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    id like to thank the oh so funny le ironic reviews that made me play this piece of ****
  1. ... why not good puns/jokes ? lol
    just here to give it 5 stars
  2. In order of importance (everything is important though): 1. fun gameplay first and foremost. Nobody cares about the story, graphics, secrets, music if the gameplay is awful 2. easy to mod so the community stays alive and also multiplayer option, replayability... I guess make sure it's still alive after launch ? 3. simple, like ace of spades classic; 2 teams, 3 guns, that's it 4. Rewarding, something like par times in doom. Coins, secrets, statistics ( I like to replay L4D2 maps just to do high percent shooting accuracy runs ) 5. good atmosphere, mafia 1 had a very good atmosphere and made me download the whole soundtrack, really nice 6. good characters but without too much dialogue 7. option to kill anybody you want, crucial npc's, the guy who gives you quests, guards, hostages whatever, if the hostages can't die I won't feel rewarded for saving them. In half life 1 I liked just getting guards to go with me and making sure they don't die. I wouldn't do that If they couldn't be killed because that would be just boring 8. If you're making a story based game give the player a free roam option or something like that 9. NO EARLY ACCES 10. NO DLC's well of course im no expert, I played very very few "perfect" games so it's all my opinion. Also it depends on what type of game it is so I guess only points 1-5 are universal
  3. I wish mausland made full songs :( all of the music in their games is awesome
  4. Planning to get a swift looking air pistol, hope I don't shoot my eye out LOL

    1. everennui


      Just make sure nothing ricochets, and don't stand under icicles, kid.


      *boots @Trupiak down a Doom themed slide*

    2. Trupiak


      weeeeeeee *grunt*

    Casual, straight foward map with interesting level design, smart secrets and good progression, replayed it a couple of times and looked for secrets, they are pretty rewarding... if you're looking for a simple, single map to play - this is it, no need to look at the map and scratch your head, wondering where's the fricking door; everything's obvious, the gameplay is smooth
  5. Meh, I don't care, I don't really watch doctor who and don't get the appeal. Also, 13 seasons ? really ?
  6. Featuring our girl Christine ;) Skip to 0:57 if you only want music
  7. drinking tea, life is good ;)

  8. Poland, love my country, the current office and the fair laws
  9. Megawads. I don't like megamaps, looking at the map every 3 minutes, backtracking, looking for keys in gigantic maps, wondering if I missed a button or is it a bug
    I liked the first map, it was simple, didn't need to check the map, fun to kill enemies, not too small not too big and had consistent theme. The second map however ? Awful texture choice, at first I ignored that because the start was somewhat OK but later I discovered the map was boring, big rooms, 1 enemy per corner ( I just ran past them lol ) and the boss fight was easy, if there wasn't a second map i'd remember it as casual wad to play when bored and fun to speedrun and I'd give it 3 stars but because of the other map... 2 stars