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  1. ' this thread is the one in the middle
  2. I think that the attitude is fine when it's in the right hands, but the problem is people with bad hands who think they have good, capable hands. They don't. it all falls to shit
  3. yuse

    Which mods would you like to see revived?

    rtc 3057 hub two
  4. forever. new people are getting introduced to the game all the time it seems, so this wont die out
  5. It's all part of the business
  6. yuse

    What are you listening to?

    @Master O human league is good digs
  7. very nice opening on Map01, you know immediately how you're supposed to go about the map. you're supposed to explore. the wire texture seems really off and it would actually be better if the wall was just invisible. im not a big fan of the gun sound replacements, as i think the originals are just fine but its in no way a major issue. some of the secrets felt really easy and the map was a breeze until blue key / final stretch (i did that one last) map02 update... sometime
  8. yuse

    What are you listening to?

    good stuff...
  9. yuse

    Playing Doom on a Joystick

    in gzdoom it works pretty heckin good! aiming can be a bit awkward but overall it feels very nice
  10. yuse

    What are you listening to?

    possibly one of the best songs ever
  11. yuse

    How many guns is to many?

    i dont think there is a single set number, just dont have it be redundant
  12. yuse

    [DOOM 2] etomana.wad

    no are you KIDDING the metal music made the mood perfect without that the maps are worse