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  1. ni1chigo2115

    Vanilla Doom smooth weapons

    I think Eviternity and KDiKDiKDiKDiKDiZ D would have a better experience if a new dedicated Smooth animation was launched. (These two have changed weapons to begin with, so adding other mods without thinking is a recipe for problems).
  2. I would like to see it working in UnityDoom somehow, but from the thread, it seems like I need to get the developer's cooperation. It seems difficult to make it happen. (I'm afraid we'll have to fight over the rights to the additional enemy sprites to begin with...) Incidentally, when I first saw this project, playing in VR was on my mind, although it is true that if you want to have fun with QuestZDoomVR, which can only be based on GZDoom, it is better to play in the original KdiZD. (I kind of wanted to play the original KDiZD in VR, I think this project will have a good influence on the original KDiZD in terms of comparison. Great!!!)
  3. ni1chigo2115

    DOOM Unity port WAD Suggestion thread

    D4V is confirmed to work. It would be fun to have a multi WAD working. https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/102462-vanilla-doom-smooth-weapons/ ... The vanilla doom smooth weapons don't display graphics properly and it seems like it needs to be investigated. It's probably an engine issue, and dehacked support is a feature that was added just recently.
  4. Only one pwad can be loaded at a time d4v comes with a lot of deh file options, but you'll need to manually integrate them in order to replace them with custom weapons. Hopefully in a future update there will be a mechanism for loading multiple deh files.
  5. however dosent work vanilla smooth weapon. https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/102462-vanilla-doom-smooth-weapons/
  6. ni1chigo2115

    DOOM 4 VANILLA v3.2

    D4V now work official unity port
  7. ni1chigo2115

    Vanilla Doom smooth weapons

    The new official port supports dehacked, but this WAD doesn't seem to show up properly. It seems to me that I need to investigate and report this to the slayersclub forum.
  8. No. GZDooM supports PBR, but it seems not to correspond to parallax mapping. Anyway in gloss expression, map ambient light derived from DOOM is not directional and completely helpless. I used GLE1M1 to replace everything with dynamic light to give directivity to ambient light. As a point that I care about in GZDOOM, it is that the specular reaction only goes directly to the bottom, but since I do not know which is right, I am doing it for now. (A new Flash light was added in DarkDooMZ 1.3, it is easy to understand if you try it)
  9. rar is not compatible with gzdoom, so it is recommended that once downloaded people decompress it and recompress it to 7z or Zip https://i.imgur.com/QgkZjKm.jpg https://i.imgur.com/9ollnkk.jpg https://i.imgur.com/h4VX8MB.png i try GLE1M1(dynamic light only E1M1) http://www.moddb.com/mods/gl-e1m1/downloads/opengl-e1m1 Liquid is Doom Liquid textures pack V1.1 http://www.moddb.com/games/doom-ii/addons/doom-liquid-texture-pack great work.
  10. ni1chigo2115

    The best innovative wads/tc's

    (GoogleTranslate) -AEOD -RealGun Advanced & hardcore -Hideous Destructor These are bringing weapons possession restrictions, I do not know which MOD was the first time we restricted weapons possession. From a certain version of AEOD, there are too many weapons. This mod has brought about the game nature of choice choice. RGH limits the possession of weapons depending on the difficulty level. Hideous Destructor is managed by magazines of all weapons. Although there are other excellent points in this TC, we will introduce only weapons limit system as innovation. -ProjectBrutality As far as I know, ProjectBrutality is the only MOD that made a big leash on the monster 's randomization function span system which often collapses games. Adjusting monsters and item drops coming out as the game progresses, Prevents certain heinous monsters from coming out before they are equipped. This has the effect of stabilizing game play when playing MOD made for Coop, especially for one person. -Stronghold Stronghold is a masterpiece TC of one generation ago with a remnant formula respawn system. You will protect the human fortress from the side that attacks the devil's fortress and it will prevent the invasion of the devils. Every element, such as the item purchasing system and the remaining aircraft and defense to build a game system, has been revolutionized and refined. This high degree of completeness and sophisticated style has been handed down to Blade of Agony, the next work of the development team. -cold as hell It is TC which completes with the simple body that I feel about two generations before traveling the world of snow. The game balance is relatively realistic with a survival horror with its own message system, injury system, reloading system. Flight progress of the game is one way, but you need to walk around that world and you will receive the impression like SystemShock done outdoors. It is not a method to clear MAP in order, but a complete search game, the positional relationship of the map is particularly excellent. Collection items like SystemShock will enhance the atmosphere. -Dark DooM It is a MOD that monitors sectors and adjusts brightness. It is not TC. Sometimes integrated into UltimateDooMVisor, this MOD makes the entire game dark enough to make it invisible and makes it extremely risky. It is a very powerful one that you can use almost any MAP, if you want a survival horror you should combine Flashlight MOD with other TCs.
  11. ni1chigo2115

    Doom II: List of all hard wads

    (google translate) Japanese Community Project is 2 or 3? In terms of difficulty, this WAD does not have the uniformity of difficulty with each MAP and feels wobble, The degree of difficulty required by MAP, which is the maximum difficulty level in UV, is about 2 or 3 Vanguard was VeryHard for me, I think that it will probably fit in about 2.
  12. ni1chigo2115

    Creepy WADs?

    (google translated) And Hell Followed. It is MOD for Brutal, but addons that can be used with vanilla are also included. The devil's barks are exchanged for horrible things, and textures that change the atmosphere are applied. It is unusual for MOD for Brutal MOD to replace with Creepy and dangerous enemies. In order to create an eerie atmosphere, I think that ambient BGM is still indispensable. The DarkDooM add-on will be indispensable as a force under the margin of atmosphere creation.