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    Warming Up
    Most of the maps are very good to excellent, but's dragged down by some real turds - the last two and a few others. Don't let that deter you. It's still well worth a play.
    Actually better than the 1 start review. A mindless shoot-em-up, which is basically we all like Doom.
    Yet another otherwise excellent wad ruined by idiotic overuse of lost souls - there is nothing, other than pain elementals, that pisses me off more. Thanks authors for ruining the game's enjoyment.
    After several superb maps (7, 8 and 9) it's back to the old stupid - ordinary map and a couple of slaughter patches. Not really enjoyable.
    Now this is a good, no great, map. Very enjoyable old school stuff with a professional feel. This is stuff you would actually buy.
    Best entry in series so far - recommended.
    Another of the better maps in this series, and again, because it's not cramped and does not go overboard on the slaughter. Ammo here is also better balanced.
    One of the better entries in the series. Has some expansive spaces for a change and the overkill is toned down for a more enjoyable experience. Probably has way too much plasma for most, but I like that.
    Utter, unplayable garbage. Don't know what these other folks are reviewing.
    This map series is a real mixed bag. Personally, I found most maps more annoying than entertaining, and in any case, this series is nowhere near as good as monlth 1 to 6.
    Rest of this series rate a consistent 4 - but this is a real let down after playing them. Annoying, confusing and goes overboard with the archviles and lost souls, especially without any heavy weapons. I just abandoned it after several minutes. Shame.
    Half a dozen copy/paste boxes filled with swarms of monsters and a cyberdemon at the end. Ho-hum. If I made this, I wouldn't insult doomers by posting it here.
    First 10 or so levels are dull and repetitive to the point of drudgery. But if you can grind your way through them, the rest, for the most part, is a whole lot better and well worth playing.
    If your idea of fun is mindlessly chaingunning a 100 low level monsters in large bland, featureless, randomly slapped together rooms, this is for you. I gave up in utter boredom 2 minutes into map 2. Truly awful.
    crashes doomsday on load