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  1. Doom 3 Textures for Doom

    I think I won't PBR is "almost" compatible with original textures (excepted the metalness and the effect it has on metallic diffuses), the converted D3Retro ones were already renderings of these in PBR in substance designer so they won't work very well with an additional PBR pass. Also, to do it well would ask almost as much work as for making this retro pak : introduce every texture (with new naming conventions of the pak) in substance, adjust parameters, bake new textures (adjusteddiffuse+ ambient occlusion, roughness, metalness) For what I've read and understood (maybe Im wrong, I haven't found a lot of informations), the current PBR rendering in the doom engine is not really compatible with all maps / mods as it needs additional light sources, so I find it's interest limited currently. A ScreenSpaceReflections + probes system for the environment lighting would make it work everywhere with every map and mod, and then working for it would be interesting I'd prioritize working on PBRing original doom datas though, the most used by people.
  2. Doom2 Neural Upscale 2x

    I want to but I need real life to let me find the time :)
  3. Watching it played the right way is even more satisfying, it remembers me the feeling of fear and power, playing doom in ultraviolence back in 1994. Great job
  4. Doom2 Neural Upscale 2x

    you can test the first export of items and decorations upscaled here single images are available here haven't tested everything yet. mega sphere has an horisontal ofsset in one frame i think.
  5. Doom2 Neural Upscale 2x

    I intend to :)
  6. Doom2 Neural Upscale 2x

    after some tests : waifu2x is too limited in image size input. doing sprite after sprite will be crazy. it's results are interesting. Did something like this (had to touch up the status bar manually)
  7. Doom 3 Textures for Doom

    Wow, impressive ! I love the new lighting, and so many things ! it looks amazing. I loved map02 too , the hommage to doom1 E1 maps ^_^. 10:12 : I just love this room <3 Some improvement suggestions. 15:32 : some missing brightmaps on neons? 17:54 23:0 add some subtle green lights near acid pools (really subtle, not too strong). 20:14 same as above + darken 50% acid smoke to lower the blinding additive saturation effect. 16:42 19:45 22:15 -the outside areas are a bit too bight, or it's the sky that is too dark : because they are brighter than the mountains and I think they souldn't. Shadowed areas here are too dark, the sky/sun light would bounce on walls and floor, making shadows brighter 24:55 add lights near bubles tubes? 25:25 : light from outside will bounce inside making the sectors close to outside brighter 25:35 the revenant alcove being narrow receive less light than the big center area, darken this sector (makes it more readable) 25:45 less light is reaching the door, this sector could gain being darker I don't know what would be the result, but maybe try darkening + adding lights with big radius in the sky to add some lighting gradients in those outdoor sectors? Anyway, great job !
  8. Doom2 Neural Upscale 2x

    I didn't know about waifu2x. I'll do some tests with it. Thank you !
  9. Doom2 Neural Upscale 2x

    First sprite test : the zombie Sources are available on google drive. you can test the pk3 here
  10. Doom2 Neural Upscale 2x

    Dragonfly : I re-uploaded transparent textures as transparent pngs without cyan background DooM_RO : I uploaded some 8k sources here, I'll take look in smoothdoom files to see if I can upscale them at the same time of the original ones. Doom2 minor sprite fixing project seems also to be taken into consideration. what bother me is that it's no longer a Hires override pak but a full mod (actually, as I can't make Hires folder work, it's already no longer a Hires pak lol). Linguica : I'm still fighting with my files to make this work worrectly, with no success :(. -I split Flats and Patches, did a flats.txt and a patches.txt. only the scale of flats is working, patches scales are still ignored. -I tried to understand how the HD-Textures.pk3 works, because it does, ( as opposed to mine :D), and still has crazy filenames different from the ones in doom2.wad. The .txts in that file are just appearing as "readme", the patch/scale informations are hidden somehow.
  11. wow, your pics just don't do justice to your level :) it looks amazing ! I haven't been dying very fast because I wasn't able to find weapons, so I cheated to be able to visit :D so... I took doors in wrong order. but gameplay wise it looks very hard for me in some heavily packed rooms. I loved the details : the bathrooms, bedrooms, the computers, the excavated stones, the temple,the train, the exit . I loved the outside and train tunnel areas (some Hom near the Ykey and in a rail deadend), they felt very natural, this rock texture works quite well. I see you used some beige with red noisy dots textures, around old mystic stones, the last version are very orange, it may fix the red dots but will break the beige tone. the level is huge, it took me 35 minutes to cover it entirely. When lost or looking for secrets, I was a bit discouraged. the what I'd call "the war room deadsimple²", is awesome, I'm glad I was invulnerable :D. bug : Mr BigBoss went into a corridor and its sprite was cliped in the ceiling. it's a beautiful portfolio of the doom3 texture pak, a lot of themes are used : medical, bathroom, office, industrial, militray, outdoor, hellish. makes me think it could be split into different smaller maps.
  12. Doom2 Neural Upscale 2x

    Thanks for the help DragonFly and Gez :) Spectre01 : it works pretty well on sprites too :), I wanted to release everything at once, but well, I need the textures to work, finishing this will teach me things that will be usefull when doing sprites .
  13. Doom2 Neural Upscale 2x

    I have been playing with different image upscaling neural networks : letsenhance.io and Nividia's GameWorks SuperResolution. I finally used Nvidia's solution (it took some time to be in the beta!) : Infinite amount of requests, better results. little drawbacks : max output size is 8192, so, for 8x it's a 1024 input, etc... 2 files processed at the same time max. The process was to pack doom textures into different 1024x1024 pngs (7 iamges), then get the 8x upscaled versions (using 2 different techniques), then blend those results together as they both have qualitys and issues, downsize to 4096 with bicubic supersampling to blend some noise, then downsize to 2048x2048 with nearest neighbour supersampling to keep the sharpness feeling of original doom textures. the 4x and 8x versions have too much funny AI artistic style artifacts to be used Unfortunately this comes with some unwanted pixels here and there and a heavy de-noising work was needed. Also the contrast is changed, bright details are brighter, and dark one are darker too, this had to be cleaned as well by removing them and leting the original texture color appear. The clean isn't perfect but a first alpha release stage has been reached and I can test it ingame... but I'm stuck, I can't make this work and I need some help to be able to launch gzdoom with the -file parameter and a folder with all Hires pngs . then I can fine tweak from photoshop to gzdoom easily. If someone more skilled than me with gzdoom modding could take a look My files (pngs, notworking pk3s) are shared in this google drive folder Here are some previews of the results (note : the transparency of the vine has been done manually, sadly the upscaler can't handle black and white shapes, but It's not that hard to do manually)
  14. Doom 3 Textures for Doom

    I didn't play it, just watched you playing it, haven't launched doom for a while, just spending the few minutes of free time into texturing researchs :) Plasma gun or not, I don't know, I'm not enough a doom gameplay hardcore specialist ! Lighting suggestion ? hum... +brighten areas near light sources +change lighting between rooms / corridors - darken unused areas (repulse) - lighten usefull areas to guide player's attention. (attract)