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  1. This is awesome, I always wanted to test simple doom maps (=direct wad loading) with modern lighting engines (global lighting, probes, maybe normal maps, displace, etc...). This makes it more feasible ^_^ Are the converted maps exportable in a standard 3D format? (such as fbx or obj) Good job !
  2. Thank you again Mr Rocket for the work on this, this is so awesome ! thanks for the requested skies as well, it's a pleasure to see cool maps being made. Without you this project would be dead, I have so much difficulties to finish the 256 colors that making then a working wad/pk3 seems almost impossible now. My 256 colors folder has been updated last week with more fixed paletted versions of textures, it's possible I'll add more before tomorrow (I've connection problems so I might not be able to post the info here). I was using a doom palette without the cyan color before, I've redone the transparent ones with correct cyan areas this time, should be better/easier to convert. question : Are there additional forbidden colors in the palette I should look after? I've read something about RoE textures in the thread: they are in the pak, but they aren't alot. It's because a lot of normals/textures were done for 3D models, not for flat polygons. There was distortion created by the UVW mapping of the meshes and normals where not computed for flat tangents, thus making t he conversion look bad/bugged. I'm gonna stop or at least pause after all 256 colors are acceptable and start working on another project. I've been playing/testing with some neural network upscaling technologies, and the first results with upscaling doom1 textures and sprites were satisfying enough for me to investigate more on this. There won't be 2000+ textures to convert this time :D Edit : Erratum, my connection is so bad that the last week upload of individual 256 colors pngs was incomplete, however the zips containing these are uploaded.
  3. I used pink as transparency indicator. is another color more usefull, like the cyan ? If yes, I'll replace the pink.
  4. Always nice to see new screens of levels <3 Mr Rocket, for your latest Doom palette conversion, did you use my current 256 png directory or did you use your own system ? How do you proceed for transparents?
  5. Thanks Mr.Rocket for continuing technical support on this project. You have had a big role in this, you should receive a lot of credits, because without you, I'm not sure I would have been able to make this as usable as it is now :) Big thanks to you. It's nice to see the textures being used in quake as well. it would ask the same time consuming 256 color conversion work as for doom palette to be the most "engine generation" versatile, but quake (1 and 2) palette colors are closer to doom3 than doom1, so I guess the conversion is already of some acceptable quality. I'm very glad to see people having fun with these. It's a second life for id's art team's awesome work ! Mr.Rocket, do you want me to place a mirror of your last pack on my files repository ? I don't know when I'll have enough free time in front of me again, to dive again into doom engine conversion. I hoped to have been able to finish this before its one year birthday, but it's hard :/. Anyway, thanks again Mr.Rocket for your awesome "finish" work here =) If we can see maps with these it's because of you !
  6. 65% textures are 256colors palette ready. I've done some tests trying to do some old sky format conversion (versus skybox system). I was not very happy, I need to understand how to give a good feel of depth/horizon. Mr.Rocket work with the Hi-Resolution/Hi-Color textures is already useable in modern engines.
  7. work's beta is ending soon, I'll be able to work again on the paletted versions, in a week or 2.
  8. As I have organized my workflow with .psd photoshop files and LUT adjustement layers, to be able to re-edit the sources if needed, without loosing work, then batch convert to 256colors, It's a bit hard to share. Thanks for the offer :)
  9. I'm completely overhelmed with a beta @ work. I'll finish the second half of the 256 colors when things calm down and when I have recovered from crunch time. sorry for the delay.
  10. The plan is to have multiple pk3s : HD (doom3 ratio),32bit,scaled2x one. LD (doom1 ratio),32bit HD, 256 colors, scaled2x LD, 256 colors. all with animations and brightmaps. For the map format compatibility, I can't answer, I'm lacking XP about that. Ayway, The source will stay available for anyone wanting to make something different or better with these.
  11. When the doom palette conversion will be done, I'll probably do some square versions, flat compatible, of some rectangular panels. I'll try some better animations too. and when everything will be usable easily by everyone. I'll do something else (rest maybe?) Your teasing screenshot looks awesome Mr.Rocket!
  12. That's cool Mr Rocket :) I'm wondering if map makers wouldn't prefer textures to be grouped by names, as suggested by Ukiro. The 8 prefix will change the alphabetical order. When I'm done with palette conversion (quite slow currently :( ), I'll probably do some find_and_rename in the scripts and files to stabilize that.
  13. This is amazingly cool Mr.Rocket ! Thanks so much for your contribution. it also helps me understand how pk3 work, I didn't expect monsters or any interactivity in your map, so that was a great surprise! I have to find the problematic textures with more than 8 characters and rename them, or tell me which ones so we fix it on both sides. The 4x scale looks nice and HD, I thought doom3 was just a 2x scale compared to doom1, but your 4x fits, so the small versions should be even smaller ? :/. I just spent some time looking at doom 3 screenshot to check the original scale, and it seems the texel ratio is a bit inconsistent in the game, I'm a bit disoriented now :(
  14. It's great, thank you for sharing the screens. And thank you for the help on the brightmaps Mr Rocket, this will probably lighten the burden, and those are looking really great :) I'm very happy other people are starting to have fun with these, or using them to create fun for others. I restarted the 256 color process with my newly created LUT and taking into account some of Ukiro's advices. I'm now working directly on original HiColor textures with adjustment layers, in non collapsed .psd, just need to batch them to apply the palette and save as .png, no loss of work, I can fix anything at anytime (non destructive workflow !). It's easier to deal with problematic colors. _dt started to convert some textures to flats and sent them to me, that was cool and usefull. thank you ! Should I modify the small textures (rectangular, or smaller than 128x128 (doom3 scale)) to become more "flat compatible" in HiColor? Should I break bigger floor ones into smaller 128x128 ones? If so, should I do this only for 256 colors versions or for both?
  15. hey, the pk3 is not ready yet. I want to finish the paletted version first.