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  1. Trupiak

    GZdoom update broke my menu

    That worked, tysm!
  2. Trupiak

    GZdoom update broke my menu

    So I updated GZDoom and the menu size got bigger. This is a problem because when I play mods with more menu options they go off screen. I don't know how this happened and I don't know how to fix this. Scale settings don't help :/ Please tell me what I should do.
  3. Trupiak

    My horrible wad.

    MCR ROX!!!
  4. Trupiak


    ................it's just a fukking frog lol
  5. Hahaha I love the description of it. Sure does... lmao
  6. Trupiak

    Best Short Wads?

    I love the short wads made by Memfis.
  7. Trupiak

    What is the most loved doom demon

    Former human because they're the least dangerous :)
  8. Trupiak

    Neptune, My First Major WAD!

    Fuunnn stuff, however, there's a small issue with the second level ( Quarry). There is a switch that makes some pillars rise up so you can run over them into the exit, right ? What happens if a poor soul like me presses the button repeatedly? The pillars rise up to the ceiling and you can no longer run over them, so just imagine my confusion :P Secrets were nice.. I can imagine that it was frustrating to work with the sky in the fourth level lol... I have the same issue in my maps and it's hard to give up on an idea just because the sky looks funky with it.
  9. I hope my input helps. When ? I don't know. We had our first PC when I was 9, I shared it with 3 siblings. Non-violent video games ? Minecraft is good... roblox maybe ( it has violent games but it is mostly targeted towards kids so I don't know. ) When I was 10 I started playing Star wars battlefront II. It wasn't that violent as it had no blood. I don't know whether the modern battlefront has blood or not. I started to put my english into practise on it. When I discovered minecraft in 2011 I got pretty much addicted to playing video games and my grades sunk, so be careful. My parents never allowed me to play games that were rated above my age. When my brother bought an FPS we actually had to wait to be 16 to play it... perhaps you should pay attention to pegi ratings etc. ? If I had kids, rather than being concerned about the level of violence in their games, i'd be more concerned with how much time they spend on them :D it's easy to get addicted... I think I would limit the playing time to weekends only. That's just my 2 cents.
  10. Trupiak

    Short gothic doom map

    Well, you don't actually need to find any of the secrets to have enough ammo for everything, as long as you don't waste shots you should have just enough to kill everything in your way ( I tested and made sure for that ). HMP gives you more ammo, of course. Thank your for testing the map on vanilla @Sir Hattington. I don't know why that glitch occurs nor I know how to fix it D: And thanks to all that played or are going to play :)
  11. Trupiak

    Short gothic doom map

    GZdoom is the best one to use for this wad. You need to use the GOTHICTX file for textures, my wad itself and everything else is optional.
  12. Trupiak

    Short gothic doom map

    I really like gothic doom, but couldn't find any wads made with it in mind so I made this little level. It uses the gothic doom textures. The zip file includes everything you need to run the wad like you're meant to, but you can just load the textures and play it with whatever. It was supposed to be a part of a level pack, but I can't find the motivation to make more levels. Just waltz around as you avoid lost souls, fireballs and gunfire! Tested with: GZDoom ( Found no issues. ) Zandronum ( A possible little texture glitch in the final room. ) prboom ( one or two textures might be glitched... the gothic guns and monsters don't load for me on it. ) This map was made with deathmatch in mind, but I never tested it :D Fun facts about the wad: - It will take you from 3 to 5 minutes to beat. - It might kick your ass if you pretend secrets don't exist. - It has difficulty levels if UV is too tough for you. Goffik.zip
  13. Trupiak

    What If Doom Was Real?

    It would be tough. Guns would be plenty ( thanks to former human type monsters) but the hitscanners can put you out of the action in one shot - and we have a lot of open areas on earth. Dodging the fireballs wouldn't be as easy as we might think; a lot of people haven't dodged a ball since highschool... and i'm sure getting hit by one is enough to kill you. Depending on how bad the invasion is I think the militaries would be able to deal with the problems. Lots of medals to be had. Pretty much this. I can't think of any monster in doom that is able to destroy doors or walls so there ya go =D If rescue doesn't come it's gonna be tuuuufff! I HATE the noise of a chainsaw D:
  14. Trupiak

    Potato PC Games Recommendations?

    Fallout New Vegas for potato PC's? I have a better computer than OP and I was getting like 30 fps on it. I don't recall it being optimised well. I second the half-life series... though I don't think they have much replay value D: You can get into old total war titles. My favourite is Rome Total War and I always return to it, has a small but interesting multiplayer community surrounding it if you like online play, campaigners get rekt hard and you have to learn to play cwb style ( skirmish ! ) if you wanna survive :D Or 31k though personally i'm not into that. After you get good at playing on cwb rules you will be unbeatable on the campaign. There's also Cataclysm Dark Days Ahead which I used to play all the time.
  15. I was mostly hoping for some good memes but guess there won't be any... unless? Trump still gets 2 months of office right ?? My friend says that Biden hasn't actually won yet until the congress finalizes their decision