a password when I try to put my new deathmatch package onto 3darchives ... Am I going about this all wrong ? somebody please enlighten me on how I can release my wonderfull deathmatch maps Best regards, MONEYMAN
  15. fuck .... this has been my first day back to doomworld in months .... something seems different, oh well any body got any tips on how to get the new jdoom version to work ... I always have probs with jdoom perhaps Jakko should make a "Jdoom for idiots" book any info would be appreciated Best regards, MONEYMAN