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  1. MaxNostar

    World Doom League Winter 2017 Signups are Open!

    They are rather unknown but good coders with passion for competition. Also ive seen you joined WDL too. I heard rumours about Player4 joining the WDL too. He will probably unstoppable on odamex with his cheats. Notorious cheater on odamex. Very good. GL everyone. Its really nasty from Ralphis. Calling a very good players like you to play in WDL, when he got players like ghostkiller, player4, ?metalguy?. If i was you, i probably go for captain position... There is probably nothing worse than play at 2 am with players like that...GL
  2. MaxNostar

    January 14th 4v4 PC NA Tournament

    Are also russians allowed in this tournament? Me and my brother (samohonka666) are ready to build a team for this tournament. My brother is a very good player especially with tesla modules. I am pretty good at timing items. I use similar clocksfor timing items. I got this idea from derrida, he is epic player (1st on ZD rankings). Cya and hf.
  3. MaxNostar

    World Doom League Winter 2017 Signups are Open!

    Not sure how many signups you got. If you see on the list "known" cheaters like turSKA. Which was suspicious in 2010 after beating ocelot in the final. There were provided a lot proofs around russian community the ghosting played major part in this game. For many people is ocelot still the winner.
  4. MaxNostar

    ZDoom ceases development

    I played zandronum, maybe zdoom is different. Also we can also different opinions on what is smooth and what doesnt... edit: i am just dumb the problem with low fps is probably only in software not opengl. What a great discussion... :(
  5. MaxNostar

    ZDoom ceases development

    Ye guy talking about new features blazing on P II :o. Alright. Maps with 3D floors are pretty much unplayble in opengl even with low 4:3 resolutions on highend PCs. Though gl_texture_filter "0" in opengl is nice. :p
  6. MaxNostar

    ZDoom ceases development

    Ye and you are 13 now judging by your avatar... :p
  7. MaxNostar

    ZDoom ceases development

    Ye pretty much everything is based on Zdoom. But you cant compare zdaemon based on old 1.23 with zdoom port version now. edit. And i dont mind zdoom being so modern how it is now. There will always players which like it and some doesnt. Good example is csgo. (who play it, they will knows). Though zdoom its kinda funny. Adding some feature feels like assembling racing spoiler at car which worth less than the whole spoiler. But ye every1 has choice... Though zandronum is ruining everything... :D
  8. MaxNostar

    ZDoom ceases development

    The Mengele of doom is gone...
  9. Ive only quick checked the map. Things i discovered so far. - its OS, so disabling items respawn is a good idea - replace plasma for bfg and switch it with soulsphere can be a good idea - probably add one more RL outside Wait what others more experienced people says. But for me its pretty good result for first map.
  10. MaxNostar

    Aeon Deathmatch

    It's really smooth, top high detailed. I just don't agree it provide some new game play or something. I mean yeah it provide but it will play pretty much same as old GW 1.:) Though for old limited doom deathmatch maps, this is pretty damn good wad. I don't care about the 3D Floors but i appreciate the maps are made good with feeling and really great sized, which is pretty good. The era when people made maps where you discovered everything on map in 1.5 minute is i hope gone. :)
  11. MaxNostar

    AeonDM - Finished!

  12. MaxNostar

    AeonDM - Finished!

    That is unfortunate. The wad looks awesome. But i had no luck get some hourly deathmach session on zandronum ever. Even people told me the port is mostly used only for mods. On ZDaemon people play deathmach every day. There are even stats made by russian guy http://kolbasa.ddns.name/zdstat/. I hope that it's not trend people making advanced DM wads for port which has not deathmatch in "roots" and its player base as ZDaemon use to have for years already.
  13. MaxNostar

    AeonDM - Finished!

    Hello, russian ZDaemon player here. I read about that wad on cacoward page, i was so excited to try the wad on ZDaemon, but it was not working. I am asking why?