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    90% of the maps are crap free and very good to excellent. Only a couple pissed me off, mostly because of excessive and confusing teleports. And if you're just after a basic Doom blast, it's probably best to avoid the secret levels. You can always warp to them later. All they really have is retro novelty value and that wears thin in about 3 minutes. Not much good for actual play. Other than that, highly recommended AND it's vanilla friendly.
  1. Hi, could you please stop blaming mappers for the fact that you're using a sucky port and deducting precious stars from them, and switch to a decent port instead? Thank you!

    No offence meant, btw.

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    2. bzzrak


      Uhh, just to distance myself from the direction this status is heading for, I don't mind felgro's reviews OTHER THAN the ones where he complains about the fact that Doomsday is a piece of demon excrement without even realizing it.

      I don't really see anything disputable about his other reviews, it's just stating his own honest opinion, which is good, I guess. :]

    3. gaspe


      'Why do people make gameplay that they enjoy but I don't, waaaaah.'


      So is it wrong for the people to have their tastes or preferences?

    4. rdwpa



      So is it wrong for the people to have their tastes or preferences?

      Of course not. But that is directed at the 'Why do people do this?' question. Regardless of your tastes or preferences, that people make stuff they enjoy should not be a source of bewilderment. 

    5. bzzrak


      ^ stop overreacting and let the guy not like what he doesn't like


      Excuse the whiteknighting.

    6. rdwpa


      As I just said, people are entitled to dislike what they don't like. 


      But it's an indisputable fact that the answer to the question 'Why do mappers make slaughtermaps?' is 'Because the mappers that make them also like them.' That isn't up for debate and there's no reason to be ignorant about that.


      If you're going to respond again, please read my post clearly so that you understand what I am and am not saying.

    7. NuMetalManiak


      RE: "Apparently doesn't know what an 'episode' is -- No Sleep for the Dead is a full 9(+1) map set." He was refering to there being no full E2 I think.

    8. rdwpa


      Yeah my mistake on that one. :)

    9. 40oz


      hi, 40oz here with another contrarian opinion. Every review, whether it's sloppily written or not, overly negative, or generally annoying, is useful as long as the reviewer is honest. Some players may not have a fun time playing a wad that is generally well received. It's not the player's responsibility to adapt their reviews to the general consensus of the wad. If the guy can't get it to work in Doomsday, that may be useful information for Doomsday users. It could also be useful information for the creator to make play instructions more clear and apparent in the description or text file. If you're someone who doesn't agree with that particular review, you're welcome to post your own positive review with maxed out stars to negate the impact that bad review did to the wad. But you shouldn't harp on someone for writing a bad review, because sometimes people with a very low threshold for fun can actually be extremely valuable.


      There are some people such as myself, who are in a rare position where many people tend to enjoy whatever I make because they appreciate that I'm taking the time to map at all. So when I get positive feedback for that, that can actually be kind of annoying for me because the review is closer to dishonesty than about the quality of my work. 

    10. DooM_RO




      I actually fixed the WAD but it has a host of problems such as very low FPS for some reason and Doomsday does not support Boom features such as Transfer Sky, which breaks the atmosphere I tried to create in the first map.

    11. Phade102


      Doomsday is a rather inferior port imo, prboom+ or gzdoom are the way to go. If the player uses a port that your map isnt designed for, @DooM_RO then thats not your fault, but the fault of the players.

    This could have been a 5 star map but for a couple of things - 1) Why of why was it not split up into 3 or 4 maps? Having just the one huge maps makes loading saves as mind numbing as watching paint dry. Takes forever. 2) Numerous texture screw ups rendering many walls invisible. Other than that, it is epic and highly enjoyable.
    These maps are great old school fun. Even have replay value. M3 might seem to have some hairy, insurmountable encounters - but if you use your head, you can gain some good advantages. Recommended. Note - was vanilla friendly for me in Doomsday.
    This took you an hour to make? Time you will never get back. Unplayable. Area after yellow key door has a crusher that locks shut - game over. Can't do anything.
    Perfect example of a nice map layout that's pretty to look at utterly ruined by monster wave overload while you only have basic weapons - and repeated overdoses of that most annoying of worn out gimmicks, pain elementals hiding behind cacos or revenants or barons. Sorry no, screw you pal. I refuse to play crap like this. I went into cheat mode just for the tour prior to permanently deleting this garbage from my map archive.
    This is a real mixed bag. Lets break it down - m1&2 - simply average. Enjoyable enough to play, nothing annoying. Nor is there anything memorable. Ho-hum: *** m3 - is everything I hate in Doom maps - a confusing, cramped rat warren with no reason or logic, too big, too many monsters. Irritating and repetitive. Just a huge waste of time and effort. Simply awful: * m4 - another map encapsulating things I hate. This map is small with a low enemy count (good), but ruined by confusing switch hunts activating timed doors/bars and with no logic behind what does what and in what sequence it should be done (bad). I gave up in disgust and cheated way to exit: * m5 - marginally better, but another large, confused and overpopulated morass. Can it get worse? Why yes it can... In Doomsday after ~5 minutes of play the map goes into an epileptic loop of freezing/fast forwarding your actions and becomes unplayable until a restart. Still much better than 2&3: ** m6&7 - Now this is much better. Highly enjoyable, well designed and good sized maps that are worth a repeat play. Liked them a lot: **** m8 - What can I say? This is a potential 5 star map, but again spoiled by bugginess. The architecture is epic, the gameplay superb, BUT for the random lockups and errorless crashes in Domsday when launching, saving and/or loading games. It spoils what is otherwise a brilliant map: *** Overall, if you can deal with the endless frustrations, this is worth a look.
    Great vanilla friendly mapset. E2M1 is easily the best of the lot - shame it isn't a full episode.
    Don't normally have patience for large maps, and with ~700 enemies this is pretty large, but this one seems to play like a smaller map. Generally very enjoyable - but some may take issue with there being more plasma than you could possibly use and supercharges scattered around like confetti. *BUT* I could not for the life of me find the trigger for the yellow key door *OR* the exit. Marked down for that.
    Generally pretty good, but has moments of complete stupid - particularly e3m4 where you are facing two Cyberdemons with a handful of rockets and plasma gun locked behind an incomprehensible secret. Subtracting a star for e3m8 which causes Doomsday to irrecoverably lock up.
    This file is a disaster area for Doomsday - do not even try to load it. You may end up having to do a power off - it grinds it to a halt that bad. Just saying.
    Ugly, stupid, confusing, doors that only open once requiring noclip etc. - this isn't the worst map here, but it's not far off.
    For a first time effort, this is extremely enjoyable. Good basic crap-free Doom with an old school feel.
    Crashes Doomsday on load.
    This is a fun little time killer. Nothing out of the ordinary, but vanilla friendly and mercifully devoid of annoyances that plague most newer maps here. Worse ways to kill an hour.