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  1. Trupiak

    Need help with my doom 2 wad

    How to change music in Ultimate Doom Builder ? I couldn't find an answer to my questions so i'm making this topic. I'm sick of D_Runnin and when testing stuff I just type changemus D_anythingelse. Currently I'm making a wad and just want to pick D_ROMERO to play in my level. How do I do that ? - My wad works fine on GZdoom, but on Boom a door ( Switch once, open, stay ) and 2 lifts don't work (switch, lift raise wait lower). ( everything else works fine ). What's up with that ?
  2. Trupiak

    Need help with my doom 2 wad

    This helped, thank you. I chose Doom: Doom 2 as I thought it would be the most universal one. I fixed the problem with doors and lifts not working in boom by looking at the original doom2 levels and noticing that doors can't have switch related actions and you have to use D1, DR etc. Lifts don't have D1's or DR's, only walkovers and switches. My switches were directly on the lifts. Basically I had to put a tag (18) on the switch ( SR ) and choose the sector with the lift and tag it as 18.
  3. When the president of Poland died in a plane crash, 2010. I was 10 and my mother was crying because she was afraid that russians shot down the plane and we were going to have a war. ( Actually it was nothing more than a failed landing caused by bad weather conditions and being under stress ). @Payload4367 Do you remember your reaction to that ?
  4. Trupiak

    What Is Your Favorite Doom II Weapon (Poll!)

    I enjoy plinking at former humans with the pistol... Also finishing imps that survived a point blank shotgun blast is satisfying as heck.
  5. Trupiak

    Can't download GZDoom Builder

    Thanks! the 64 is what I needed.
  6. Trupiak

    Can't download GZDoom Builder

    The site (https://devbuilds.drdteam.org/doombuilder2-gzdb/ ) doesn't work for me, I checked on both my pc and laptop. Normally I use the regular doom builder for my wad making needs but I wanna co-make a wad with a friend who wants to use GZdoom builder ( Since you can make floor over floor stuff etc. ). Could anyone send me an alternative download link for the latest version or shoot me a private message ? Thanks.
  7. Trupiak

    Can't download GZDoom Builder

    @RonnieJamesDiner Thanks for enlightening me on UDB but clicking 64 bit, and 32bit also, takes me to the devbuilds site which doesn't seem to work for me at all. All youtube guides that I have found link the same thread, which links to devbuilds.
  8. I HATE this piece of shit. It plays on the radio every single day at least 12 times, almost always when i'm near the radio. This is what ultimately made me decide to throw my radio into the garbage and replace it with a cd player with a sound system. This song ( and most songs in the radio in general) ruins my mood, sometimes I idly wonder, if this song was played 100 times a day would people notice or at least even remotely start to dislike it ? Also, some good songs in this thread ironically lol. I actually liked "The Shaggs", made me imagine those 3... persons just having fun making an album and how cool it was for them.
  9. Trupiak

    RECKONER.WAD Doom 2 - WIP by a new mapper

    Personally, I loved it, the secrets were what I really like and combat was goodie.
  10. Trupiak

    Substation Calamity

    Played on UV. Completed the map with just 1 death while finding all the secrets, which were by the way pretty nice. The first one was my favourite. As for the "no room" I just door camped it. On my no secrets run I died like 12 times, ammo was pretty tight and I finished the map with just 60 bullets and nothing else. This time I had to rush forward in the no room to get the shotgun shells as I had 0 ammo by that point :D . Map design in this one is kinda boring but at least combat is fun. By the way, nice job @cassis :D
  11. Trupiak

    What kind of maps do you enjoy?

    I like 5-10 minute maps made by beginner doom map designers the most. Recently that's all I play. Something about them is just really interesting to me because they can surprise you in either good or bad way... I like doom-like design, plenty of small rooms, sexy map design and as many secrets as possible, ideally most of them easy with low-rewards and few really tough but really rewarding. I like when there's few pickups, little quirks that make the wad challenging and force the player to go through some trial and error.
  12. Trupiak

