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    This one started of well enough - but another one I simply gave up on finishing. Suffers from overdoses of teleporting chaingunners, hordes of revenants and layout too confusing to be bothered with working out. What is wrong with simple elegance? Really.
    Mediocre but playable maps ruined by yet another twit that thinks waves of lost souls and pain elementals are "entertaining". Their novelty well and truly wore off over 20 years ago. Why do people do this?
    Ok, might be pretty to look at, but it's very repetitive and dull. Gave up on it halfway through is it didn't look like getting any better,
    Endless back and forth from one end of maps to other, no idea of what you are supposed to do and Cyberdemon showdown in small room. Phtooey.
    Good traditional map. Shame it's not a full episode.
    Early maps repetitive and dull - later maps degenerate into slaughter. Did not enjoy at all.
    If you like waves of lost souls, confusion and annoyance, this wad's for you.
    right, arch viles with a single shotgun? piss off.
    Here for nearly 20 years and no review? This is pretty basic but pretty good old fashioned DooM with the obligatory Cyberdemon/Spider showdown. I enjoyed it. Above average.
    Need to kill 10 minutes? This wad's for you.
    M1 - just brilliant. Really brilliant. Don't get spooked by Cyberdemons and Viles outside window with pistol start. Reasonable players can beat this comfortably, *if* they think about it instead of running wild guns blazing. M2&3 are disappointing though.
    Ugly and clunky, but very enjoyable to play. Much better than many newer maps with all the crap zdoom-isms, monster counts in 1000s and nanoscope level detail. Simple and fun will always best.
    not even close to being enjoyable.
    Worth playing. If it's the last map on earth. Not as bad as the worst here, generally is playable, but dull as Sunday shool.