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  1. On 05/02/2017 at 3:20 AM, Viggles said:

    This is still a beta: it's been playtested mostly in (G)ZDoom, and while I've checked for egregious failures in PrBoom+ and others, I haven't done a proper playthrough in a more vanilla-y port. It looks and plays best in a port with mouselook and monster-over-monster; there are likely to be traffic jams in ports with infinite-height monsters.

    Many had remarked that Breach was a breeze, so I tried for a more Doomworldy level of difficulty; hopefully the result is suitably vicious in parts and manages to backfoot the player. Let me know of any encounters that felt too hard or too easy or didn't gel for you, and any spots where you died an unfair death or ran out of ammo in an unfun way.

    I also wanted to make a singleplayer level that would have a deathmatch flow and connectivity, with areas overlooking and feeding back into each other, and plenty of ways to get up and down between levels. I'm curious whether it's worth trying to make it work as an actual deathmatch level too, or if it's too large and unwieldy for that.

    Loads and sort of plays on vanilla Doomsday - *but* load time is agonisingly slow and gameplay has severe lag which makes it unplayable.