    My First Doom Map, Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot

    Finished it on UV. Well, I died a couple of times so the map isn't that easy! There's a ton of pickups though and I never had to worry about ammo. Health was just a question of whether I can sneak away, backtrack and pick up the medkits I left for later. Most of my deaths were a result of me getting shot into the back as I was crawling away. In general, I like when there's a lot of secrets, but if they're easy to find I don't like it when they reward you too much. - Cool first archvile fight. At first I pressed the switch immediately and got terrified when the columns collapsed then died. The second try a cyberdemon sneak killed me from behind, because he prolly saw me running in and out of the archvile room. Thought it was intentional and a cool idea but at my fourth try he didn't walk in; I just used the columns for cover, killed the archies, then collapsed the columns to find out... each was a secret somehow ? cmon. [ This first archie fight could use more monsters. Anything really to distract doomguy for long enough so they can even attempt to resurrect the cacos. I never let them. ] - Map has sexy shapes, especially the cave area, too bad there's not much decoration ( I didn't expect any, I know. ) - Kool boss fight by the exit switch - I hated the rooms where the enemies were high up on the boxes etc. I don't like shooting enemies I can barely see at the top of my screen and having to worry whether my shots will go to doomguy's eye level or at the monsters :/ If I were you I'd split the map into two levels, the second one beginning when you enter the cave. I like short levels but I guess you like long ones. Also if I were you i'd put some monsters into the huge boss fight area that you first pass through but yeah you might like that sorta thing. .........this is really good for a first map and I think you can become an awesome map maker with time.
  13. Trupiak

    My attempt on a classic style Doom level

    Played it on UV and enjoyed it. Limited resources made fighting through the map pretty thriling and when I was near the exit I had just enough ammo to kill the last monster and escape into the Underhalls with 0 ammo and 34 % health :D Couldn't figure out how to get to any of the secrets :/
  14. Trupiak

    Eddie Van Halen has died

    May he RIP.
  15. Trupiak

    Doom belphegor edition (demo, 4 maps)

    I liked the map, the overall styling and it being kinda rough around the edges is what I like. I died a couple times on the first level with UV but that only means it needs more careful planning and tactics so that's cool, I'll definetly try to complete the wad set on UV. HMP was hella easy and I didn't die a single time so I think the leap in difficulty might be too big. What annoyed me: - Doors I had keys for that I had to find the switch for anyway. - Too many switches! Cool stuff: Healing sector
  16. Trupiak

    Merry Christmas!

    For this wonderful Christmas season I'd like to share one of the xmas stories I heard on a particular xmas radio special: " In the city of London in 1842 a young apprentice named William Egley was thinking of a new way to share the christmas spirit with his friends. He printed out and sent out hundreds of copies of what may have been the first real Christmas card, it wasnt an elaborate affair, just a picture of a Christmas scene and a simply worded greeting. Today the Christmas card has become one of the most popular holiday traditions around the world, but the thought behind even the most modern card is still Egley's simply greeting : A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you. The holiday season has been enriched by a storm of traditions form many many lands for all of us to share as we share in our hearts the Christmas spirit of warmth and joy and hope and a wish for peace on earth . " A merry merry Christmas to all of you... I'm sure having one myself. :)
  17. That's funny OP because this is something that I have been thinking for a while now. How important is the balance between talking a lot and talking sense in your opinion? Personally, I feel like people should talk quite a bit and also say reasonable things and I am not for imbalance between how much you talk and how much sense what you say makes. It is why I tend to have a distaste for the likes of certain posts on Doomworld (considering that the latter had a imbalance between how much was said and how much sense it made). I don't really care if there's an imbalance between how much someone talks and how much sense it makes.
  18. Trupiak

    got hit by a car.

