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  1. Trupiak

    What are you currently reading?

    I see that you haven't forgotten the face of your father. Good ;)
  2. Trupiak

    What are you currently reading?

    Great book. I lent it to a girl and actually bugged her five times in total for her to give it back. Perhaps unnecessarily, but hell, I want my Gatsby! My current reading: Wine for dummies Debating the Ethics of Immigration Teach Yourself Mathematics (if you can call it ''reading''...) The Little Black Dress: How to dress perfectly for any occassion (it's good to know about basic women fashion I think) On hold (I have no access to these currently but I'm in the middle with them): Hugo's ''Miserables'' Stephen King's Dark Tower, part four, I think. I don't have access to it currently so it's on hold I also just got through ''goodbye things'', a minimalism guide and inspiration book. Minimalism is really inspiring for me - I'm slowly getting rid of my books currently and only keeping valuable, rare ones, books I wanna return to, or books I can't get at any library. I don't plan to keep or actually purchase any of the books I mentioned here. (edit) I forgot to mention, but I was disappointed ''goodbye things'' didn't end with the author telling you to throw his book out.
  3. Trupiak

    Post your Desktop Background

    Looks like my new background.
  4. Trupiak

    Games like Project IGI?

    Please recommend me games that are similar to Project IGI 1 & 2, or Specnaz Project Wolf. First person 'Tactical' shooters where you get to play as a one-man army. Preferably something from the 1998-2005 era. Or don't! This is just a request. ;)
  5. Trupiak

    Share a random fact about yourself

    Bruh. My theory is that the guy was a repeated doer of this and the admin stopped giving a shit. Computer cafes rock btw. I feel lucky that I got to experience some of that. I'm not sure if there's a lot of them anymore.
  6. Trupiak

    Post your Desktop Background

    Source please :) So here are my backgrounds. The lucario one is from my linux pc. I change the wallpaper every monthly and the theme is usually furry or nature. Then there's custom Windows XP background from my 2gb ram pc i've revived recently. I plan to stick to custom wallpapers on XP.
  7. Trupiak

    Languages thread!

    Polish is my native language. I'm fluent in English. German on A2 or B1 level. Here's some of my methods and views. I'm currently reading a book in this language called "Einer kam durch" or something like that (Using DeepL for translation sometimes.). There was a movie made about it, "The One That Got Away". To practise, I joined some German speaking discords and now try to talk to German people online when I can ( I'm not abusing anyone for free lessons. ) My grammar is terrible and I put together sentences mostly based on what feels right in the context. Knowing English helps a lot. Add to that the fact that Poland has many 'loan words', it's obvious that there's hardly any easier language I could learn, except maybe for Czech and stuff like that. Also, I've been to Germany like 5 times and have had it in school for years ( Though never paid much attention, since it always felt like it was starting from ABCD, numbers and before I knew it - deep diving into akkusativs, dativs, past perfekt prequemium perfektums wtf etc. Got so discouraged + they were boring as hell. My notebooks from the time are just doodles on top of drawings with random vocab I didn't know thrown into the mix. =D I'd love to join a German minecraft beta server, but that's very niche. ( By the way, from my time on some server I've found out that it is eastern Europeans that are mostly interested in the old versions, and hardly anyone else. ) In college I have German once a week, mostly reading comprehension and putting together sentences. I appreciate it and pay attention, even though it's at 8pm after a full day of classes. Overall it's a nice language, often made boring by school, though. From my time in Germany, I quickly learned that only less than half of the people you meet speak English, sooo.... anyhow. I'd like to learn Finnish. The country and the language itself is interesting to me. For now I know how to count, days of the week and basic words... I'd like to use something like Duolingo to learn it, but not Duolingo - it's boring, restraining, repetitive and overall sucky. Perhaps I should start from getting some used self-learning books? Maybe a tutor, but don't know if I want to throw money at this language just yet. Same goes for German.
  8. I like these volvos a lot. They look amazing in blue! Myself I have a 2002 Volvo S60 2.4T. Somehow I like the straight back of the S80 better though. Wanna switch? =D Also got an old 2stroke motorcycle that I plan to register this year. Might exchange it for a lada sometime or just plain sell it, though.
  9. Oh, thanks for the context. Makes more sense now I suppose. The other songs you mentioned are better in my opinion... I also know "Our House" from the radio.
  10. Cool video but... the music is terrible. I can't imagine liking it even if I lived back then.
  11. Trupiak

    GZdoom update broke my menu

    That worked, tysm!
  12. Trupiak

    GZdoom update broke my menu

    So I updated GZDoom and the menu size got bigger. This is a problem because when I play mods with more menu options they go off screen. I don't know how this happened and I don't know how to fix this. Scale settings don't help :/ Please tell me what I should do.
  13. Trupiak

    My horrible wad.

    MCR ROX!!!
  14. Hahaha I love the description of it. Sure does... lmao
  15. Trupiak

    Best Short Wads?

    I love the short wads made by Memfis.