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  1. Dear felgro, 
    We get it, you dislike all those extended things in maps/ports(I could argue with your port choice, because doomsday isn't true vanilla port), but please stop with that "vanilla friendly, crap free" stuff. People already know(who stay here a bit longer) that you're hardcore vanilla dude. So please, can you focus what really matters in map reviews like gameplay, layout, executed ideas, visuals and so on. This would be more helpful that bashing all extended things,which isn't very cool to put in reviews, because as gamer/reader I don't really want to read how you hate extended stuff and there always included text file which states compatibility settings.

    P.s There more ports who supports vanilla stuff/behaviour like Chocolate Doom, Prboom+(have you ever heard of almighty complevel 2(Doom II) and complevel 3(for Ultimate Doom) for keeping vanilla/limit-removing stuff "crap free"(I mean stays faithful to all quirks/bugs) and it's basically better than doomsday in lots of terms), Eternity and so on. 

    Screenshot is from the last review and this seriously isn't helpful.