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  1. Oh dang, I forgot vanilla doom means no jumping x_x I use zandronum and there's an option to allow jumping... and in fact it has jumping set as default
  2. Also, i just realised that on the screenshots with trenches you don't see many monsters, that's because you need to press a button, then the fun will begin so don't get put off by that
  3. The plot is in the textfile that is included in the downloadable zip file ! This one is better than my previous wad, it's longer, more difficult ( It took me 6 tries to complete it ) and cooler, you start off with small corridors, rooms, weird labs, simulation rooms and then get to armories, big rooms, open spaces and... the best thing - the final stage which is a big area with trenches, towers, LOTSA monsters so you really gotta duck in those trenches which makes it fun, I don't see much wads that have that sort of thing so i put it in the title, thought some people may find it interesting. check out the sreenshots also

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      Not anymore lol, but i basically was trying to make monster closets on doom that open upon walking on but didn't succeed, but now I know what I did wrong so it's fine :P

  5. Okay.... but why ? So people can save gas ? How does the goverment benefits from it if people don't have to buy gas ? Or would you pay for a ride ? Installing something like this would be hella expensive, so to pay it all off rides would cost a lot so very few people would use them... non profitable. Anyway, I am not looking forward to self driving cars, I think it would be a huge restricment of one's freedom, your car will not allow you to go into some places and what if someone hacks your car while you drive, or better yet, what if the goverment just eliminates you and calls it an accident ? Also electric cars just seem effeminate to me for some reason
  6. It was a small wad, much like the one earlier, I think you should of posted in the thread for your first level as a continuation instead of making a new thread... the rooms were kind of empty, too little monsters, very little ammo, you need to do some wall hugging to find the secrets and when you find the secret rooms they have more monsters than the main rooms you are supposed to go through, which is a bad thing, secret areas should have very little monsters or no monsters at all. The map isn't very interesting unfortunately. You should spend more time on building the maps, this one gives me an impression you made it in less than 5 minutes
  7. It's kinda cute, I have a thing for first ever wads lol. The map is very short, too short... rooms are too spacious, there are not enough enemies, it's basically, walk into room, shoot the a couple of imps, walk into another room. The secret was actually pretty nice, but you should of placed the secret effect on the ground not on the door when you leave it. The textures are misaligned also... very short so there's not much i can say about it, next time make a longer wad ( or maybe edit this one and make it longer)
  8. Not an argument. PREY still sucks and nobody has proven me wrong.
  9. Wow, a wrench, how is that not generic ? Besides, it's the ONLY meele weapon and it looks bad, they could of added hammers, knifes, baseball bat, it's 2017 but nope just one small wrench, at the start of the game you use it to kill the little mimics because you have nothing else, then later in the game if you get a gun it's only useful after using the gloo gun to hit them while it's frozen It's a stupid gimmick... seriously how would that gun be even useful in real life ? So I guess a soldier fires his gloo gun then pulls out a wrench and comes closer to hit it till it dies ? Imagine a squad with gloo guns... just why ? You'd only need a gloo gun when everything is broken, exits are destroyed and you need to climb somewhere but even then it shouldn't be that big, it could be a small accesory, and you still have grapling hooks. Even then, the gloo gun works on the mimic for like a couple of seconds, you don't even have time to finish the mimic with the wrench, you have to do it a couple of times OK shock dispenser, ONE. It looks very generic, boring, holds only 4 bullets EVEN THOUGH IT'S THE FAR FUTURE, you'd think they design shotguns that can hold far more shells ? Besides, it literally has an ammo counter... why, are soldiers in the future so stupid they don't know how many bullets they fired so they need a big screen to tell them that ? It should of just been included in the hud if it's so necessary q-beam ? fine i guess Prey 2 has so little weapons anyway.... The spacebase looks bland, sterile but the devs obviously tried to cover how boring it is by making it dirty and darker but it still looks bad, uninteresting it looks like ever other fps that comes out these days, the protagonist from prey 1 was a good character, Tommy, a native american, tired of living on the reservation and of his heritage, moves out, is badass and has good lines. Protag of prey 2 ? uhh his name is morgan and he lived in a simulation and uh... yeah. Totally forgettable. Maybe I can't enjoy this game because i have decency and taste but you knock yourself off with it i guess, pay 60 dollars for a stupid game they made as fast as possible for profit, remember to buy all the DLCs!!
  10. PREY is a half assed bioshock clone with stupid gimmicks and boring story. It's not special at all, it's the future yet again you're in space yet again, wow. Generic gunplay, controls, puzzles and quests. Monsters are boring and not scary at all, not even worth pirating. The only reason people buy this game is because it's new, because of those people bethesda will keep ruining franchises. todd howard i love you
  11. "Oh, you think darkness is your ally. But you merely adopted the dark; I was born in it, moulded by it. I didn't see the light until I was already a man, by then it was nothing to me but blinding. The shadows betray you, because they belong to me." ~ Bane
  12. Seems like your typical early acces survival game... nothing special. Pro tip: It will NEVER get out of early acces
  13. And here's a picture of my cat :3 What's with the animal/pet threads recently ?
  14. I like the total war series but warhammer not that much... I have played rome total war 1, empire total war, napoleon total war 2, medieval total war with dlc's and the newest ones don't do it for me for some reason, I wish they would do something like id software with DOOM 2016, new but true to the original. I'M REALLY EXCITED ABOUT M&B BANNERLORD THOUGH
  15. Start doing push ups, drink coffee and stop masturbating ( if you do )... actually you'll probably get used to the job anyway lolz