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  1. ShoDemo

    What Do You Think of Wormholes?

    WHO DARES INSULT WORMHOLE? Just kidding. :) Anyways, first time I played that map, it must have been like: "What a lame map. I finished it in seconds." The second time though, when I took my time and found all the secrets, I loved every second of it. The defining moment for this map, was when I looked at the wall textures, after I went through that teleporter linedef and noticed that they are all decayed and different. The realization hit so hard, that I couldn't help it. It is my second most favourite iwad map. And Death's Bells further enhances the experience. Speaking more generally though, what can I say? I just love maps that tell a story like that. Like others said, it is definitely hard to make the optional areas worth it, but if you manage to do that, you get a masterpiece. This kind of map gives an option to the player, of how he approaches the map and an option like that is not something you see often in Doom. It is a unique take on great level design.
  2. ShoDemo

    Yanny or Laurel, what do you hear?

    When I played the main video, I just heard Yanny. Basically something close to Yanny. It was more like Yammy, but still it is closer to Yanny. Then I heard the sounds from the six links posted below, that were saying 30% slower, 20% slower, e.t.c. and I found it weird, but I heard Yanny in the first 3 and Laurel in the last 3. But the difference seemed huge. I was expecting the 2 things to be really close or something, but they are worlds apart. Read from the article that it is a difference in how much bass you play the sound with, but I can't comprehend that right now. Besides, I am not a sound engineer or anything...
  3. ShoDemo

    Your favorite track throughout classic doom?

    Doom 1: Hiding the Secrets (my favourite Doom track and like I said before, also my ringtone - very upbeat) and Sign of Evil (atmospheric as hell) Doom 2: Into Sandy's city, The Demon's Dead and DOOM Final Doom: Death's Bells (my second favourite Doom track - I sink in the level, whenever I hear this playing) and Legion of the Lost (third favourite - most calming and depressing Doom track I know of - by the way, it goes well with any Doom map)
  4. ShoDemo

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Had the same problem with the original Tomb Raiders. I mean, the puzzle controls didn't fit with the action gameplay in fights. Plus the textures seem like they are 50 shades of puke and the polygons are still kinda crude for a 3D game, in my opinion. I remember playing the first one and while I progressed more than 50%, I tried playing Anniversary at the same time and I had more fun. That was the reason I never finished the first game. But by all means, continue playing the first one, before Anniversary. Also played the second one and it surely looked a bit better. The Great Wall was a memorable intro too.
  5. ShoDemo

    Which DOOM did you play first?

    This reminds me of something... When I was like 5 years old or something, I had a hacked PS1 (think it is called chipped), but I was too young to know what that was and besides, my parents had bought me that (I didn't even know what games and consoles were before that), so I guess I was happy with a console and getting new CDs once in a while. When we would go to the videoclub, the person there would burn the game on the CD and then he would write the name of the game on it with a marker. So, I asked my parents for a CD marker and a blank CD. Then I tried writing a game's name on the CD and I somehow hoped that the CD would be playable with the correct game on it. Needless to say, I ended up being really disappointed when that didn't work. I feel really stupid when I try to comprehend what was I thinking back then... 😄
  6. ShoDemo

    Which DOOM did you play first?

    My first Doom game I finished was the Ultimate Doom. I played it some years ago on my pc and it is the reason I love Doom today. But the first Dooms I opened were Doom 3 (was too scary for me at the time) and Plutonia. If you could guess, a beginner didn't do very well at the latter. So I guess I went straight to Doom 1 afterwards, then Doom 2 and TNT. Currently I am half the way in Doom 3 and at MAP15 of Plutonia. After I finish those, I might try Doom 64.
  7. First time I ever heard of this award and without seeing the other contestants' clothes I can say that the award was given to its rightful holder. Fair and square. Haven't seen other countries' songs yet, though I might give them a listen at a later time. Usually, when they played Eurovision, I would watch it with my sister and parents and only then would I see the rest of the songs. But as the years passed I stopped watching almost entirely. Exactly that! I still remember it being played at the radio and being mentioned by kids left, right and center (was at primary school back then and I had a bit of fun with that song - might have been those synth or whatever notes from the intro, or might have not - but like you said, the thing was super catchy).
  8. ShoDemo

    What are you listening to?

