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  1. I found it interesting but I already lost all hope when this story has been published... Protip: Half life 3 will come out when valve will be going bankrupt and will be grasping for straws
  2. Roblox is down :l well it will probably be back up shortly

    1. Voros


      I remember when Roblox was about hanging out and fun in all kinds of genre. Now, the novelty seems to have worn down :/ the simplicity of the older Roblox was what made it enjoyable and comical.

      I miss it.

    2. Voros


      OMG memories <3
      When did I make this?

    3. Doomkid
    4. CzechMate29200


      What is roblox?

  3. But south park is racist too... and no, this show wasn't racist, it even had black people in it, it mocks modern comedy where you can only make fun of straight white males, many people enjoyed the show and it's just annoying all it takes for your show to be taken down is for one media whore to get offended I think the title of the last episode speaks volumes though, " you hate this show because you hate yourself "
  4. 5 awesome episodes that people re watch to this day... cancelled because of "hidden swastikas" ( ??? )
  5. When she was growing up everybody laughed when Amy Schumer said she wants to be a comedian nobody is laughing now...
    Oh, yeah, 20 minutes build time, should of read that before playing. Nice room I guess ? Maybe if you stated it's just a showcase room then I'd give it 3 but you called it a fun map, implying there's gameplay...
  6. Mount & Blade native/warband
  7. ( REPLACES MAP 02 ) This will be my third wad, I learned a little bit about map making and this time I tried to stick to a theme, no weird textures, everything is in place, the secrets are more interesting, no wall hugging unless you really stretch the definition. Mostly low tier enemies, some mid tier. I had a little fun with the lighting too. The map isn't perfect, there are some bugs, ( in the room with the yellow key the textures are all messed up, In doom builder they are perfectly aligned but ingame it's a mess but you're only there for a couple of seconds anyway ). The wad takes around 11 minutes to complete, at the end I give you a computer area map and a switch that activates the closed off areas so you can go visit all the secrets If you couldn't find any earlier. Also, you might want to save here and there otherwise you'll be in for a shock when you die ;) I don't give you that many pick ups Made on doom builder, tested with zandronum, all vanilla, jumping and crouching reccomended, made for doom 2, replaces map 02, there ARE difficulty levels, normal gives you more pick ups, easy gives you even more, I had players that use arrowkeys, play on phone or use something other than the good ol' pc in mind. Ultra violence reccomended of course. Link: Go ahead, make my day, PLAY IT !!! Feedback appreciated
  8. 1. start up the wad 2. open the first door 3. room full of hell knights, imps, mancubis, anarchatrons no shotgun guys in sight What am I even supposed to do ? Shoot them all with my pistol ? Run past them ? when I do run past them it gets worse, more and more enemies, no pick ups expect a puny little shotgun. I WANT PROGRESSION.
  9. Man.... :/
  10. the wad i'm making ? It'll blow everybody's socks OFF, it's just that good

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    2. Fonze


      You do know how funny it will be if you hype this up and it turns out to not 


      blow everybody's socks OFF,

      as explicitly stated, right?


      Hype can be a decent tool, but it is a double-edged sword that will turn against you as quickly as work for you. Two times now I've seen hype being built for this wad with no screenshots to show; my hopes are not high as a result, but I do hope I'm wrong and that you've made something pretty and fun. Best of luck as you finish it out :)

    3. grouchbag

      Agree with Fonze.:)

    4. Trupiak


      OK fonze you may be right, don't take it too literally, your socks won't fall of in real life... maybe i'm too excited because it's the first decent wad I made.  Also, some screenshots, WIP.






    5. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      On a cursory glance, I spotted a faulty texture alignment in the third screenshot... one of the walls is a tad "off center"

    6. Trupiak


      I also went back and re-read my "what are you working on" post and I don't really see how did I build hype there, "it looks 3-4/5 stars good" i said there


      Yeah I know some textures aren't aligned but it's work in progress

    7. Fonze


       Oh don't mind me, I have a bit of a dark sense of humor. You're doing well, just don't get too excited and venture into the realm of making your magnum opus out of the gate, then whoring it around everywhere when it accrues the typical 1-3 responses most newer mappers' wads get. It's sad to see and doesn't help the person doing it.

    8. YukiRaven


      The first and second screens are my faves.  They look pretty detailed, very techbase-like, and like there would be some fun gameplay there.  The lighting also looks good in these, and if there's one thing that can make a good level better, it's lighting that pops out at you.


      The lights on the floor of the third screen feel kind of out of place, IMO.  Not only do they not totally align to the walls, but the seam between them and the blue floors is jarring.  Maybe tweak the alignment, then use a very thin a raised/lowered divider with a metal floor texture between them?  Same with the white in the fourth screen, though I think maybe you were going for painted lines on grass here.  If that's the case I can see the intention, and just recommend a slightly better (read: very flat and plain) texture than rocks.


      Otherwise, looks fun!

    9. grouchbag

      Those are VERY nice looking screenies Trupiak.:D

    10. Trupiak


      @YukiRaven Thanks for feedback

      About the third screenshot - I wanted do to something weird with that room to make it somewhat interesting but I still tried toying with the textures but all the other textures just killed the mood of the room somewhat for me, so I decided to stick with the texture. I'm working on doom builder so I can't align the floor textures so I just have to move the floor, I changed the grid setup to 1 and moved the floor a little so the texture is now symmetrical BUT... well, pic related.


      It's not that bad, I don't think someone would notice it ingame. Oh, yeah I could of just moved it all together ( the vents etc. ) but that would a lot of hassle for such a little thing only a careful eye would notice it.


      And about the fourth screen; yes, I was going for painted lines on grass, couldn't find another texture, the closest thing I found was a light gray texture but it didn't strike my fancy


      @grouchbag thanks


      Also I'd like to say once more to avoid possible confusion, the title was kind of a joke, I don't want this project to end up like no man's sky ( didn't live up to hype ). I tried something different this time, usually when people post their wads or write about them it's usually "well I made something when I was bored, idk, like it ? uhh, thanks i guess ? it was just a bunch of things i threw together but.... yeah whatever" I hope you know what I mean




    11. grouchbag

      I think you did just fine.:D

  11. it would smell like a gun range but with rotten corpses, blood, smoke, sweat, stink of bodies not showered for months/years ( former humans ) and oil... it smells COOL
  12. I have made 2 wads so far, they were both... well, kinda bad... but 2 days ago I started working on my third wad, it doesn't have a name yet but i'm thinking of something like "redom" or something like that, it's better than the last 2 wads, It has direction, sticks to a theme, mostly small rooms but not claustrophobic at all, some big rooms too with major fights, mostly low tier enemies ( for now ) maybe as the map will advance there will be more difficult monsters but not too much, I also focus on the monster placement, placing monsters that will come to you and deaf monsters that you will stumble upon, also made it so you spend more time in the major rooms... I have few secrets for now but I'll try to place more, after some feedback from my last maps this time secrets will be more smart instead of requiring you to hug walls, the secrets will make sense, require you to look more closely if you care about them, they will be rewarding but not TOO rewarding ( no BFG, all the guns in one secret room ) but instead power ups, some pick ups that will help, hp. Also the pick ups are balanced in my opinion. Really proud of my map so far. I'd post some screenshots but I don't feel like a photographer right now, I'd have to take good angles, present the map so you can feel it without playing it etc... It looks 3-4/5 good in my opinion. Maybe I'll post them tommorow ( unless I finish the map tommorow lol ) I'll post the map in the WADS & MODS subforum as always
  13. I think Gez just ended the thread lol