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  1. I love how Shadow of The Beast is your cover picture.

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    2. ShoDemo


      Thanks, I finished it recently and I got to say that there is something special about this game. The Amiga had many great OSTs like Turok 2 for an example, but I've never seen better atmosphere created in a 2d game on any computer or console. The environment feels hostile from the beginning till the end, everything attacks you and you are alone in this. I become filled with nostalgia when I play it, even though I wasn't born during the Amiga years. Surely it could have been a little easier, which is the reason I think it gets so much flak, yet I enjoyed it very much and the difficulty can fit the general setting at times. And who can forget what an advancement the game was for its time. 2 words: parallax scrolling!!! :)

      Also, my favourite track here is the Welcome track. I sometimes play it on the guitar to relax. 

    3. Gerardo194


      Wow really?? My youngest brother and I blow them on the flute! we have a guitar but we need to practice first.

    4. ShoDemo


      Yeah, I also need to practise playing these more. At the moment I only play by 2 tabs of Welcome and Inside the Tree without the amp connected. My amp is a tiny MS-2, so I connect it only after mastering a song or if I need distortion. If I need clean then it depends.