    Sending you some love from Poland brother, good to hear you're fine
  19. Played through them... well, most of them, I started out playing normally but the wads were getting worse and worse so i lost interest after beating the first chapters of the first wadpak, just glanced over the rest to find interesting stuff and this is what i found; Right off the bat you are greeted by bizzare texture choices, unaligned textures and random item placement, as you progress you notice that some of the maps seem familiar. Maybe because some of them are literally ripped from the original game and changed up a bit, the quality varies throughout the levels, some look like a year old's first wad and some seem like they've been made by a pro, so it's probably safe to assume they were stolen. Things get worse and worse, hard to find secrets that reward you with 2 armor pickups, areas that are obviously secret but unmarked, no exit switches, the key you need is placed in a secret area you can only find by wallhugging the entire sector. One of the maps is e1m4 and what's interesting is that the swastika appears not removen. Most importantly there is no skill progression, levels don't get any more difficult than they are. Some levels appear to be deathmatch maps with some monsters added in. Some require jumping and crouching some look like designed without jumping in mind. Anyway here are the highlights, maps that I didn't mention are just plain bad and don't have anything interesting in them WADPAK1, the most forgettable one, all the maps suck ass and are low quality except for select few, here we go: e2m1 has no exit e3m1 has no exit e2m2 is probably the biggest map of them all, a lot of trees, unaligned textures, pitch black areas for no reason e3m4 is one room with an exit that appears after you step on one of the platforms. Some enemies. e3m6 is interesting and out of place, good quality except for the random pickups e3m8 is a boss fight, cyber demon in a room, around the cyberdemon is a staircase to heaven, after you climb it a door opens that you go through, kill some monsters get a key and exit. Thy flesh consumed brings no new levels WADPAK2: e1m1 is e1m4 from original doom, adds a cyberdemon and more enemies e1m3 is a big room with 4 switches to press while you get chased by a horde of spectres and a cyberdemon e1m4 is similiar to the previous, only that you get a horde of demons, a couple chainsaws, a berserk pack and an exit switch in plain sight. Takes 3 seconds to beat if you run to the switch e1m5. Again, a big sector with a door, behind it a corridor literally filled with monsters guarding an exit switch e1m7 is e1m1 but with cyberdemons and soulspheres e1m8 is e1m2 but with soulspheres, corridors filled to brim with enemies and a spider mastermind in a small room blocking you from going further. Unbeatable without cheats e2m1 is e1m1 but refurnished e2m2 is e1m1 but with bizzare textures e2m3 is e1m1 with the creepiest possible textures and hanging bodies everywhere you look e2m4 is e1m1 but heavily modified e2m5 is e1m1 but heavily modified e2m6 is e1m1 but heavily modified e2m7 is e1m1 but slightly modified e2m8 is e1m1 but you spawn in the exit room with the exit switch next to you. takes less than a second to beat e3m1 is e1m1 but modified, you start in the exit room again with the exit switch unremoved ( again ) e3m2 ends the e1m1 saga because it's e2m2 but with different textures e3m3 is unchanged e3m4 crashes the game for me e3m5 is pitch black and you cant see anything e3m6 is just corridors with a couple enemies e3m7 is e3m1 but with wooden textures e3m8 is e3m8 but without the cyberdemon Thy flesh consumed brings no new levels WADPAK3 ( the most interesting one of them all probably ): Has custom music, custom hud and custom textures, probably all ripped from some mod but I don't have enough doom knowledge to know what this thing originaly was but it feels familiar to me, chapters include Invasion, Hades house of horrors ( the only chapter with different font and blue colour ), Inferno, Thy flesh consumed. Basically it's hades house of horrors, from what I gather there were only 2 levels made so i assume that after the first 2 the rest are random ( ? ) Each level has custom classical music midis ( including "In the Hall of the Mountain King" and other i cannot identify ) e2m5 is literally a map from the first wadpak e2m7 has gigantic halls with some enemies e2m8 is a big city with a blood fountain in the middle. Thy flesh consumed brings no new levels I have mixed feelings about those wads, it made me wonder who the hell made these and thought to himself " yeap that'll be good ", maybe someone just took random wads and threw them together without even testing them ? Most importantly OP's dad got ripped the hell off. I also got some screenshots but if you're that curious you might aswell play the wads yourself, nothing mind blowing, just utter crap.
  20. Trupiak


    Needs more effin ammo but ok level design
  21. Trupiak


    Awesome level design, good fights, just the right ammount of pick-ups.... just play it, what else have i got to say
  22. Trupiak

    What was your first anime?

    My brother was an "otaku" and I hated anime, we'd often argue and I'd call him a weaboo and tell him that anime sucks, he said "How do you know if you haven't watched anime ?" ( True, i only watched little bits here and there but the female voices annoyed me, too high pitch, fan service everywhere and I'd feel like i was watching something which target audience was fat sweaty neckbeards and japanese language sounds stupid overall to me ) So I agreed to watch one and tell him what I think of it. He told me to watch SAO, I liked the premise somewhat and I watched with english dubs because reasons mentioned b4 it KINDA got me hooked, but at first i'd pretend i don't like it, then I would watch all 3 seasons and tell him it's OK i guess. Doesn't mean I thought it's perfect, I had many problems with it, the idea was good but the execution kind of not. Some time later my online friend suggested me an anime ( you may not call it anime ) titled "Arashi no Yoru ni", "one stormy night" and I really enjoyed it though. I don't hate anime as much as I used too, I guess i just don't like ecchi ( how's my spelling ? Call 1-800-BLOW-ME) anime and japanese language
  23. Trupiak

    Did Doomworld grow recently?

    Maybe it has to do with this image ? Saw this on /v/ and it reccomended to check out doomworld
  24. Trupiak

    What is your average WPM?

    Around 90