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  1. If the map is interesting and I feel like I'm doing better each time I die: quite a lot. If the map is way outside my current competence zone: enough to establish the fact. If it's a good map (Saturnine Chapel springs to mind), I'll make a note to maybe try coming back to it later. If the map feels like it's designed by a sadistic asshole with no sense of gameplay (this includes all clones of Icon of Sin): very few. And the main reason I'm reluctant to change the difficulty setting is that very few wad authors actually do multiple difficulty settings well even if you ignore the ones who just plain don't bother, or who do weird-ass stunts to express their disdain for the concept.
  2. If you want examples of how to render Doom levels in OpenGL, look at the source code for GZDoom or PrBoom+ :)
  3. The complication with getting Unixy people to stop using Autotools is that - as usual where such matters are concerned - even though lots of Unixy people agree that it's fucking awful, there are numerous strongly-held and mutually incompatible opinions about what the replacement should be: Some people replace it with a hand-rolled Perl script and a Makefile specifically written for use GNU Make, since they don't care about Visual Studio users and everyone in the Unix (or Cygwin/MinGW) world has Perl and either has, or can more or less trivially obtain, GNU Make. Some people replace it with CMake (which might actually finally be winning the Autotools Succession War that has been smouldering for an alarming number of years). Some people replace it with waf (despite its architecture making Autotools + Make look sane). Some people replace it with SCons (which may well be fading from view). A few people replace it with redo. Some people replace it with something insane of their own devising. Some people replace it with the specialist toolchain for the GUI library they're using. Some people write their programs in a language that has its own building-and-packaging toolchain specifically designed for programs in that language. Some people refuse to replace it because get off my goddamn lawn. Some people refuse to replace it because Autotools has the notable virtue that if all you want to do is build and install the packaged upstream source code of a program you don't actually need to have autotools installed; you can just invoke the 'configure' script shipped with the packaged source code. (Strictly speaking, the expected SOP is that if someone grabs the packaged upstream source, your build sequence can be invoked as if your software used autotools i.e. "./configure && make && sudo make install" should configure the software to build on your system, build it on your system, and install it into /usr/local .)
  4. Let me remove your uncertainty: In Debian, 'Essential: yes' means "this package is a sufficiently critical system component that all packages which aren't Essential: yes are allowed to assume it has been installed". grep, as shown, is Essential: yes and depends on libpcre3, so... yes, libpcre3 is a critical system component. (The C header files won't be automatically installed, but installing them is a simple matter of saying 'apt-get install libpcre3-dev'.) Linux is the Unix-like platform on which it is easiest to get rid of fucking Autotools, because you don't need to care about backwards compatibility with 742 subtly different flavours of antediluvian steam-driven proprietary commercial Unix :D :D :D (Lots of people still use it because, y'know, people get set in their ways, but nobody likes it except possibly Saint Richard.)
  5. This is an expectations-mismatch issue. To a Windows person, libpcre is obscure. To a Linux person, libpcre is a critical system component, without which you can't get any work done.
  6. That's a kind of old-fashioned perspective on heavy metal :) These days, heavy metal is music people's dads (and granddads) listen to. Ozzy Osbourne is 69. Rob Halford is 65. etc.
  7. For maximum provocation value, put spectres in low-light nukage.
  8. Didn't someone come up with a mod like that recently? Probably didn't manage 64, admittedly.
  9. Which is to say, you still need a licence to distribute it or you are breaking the law (by infringing on the composer's copyright in the music itself, as opposed to the performers' copyright in the particular recorded performance of the music) - but if you pay the appropriate fee, you cannot be refused a licence.
  10. HDDs are firmly in the realms of "no user-serviceable components inside", though unlike CRT TVs this is a matter of "the device will die deader than dead if you open it in a domestic environment - or even an ordinary electronics assembly environment!" rather than "if you touch the wrong bits of the devices internals you might end up dead". Specialist data recovery companies have the facilities (high-end cleanrooms, trained staff, precision tools) to open a hard drive with a good chance of not killing it (and if necessary to close it back up afterwards without necessarily killing it). Setting up those facilities entail recruiting skilled labourers and making large capital outlays, which is why they charge the big bucks.
  11. I agree with Litrivin: That archive is buggered.mormegil@cocytus:~/games/doomwads$ 7z x ~/Downloads/wads.7z 7-Zip [64] 9.20 Copyright (c) 1999-2010 Igor Pavlov 2010-11-18 p7zip Version 9.20 (locale=en_GB.UTF-8,Utf16=on,HugeFiles=on,4 CPUs) Processing archive: /home/mormegil/Downloads/wads.7z Extracting wads/freedm.wad Data Error Extracting wads/freedoom1.wad Data Error Extracting wads/freedoom2.wad Data Error Extracting wads Sub items Errors: 3 mormegil@cocytus:~/games/doomwads$
  12. Hell, I'm 40 and I still think of it as snot :)
  13. I recommend providing the following information if you want people to download your WAD:Which Doom source port it's for; please don't assume, as you effectively have done, that everyone (a) has ZDoom/QZDoom/GZDoom installed and (b) uses it as their first-choice Doom engine. How many levels it contains. Whether it contains anything other than new levels. Some screenshots of bits of your level(s) that you're particularly pleased with. Moving onto the levels themselves, I have some texture commentary (QZDoom is weirdly juddery on my system and GZDoom's visuals feel wrong to me, so I haven't played them through properly, just browsed through them in a map editor):The northern part of MAP01 gives the impression you got bored halfway through texturing your level, because STONE2 (a) isn't a particularly exciting wall texture (b) is the default wall texture in SLADE's map editor. The blood pools in MAP04 look kind of goofy, because you've used the BFALL* wall textures on the floor instead of using the BLOOD* flats.
  14. E1M3 "Logistics Center (100%) Clever and well-executed. I'm just not sure I actually liked it, and if I hadn't seen a comment about its mechanics in a thread on here, I would never have got the red key. E1M9 "Quarantine Silos (100% kills, 75% items, 0% secrets) This was a slog. My HUD told me there was a secret on this level; after finally managing to wade through the last of the mooks at something like the sixth attempt, I could not be bothered finding it.
  15. In continuous play, if you come into Refuelling Base dry, you didn't trigger enough infighting during The Pit.