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  1. No, it isn't, and trying to rehash the thread Gez kindly linked to in the very first reply to this thread (where the reason why it went beyond "not stupid" into the realms of "the only sane thing to do" is explained in detail) is not going to be useful.
  2. grommile

    A whole year of 4800 Hell Knights! This time, it'll be finished!

    Deal me in to the resurrection :) Theme as before: Blood Processing.
  3. grommile

    Why not just create an entirely new engine for Doom?

    It's a lot of work, and there's no readily apparent reason to do it. Especially when GZDoom already exists.
  4. grommile

    maximum single level size

    The absolute limit for coordinates is -32768 to +32767. The practical limit, beyond which you start to get misbehaviour from the engine, is -16384 to +16383.
  5. I'm going for "there is no sky" and "the 'Blocks Sound' linedef flag exists and serves as a monster activation regulator more subtle than just slapping 'Ambush' on everything, so I should use it".
  6. grommile

    Does anyone still play zdoom 1.22?

    There's no particular point in playing an old build of an advanced source ports unless you have a favourite wad that only works properly on said old build. (Or a computer that can't handle later versions, I guess.)
  7. grommile

    Wallpaint! Megatexturing tool!

    This is one of those concepts that once it exists, I wonder why we didn't already have it :) Nice work. I shall have to try it out sometime.
  8. Patch me in for MAP09. Theme is "blood processing".
  9. grommile

    Map editor on Linux?

    Yadex has been unmaintained for years, Eureka has an intolerable defect in its interaction with X11 (the map view subwindow grabs focus on mouseover), and I don't currently have the patience to go wading into the guts of SLADE's use of wxwidgets 3 to get it running stably and full-featured on my system. What other Doom level editor runs comfortably on Linux?
  10. grommile

    ''Military shooters are too brown and grey''

    *twitch* oh god that one blue corridor...
  11. Eternity, HMP, continuous, can't be bothered digging out exactly what my settings are. MAP01 Short, easy, and well-textured. Nothing about the design really leaps out at me. I might go back afterwards and IDDT it to find the secret I missed.
  12. grommile

    Worst Doom Level

    The unconquerable king of hateful official-IWAD levels is The Plutonia Experiment MAP11 "Hunted". Second through fourth places are occupied by the three versions of MAP30. Fifth place goes to E4M1.
  13. That is the answer under the physics of the real world, where gravitational acceleration is applied in discrete lumps so small that on a classical scale the behaviour is apparently continuous. Under the overtly discontinuous physics of the Doom world, where gravitational acceleration is applied in discrete lumps 35 times per second, you get a different answer that has been explained in-thread. Discrete approximations to continuous functions will always tend to contain systematic errors.
  14. grommile

    Winmbf savegame problem/bug

    If you've found ways in which another source port does a better job of vanilla compatibility than Chocolate Doom, you should file a bug report against Chocolate Doom because that's not supposed to happen :)
  15. grommile

    The DWIronman League dies to: Oscillation

    Blind run, enjoyed MAP01 (got quite close to dying a few times), then died early in MAP02 because I am terrible at dealing with arachnotrons. DWIronman-Oscillation-grommile-1.zip