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  1. What are you playing now?

    Played the 2 first episodes from Doom the way id did, because I wanted something short and it's been some time since I last played something with Doom 1 (except 2002 ADO). First of all, out of all the Doom 1 wads I have played (they are not too many actually), this one manages to look and play exactly like if it was id's creation, but it is not copy paste at the very least, so mission accomplished in that aspect (seriously, no need to describe any map, because for a map to feel like id's maps is already a huge compliment). I also had fun with the shotgun and the low tier enemies, especially when they would team up in ambushes. Additionally, the levels have a good difficulty curve and they are fun to play one after another. They have a good connection between them and playing them together as an episode is the ideal way. There was only one level that dragged on a bit longer, thanks to the tons of exploration it contained (it was near the 2nd episode's end) and even that one was pretty fun. And I remembered something that I had forgotten about the gameplay: Also, I rocketed the Cyberdemon in E2M8, because the plasma would be too quick. Besides, I wanted to remember once again what E2M8 felt like and I enjoyed it (it was faster than I remembered it to be with the rocket launcher). And as a whole, I rushed more rooms than I could remember throughout these 2 episodes. It was so badass entering an ambush room with Mach 7 speeds, while holding the shotgun! Can't wait to play E3 tomorrow.
  2. What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Played that some years ago and it was easily worth it. It had been a long time since I had last played a good 2d platformer and the game was great, plus the visuals were awesome and the plot was alright I guess. Also, it was fun controlling that fluffy ball of light for a main character (OK, he's supposed to be a white guardian spirit, but I will still call him a fluffy ball of light, because he is adorable).
  3. What are you listening to?

    Hehe! :) Was also surprised about that. Another similar occasion was when I found that there are 2 Sabbat bands. 1st song: The riff that starts around 1:30 is awesome! And the rest of the song too, coupled with good lyrics and voice. Had only heard Child of the Damned from Warlord, while I was searching for Omen and Grim Reaper songs and now this. Going to search some more songs from them later! 2nd song: This was also pretty good (the voice felt a bit too high for some parts of the songs, but it was badass regardless). Thanks for the recommendations!
  4. What are you listening to?

    Had only heard about Mindcrime being a really good album, although I never gave it a listen. Cool song, nice instruments and rhythm, but did they have to call the character Mary, just to annoy me? I had to search, just to see that the album is a concept album, just to not worry and listen to the song freely. Generally, I am not into prog metal much, except when I listened some Dream Theater. My reactions with their songs were a mixed bag. I like some, I get bored by others. Loved these 3 songs though:
  5. What are you listening to?

    Started listening to some prog lately and it is not bad at all. I don't get as excited about it as with Maiden and other similar bands, but still, I love it (and having 9-12 minutes of great music never gets old). This one is amazing!!! (the 50 second intro is a bit of an ear rape the first time, but the rest of the song is awesome): Also enjoyed this, as a happier song (by the way, I am not that much into art in general, yet Roger Dean's drawings are out of this world - easily a favourite of mine and that's without talking about his Amiga covers): Finally, a friend told me to give a listen to this and it too was good (the part with the synthesizer and the chorus after the singer says "IN THE COURT OF THE CRIMSOOOON KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING" is dream like - but every damn video on youtube had to have garbage quality and the live was better in some cases from the studio recording, which sucks for a song of such magnitude):
  6. Things about Doom you just found out

    I am sure it works for GZDoom and ZDoom, but those are the only ports I have tried it on.
  7. DOOM II teased for E3

    If I don't see a glorious descendent of Downtown in this game, I will be pissed off. Maybe a Factory would be great too, but this time it could be closer to the real thing. Or they will just make full tech bases and a plot of revenge against Hayden. LAME!!! And that's coming from someone that loves tech bases, but also city levels.
  8. First/Second/Third gen Doomer?

    Second generation. I too got to know Doom via Doom 3.
  9. Half-Life

    Is it really that good? If so, I have to give it a try sometime.
  10. Half-Life

    General opinion: I've enjoyed the series quite a bit, minus the expansions for the first game, which I haven't played. Specific opinion (wall of text, because I have to praise Xen and Ravenholm personally):
  11. Creepy videogame music

    Just remembered this one (was going to send Lavender Town too, but oh well):
  12. I am usually a calm person and I like it if everyone is happy (in Doom I am happy if someone enjoys my map). *rubs hands with a disturbing look in his face* Though sometimes I probably get slight pleasure from being a sadist. Non-Doom example: I tell puns to my friends just to see their faces melt and I laugh my ass off at that case. Doom example: If I place a trap in my map and I don't intend the player to make it out alive, then I suppose the death of the player, if he falls for it, puts a smile on my face (that is, if the player doesn't rage as much, but instead takes it lightly - it might be just one trap near the start, so I guess it won't be that rage inducing). Also, I don't want to overdo it with traps. Just one or two are fine, only if they are placed relatively close to the start of the map. And if someone is dying because I didn't design an encounter well, then I feel guilty and I want to change it as fast as possible.
  13. What's your Opinion on Linux?

    WINDOWS 7 FOREVER!!! (Yes, I have to be that guy) Jokes aside, I am so accustomed to Windows 7, that I will have some trouble changing to other OSes, no matter if it is Microsoft or not who produces them. It's not that I can't, but I don't want to switch right now. About Linux, I respect it as an OS and I am guessing that I will eventually have to install it for later years in college, thanks to its speed and all the tools it could provide me. And if I ever download it, I will be happy to learn more about it (most likely it would be Ubuntu for me, since I am already a tiny bit familiar with it). About newer Microsoft OSes, it is totally a no go for me. Something about them just doesn't click. But I will keep Windows 7 for the games on my PC. The compatibility in it is unrivaled.
  14. What are you listening to?

    I must have passed that song by and it's a shame! The devs made an excellent soundtrack in that game. Also, something I just noticed. The OST contains the Axeman too. I seriously have to replay the game, just to unlock all the songs this time.
  15. Random Image Thread

    Great movie! And to think that a few days ago, a friend of mine asked me: "Have you seen Leon?" What kind of coincidence (or black magic) is this???