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  1. Albatross

    Top 10 videos games of all time (your personal list)

    Alphabetical order: Blood Cuphead Disco Elysium Dishonored FTL Hollow Knight Max Payne Morrowind Pillars of Eternity Warcraft 3
  2. The exit is unmarked, I think. Too bad then, because the map is great, and not just for a "first map"; I hope you're being facetious.
  3. Albatross

    Your doom head-canons?

    My head-cannon:
  4. Albatross

    Post Your Opinions About Doom (Whether Controversial or Not)

    I've been replaying Valiant, and in the beginning of some maps (like map16 or map21) I caught myself thinking that I didn't remember the map at all and had no clue what would follow. Which got me excited; it was like playing a totally new Valiant map. So my opinion is this: "memorable" levels aren't always a good thing, and "forgettable" levels aren't always a bad one.
  5. Albatross

    Looking for maps similar to SWTW.

    Oh, I've got one. It's exactly like SWTW and so obscure that it's not even on idgames. Angler - made by Archi and requires SWTW. Much easier.
  6. Good map, thanks for sharing. "Atmosphere" is probably the defining word here. Vine-covered environments, "underwater" palette, tentacled imagery - all make for a rather unique setting. The only similar map I've played is Arcadia. Progression here is a bit too obscure for my liking, but I'm 99% sure it's all "part of the experience", so I don't think you should change anything. Didn't run into any bugs or balance issues either.
  7. Albatross

    Regarding Sunlust

    In Map20 people appreciate the oppressive atmosphere, the imposing architecture, the curvy geometry, the brutal fight in the western brick building... probably lots of smaller things. You say you "love the difficulty" of AA and Eviternity, but for the authors of Sunlust those would be trivially easy; in terms of difficulty they are in completely different universes. So you can say "it is not difficult", but it's exactly that - Sunlust is above your skill level.
  8. Albatross

    Enigma of Sector Sigma - 5-map wad (Boom+)

    EoSS is now on idgames with some changes: Map04 - Removed cyberdemon from the purple room Map05 - Exit is more conspicuous small fixes Thanks for the feedback and kind words.
  9. Yes. Witcher 3 has references to everything from Hamlet to Donald Trump. Geralt anachronistically quotes Anna Karenina, a DLC character is called De La Croix... It's like they are trying to take me out of the game every 10 minutes.
  10. Format: Boom+ Maps: 01-05 Pistol starts are the intended experience, but continuous playthroughs are supported too. This wad contains DeHackEd modifications, so other gameplay mods might break gameplay or progression; use them at your own risk. Tested in: DSDA-Doom, Eternity, GZDoom Credits: Textures: ukiro's OTEX Music: Variable Geo games More detailed credits in the .txt Download from idgames
  11. Albatross

    Blue and Yellow Wad.

    Sunder map15
  12. Albatross

    Syringe v1.1 - now on /idgames!

    I just want to say that map06 here is fantastic. One of the best Doom experiences I've ever had.
  13. Albatross

    The map you thought would never end

    Map03 of Magnolia recently. The monster count seemed reasonable and 01-02 weren't too long or cryptic, so I really wasn't prepared for what followed.