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    Cramped, confusing, incomprehensible, ugly, overloaded with monsters (~800) and secrets (~30), no indication of what you are supposed to be achieving, switch after switch after switch with no idea what they do etc. etc. etc. Everything that makes a wad suck all in one package. This could have been split up into 3-4 maps and made a bit roomier and logical and, perhaps, made for an enjoyable play. But it wasn't. The end result is like a plate of spaghetti dropped on the floor. Simply awful. Unless, of course, you happen to like the crap detailed above. In which case, go to town. I'm off to look for something that's playable.
    Good for what it is. Enjoyable.
    Ho-hum. Give you 3 as it's your first.
    Fantastic set of maps. Pleasant absence of stupid excess - just well designed maps that are of decent size and bad guy population, absence of slaughter idiocy (no juvenile maps with 2000 revenants and pain elementals), good ammo/health distribution, good aesthetics and gameplay, and vanilla friendly and free of annoying modern bullshit that never adds to the games enjoyment. Pretty much all I could ever wish for in a megawad. Out of the 32 maps, the only one that annoyed me to the point I skipped it was map 14 - and that's quite an achievement, especially for a one-man effort. Not quite legendary, but worth a solid 4.5 stars.
    Keep It Simple Stupid - the golden rule too many mappers ignore. This is Doom - it's meant to be basic. These maps are short, sweet and satisfying. Good for when you want to blast through a level in just a few minutes at a time. Good stuff.
    This is about as average as it comes. It's ok, nothing special. Didn't notice it getting that bad after blue door - just lots of barons and you should have the super shotgun by then to take care of them with.
    For a second effort, this is as good as a lot of "expert" mappers stuff. Very good.
    Enjoyable and crap-free.
    Good old school fun.
    This is very good.
    Could have been a very good map except for three things - 1) endless convoluted backtracking, 2) getting locked in room with no cover and 3 cyberdemons and 3) an incomprehensible fatal trap in the yellow key room. Other than that it's pretty good, but the above really do spoil it.
    Basic crap-free goodness.
    Pretty much a rule of thumb - the best maps here are all vanilla ones and this is yet another gem. Why? Same reason as original Doom. Playability and enjoyment are entirely dependent on the authors style and ingenuity. Fancy add-ons, effects and flashy bullshit are no substitute for this and never will be. Great map, well worth a download.
    What is it supposed to be? - I have no idea. What it is - an ugly, awful, confusing mess.
    If your idea of "fun" is running around in lava (without a hazard suit) trying to work out teleport and platform mazes (without any clues of any kind), flipping a hundred switches (without knowing which does what) in the hope of finding an exit by complete random chance, then this map is for YOU. But if you're one of those weirdos that does not think the above is fine, high quality entertainment, then you'd probably be better off giving this one a miss.