    This one, while doing C (first time I listened to the whole thing, instead of just the first 2-3 iconic minutes): After that youtube decided to play the next video automatically, without me noticing and I ended up listening to the 13 Oxygenes of Jean Michel Jarre. They were pretty good and I had a weird mood when listening to them (an electronic-dance-sad-happy mood to be precise).
  9. I guess the song of my country wasn't too bad this time, so I was pretty surprised when it didn't go through, but I care so little for Eurovision, that it doesn't really matter. (was that close to saying "the song of my people", but that meme should die) By the way, if you want an entry from my country that was plain awful, please check this one from 2002. Trust me, you won't regret it. :D Also, I remember fondly of a time when Chiki Chiki was a thing. That shit was really funny and it was 23rd place or something. From the two or three songs I know from Vitas, I can say that he is better than most artists in Eurovision, if only for the high notes he can reach (this song though is probably the funniest and goofiest one he has made and I don't know what he was thinking). Listen to the Skyfall cover he sang instead. He had way higher notes, even compared to Adele and his voice wasn't trembling in the slightest (unlike the singer from the first video I posted).
  10. ShoDemo

    How did you come up with your username?

    I am pretty crappy with usernames and they may end up being pure cringe at times, but I like to have a special name. Here I chose to have ShotgunDemolition as my name, because, surprise surprise, I love the shotgun in Doom. I liked it, but it was a bit long. Then I changed it to ShoDemo, because a friend called me like that one day and I liked it more. Plus it doesn't sound as ridiculous.
  11. ShoDemo

    Worst Ending in a videogame?

    If we are talking about older games, I think Shadow of the Beast deserves a place here. I love that game, but I can imagine someone going through the game without cheats and beating it after a shit ton of tries, only to see this screen (I think the particular pic is from the Mega Drive, instead of the Amiga): I also didn't like Fallout 3's ending. Of course I was going to play it heroic knight and sacrifice myself for the greater good, but I wanted to keep roaming and none of the endings lets you do that, iirc. But you can buy the DLC where you continue from where you left and the player is somehow alive, after eating up God knows how much radiation in the face... SERIOUSLY??? This totally enhances the experience and is not by any means a way to grab my cash for no reason... (in the end I decided to not buy the DLC, because, what where they thinking???) To be honest, I though I would have played more games with bad endings, but I can't remember anything else right now, so I am kinda happy.
  12. ShoDemo

    Share your music Collection

    I have a more Maiden focused collection and I would like to grab a few more from certain bands, so that it feels more complete:
  13. ShoDemo

    GBA Doom 1 and 2 vs. all other Doom ports.

    GBA Doom 1 was not that bad for me. Originally I was going to buy Doom 2, because I knew it was a lot more smooth, but it was nowhere to be found on the store, so I got 1. I just tweaked some things in the settings, concerning the lighting and I played in my desk, under the light, because my GBA is frontlit (thought this sucked at first, but it is cool when you want to play under the morning sun). Anyways, it was kinda slower and that is respectable considering the hardware and I think some levels were omitted from the game (I was surprised when I saw it had Limbo in). There were also like 5 control schemes available, so I found the one that suited me best and the frustration of a game that is slow and hard to control started backing off the more I played it. The music was ok (not a Soundblaster or anything, but it was ok) and about the sprites, they seemed really pixelly on the distance (you could just know what enemy it was from the general look and the colors), while they grew to be more detailed as you approached them (note that the game looks better on the handheld, compared to youtube videos, probably due to smaller resolution on the GBA - this is something I noticed and I wanted to mention). Now, about other ports, iirc from a video I saw, I think the 32X had better gameplay, the SNES better music, the Jaguar better in everything and the PSX one was amazing and atmospheric, though I haven't had the luck to try it out. The GBA doesn't stand a chance against the competitors, but it is portable, so that is one thing the others don't do.
  14. Well, I didn't know that. :) I think I will settle down with racing, classic Doom and maybe Minecraft on creative then. About Terraria, I wanted to give it a try anyways, so I might as well.
  15. Lately I started to listen to a lot of music and while listening to it, I don't have many things to do. I can stare at the screen and occasionally read lyrics or start mapping a bit, or write a program for homework, or browse Doomworld. So, I wanted to find a game to play my music over (the music can range from peaceful stuff to metal). But I am having trouble, because I can't find many games that are simple and don't require too much attention to their sound (I hate changing the music when the game has a good OST or when the game requires sound for the gameplay, such as a stealth game). The closest thing I found online for this use is Diablo 3 (but it's too epic and tragic of a game to change the music), Binding of Isaac (don't own it, but I could buy it if it can prove useful here), racing games (again don't have any, but it seems really reasonable), Minecraft (it's been a long while since I touched that game - probably haven't played it since junior high school and it's been updated a trillion times since then) and Doom, supposing I can find the ideal wad. Do you have any ideas?