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  1. 36 minutes ago, Aquila Chrysaetos said:

    The rules for DWIL state that freelook must be disabled.

    For this, I'm indifferent to it. As long as the demo works properly, I'll accept it.


    By indifferent I understand you allow it, nice because I'm so spoiled by mouselook that I can't play anymore without it, to the point I don't even try the DWIronman League anymore because of how much I suck without mouselook.


    Well here's my attempt, it was fast: sci2_guineu.zip

    Died on Map02 (teleported into a barrel?)



    ZDoom 2.8.1 -file sci2.wad -deh sci2.deh +compatmode 2 -skill 4 -record s2demo +map map01


    Edit: Category: Blind.

  2. Is jumping allowed? Couldn't find a way to access the secret without jumping.


    Edit: As for suggestions, the textures and weapons look nice but the gameplay wasn't particularly interesting. Maybe adding more weapons would allow you to design better fights. RL should be a must when making a TF2 mod in my opinion and would allow for more varied and interesting gameplay.

  3. Another soul for the Twin Hellknights. That's what I call a difficulty spike, the wad was pretty chill until you get those two Hellknights thrown at your face while getting trapped in a cage.


    ironman guineu 50monster.zip


    Attempted map33 a few times, so I guess that makes my entry a Category 2 (edit: or Category 3?).


    On map35 my PrBoom+ crashed after killing the boss Pain Elemental that fires Mancubus projectiles in my first attempt. Not sure if that was the end of the map. When trying to watch the demo also got an error, so no map35 for me.

  4. Great map. I liked everything; the visuals, the realistic base design, the survival style gameplay. The map manages to be different than typical Doom in most aspects and yet it still feels like classic Doom.


    Here's my recorded playthrough, not a first attempt as I checked the map once beforehand playing until the blue key. From that onward it's blind play. There's a visual bug near the end (39:11 in the video), other than that all was fine.



  5. Simple but fun maps. There were many Archviles, but their placement and the fights in general are forgiving, so despite the threats the maps are relaxed.


    Here's my playthrough. I think the Plasma gun in Map02 is supposed to be a secret? But you can just run and grab it from the start (12:32 in video, as opposed to the secret leading to it from behind at 17:54) leaving the secret empty later on.