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Everything posted by sesq

  1. sesq

    Tantrum 2

    you can only have so many baron/hell knight vs ssg rooms before it gets tiring
  2. sesq

    Hell Revealed

    functionally a terrywad on UV. love slaughtermaps because of the precision and strategy required to control so many enemies but this has no care of design in any element. sucks and is ugly
  3. sesq

    The Enigma Episode v2.0

    oddly beautiful in its sheer massiveness and haphazard contrast between 0 and 255 light levels - truly unforgettable and quite a good play, but i think its best as a relic of when nobody really knew how to make things look "good" so they fucked around and we accidentally get this quasi masterpiece, its rad
  4. sesq

    Obituary issues

    The ceiling and floor textures loaded are not the ones i see in the WAD file itself when data digging nor in videos. Below is what I get in the room in map03 where i noticed this. note the flesh floor and tasteless ceiling. its supposed to look how it is in this video: https://youtu.be/wtsS4EhWbFg?t=47 the weapons and enemies work perfectly. I wonder why I get this problem? i followed the instructions in this thread https://www.doomworld.com/vb/wads-mods/39095-obituary-problem with the NWT in dosbox. issue is in both gzdoom and prboom so it is not sourceport issue. wonder what it could be.. thanks for help in advance. For some reason, these textures work....
  5. sesq

    Obituary issues

    I presumed it had been lost to time. Works perfectly.
  6. ' this thread is the one in the middle
  7. I think that the attitude is fine when it's in the right hands, but the problem is people with bad hands who think they have good, capable hands. They don't. it all falls to shit
  8. sesq

    Which mods would you like to see revived?

    rtc 3057 hub two
  9. forever. new people are getting introduced to the game all the time it seems, so this wont die out
  10. It's all part of the business
  11. sesq

    What are you listening to?

    @Master O human league is good digs
  12. very nice opening on Map01, you know immediately how you're supposed to go about the map. you're supposed to explore. the wire texture seems really off and it would actually be better if the wall was just invisible. im not a big fan of the gun sound replacements, as i think the originals are just fine but its in no way a major issue. some of the secrets felt really easy and the map was a breeze until blue key / final stretch (i did that one last) map02 update... sometime
  13. sesq

    What are you listening to?

    good stuff...
  14. sesq

    Playing Doom on a Joystick

    in gzdoom it works pretty heckin good! aiming can be a bit awkward but overall it feels very nice
  15. title is question bc llike i AGREE that e2m2 is great but i cant really figure out why that is, which is why im asking the smart people wtf it is for me i think things that just sorta flow good or nice, or really big maps with a sense of progression maybe? e2m2 is neither yet i still like it so much,, (at least not flowing in the way i envision)
  16. sesq

    What are you listening to?

    possibly one of the best songs ever
  17. sesq

    How many guns is to many?

    i dont think there is a single set number, just dont have it be redundant
  18. sesq

    [DOOM 2] etomana.wad

    no are you KIDDING the metal music made the mood perfect without that the maps are worse
  19. sesq

    [DOOM 2] etomana.wad

    ok so im playing through them.. map 01 is FUCKING EXCELLENT and captures the SPIRIT of DOOM very VERY well congratulations map01: u cant get out of the blood pit map02: you can see the demons in the water from the balcony above map03: its kinda weird going from grey/brown place to weird hell thing to back, u could switch w/ map02 all: the midis are much louder than vanilla map02/03: the midis have some gap between loops ok but those are all MINOR complaints what you have so far is pretty EXCELLENt in terms of gameplay and the midis themselves are great despite some of the issues please keep going man this is GOOD shit
  20. doom is so god damn Good JESUS

  21. sesq

    Black Metal Chainsaw Maps

    my favorites are ulver and the the rUINS of beverast
  22. sesq

    Black Metal Chainsaw Maps

    i am playing this when it comes out i like METAL and BLACK METAL especially one of the better subgenres