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  1. the wad i'm making ? It'll blow everybody's socks OFF, it's just that good

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    2. Widow


      Those are VERY nice looking screenies Trupiak.:D

    3. Trupiak


      @YukiRaven Thanks for feedback

      About the third screenshot - I wanted do to something weird with that room to make it somewhat interesting but I still tried toying with the textures but all the other textures just killed the mood of the room somewhat for me, so I decided to stick with the texture. I'm working on doom builder so I can't align the floor textures so I just have to move the floor, I changed the grid setup to 1 and moved the floor a little so the texture is now symmetrical BUT... well, pic related.


      It's not that bad, I don't think someone would notice it ingame. Oh, yeah I could of just moved it all together ( the vents etc. ) but that would a lot of hassle for such a little thing only a careful eye would notice it.


      And about the fourth screen; yes, I was going for painted lines on grass, couldn't find another texture, the closest thing I found was a light gray texture but it didn't strike my fancy


      @grouchbag thanks


      Also I'd like to say once more to avoid possible confusion, the title was kind of a joke, I don't want this project to end up like no man's sky ( didn't live up to hype ). I tried something different this time, usually when people post their wads or write about them it's usually "well I made something when I was bored, idk, like it ? uhh, thanks i guess ? it was just a bunch of things i threw together but.... yeah whatever" I hope you know what I mean




    4. Widow


      I think you did just fine.:D