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  1. You know why a "review" is called the way it is? It's because writing a review (emphasis on view) entails actually having looked at the thing in question, and by that I mean not just the readme, mmmkay..?

    1. dew


      "Just FYI from the text file - Not interested in even looking at it. But some like this stuff, so letting you know."


      What the hell. Kill this idiot's right to review wads RIGHT NOW, this is worthless garbage. Fucking troll.

    2. BigDickBzzrak


      Oh lol apparently all of his reviews were deleted.

      I absolutely love how felgro made us all so excruciatingly butthurt that we had to state it to him multiple times.

      Felgro my man, if you're reading this, you're the legend. Stay yourself forever. <3

    3. Gothic


      felgro was alright, when he wasn't complaining about "detail = crap", shitting on modern sourceports or complaining that mods slowed down on Doomsday.