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  1. Currently watching the 1977 Spiderman movie (my favourite superhero, along with Iron man, Spawn and Ghost rider) and I laugh a lot. I try to spot moments were Spiderman didn't actually do the climbing scenes on a real building, but was most likely walking on a green screen (you can understand with great ease that it is fake, which makes it really funny). Half of the movie scenes must have been shot on the ground, which is hilarious in my opinion (just now I remembered the Safety Last's clock scene, which was authentic, compared to these fake scenes). I know they didn't have the best tools at the time for making movies with great special effects, but after seeing Doctor Who's first season and the clever tricks they used there to up the quality, the Spiderman movie seems like a joke today.

    Here is the link:




    1. DoomKnight1984


      The Japanese version of Spider-Man is crazier with monsters and giant robots included.

    2. ShoDemo


      I recently checked a trailer of it. I think it is called Supaidaman, right? From what I saw, it was the origins of Power Rangers in a way. Still, Spiderman, either from Japan or USA, is better than Indian Superman (a lot cringe right there).  

    3. DoomKnight1984


      I was laughing my ass from watching Japanese Spiderman, but yes it's better than watching another clip of Indian Superman.