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  1. Quick update:


    Ok, so today was my final day going at my school. The last time I went there was 2 weeks ago for the final exams IIRC and today I came back to see my grades, like every other guy and girl did. I was worried at first, since you never know who will correct your papers (it could be a 25 year old teacher or a 60 year old teacher). Apparently, I got 15 at Essay, 18,4 at Physics, 19 at Chemistry and 16,4 at Mathematics (especially that exam was an <<axe>> in terms of difficulty, as we call it here). I guess I scored enough points (17279 to be precise) and I will 90% be able to go at the university I like, if all goes as planned. I am really happy today, if you couldn't guess.


    And they are also giving us our certificates for being at that high school, at an event during 20:00 today, which includes our headteacher's speech, crappy music played directly from the school's Windows XP Pentium 4 pc, using 20 year old speakers (what a great setup that must have been 20 years ago, but not today) and a buffet of sweets (the highlight of the event in my opinion, yey).


    But what does this status update really mean? It means more time for Dooming and no stress about grades and subjects for at least 3 months. At last, I can be 100% relaxed (I was 90% relaxed before this day).

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    2. CzechMate29200


       and back when I was about 5 or 6 (2005-2006) in school, I kid you not  the teachers assigned us these old ass MS-DOS computers. I hated that thing...:D. Then as soon as I left that  school, they replace them with brand new iMacs (I think they were G5s). I was so pissed off :)

    3. ShoDemo



      Then as soon as I left that  school, they replace them with brand new iMacs (I think they were G5s). I was so pissed off :)

      I would love having an MS-DOS pc at school, but I guess it would be a bit boring only typing code in it, without any applications, programs and games to run (and without Doom).


      That <<replacing something, after I was gone from a school>> happened two times for me:

      Once was in junior high school, where the whole building was like torn apart (everybody called it a brothel, because the school was destroyed and the teachers were grumpy and hated their jobs) and they started the repairs after I left.


      The other time was in high school (they are rebuilding it now), which was pretty good actually, with not that much damage, so it didn't bother me that much. 


      Now I remembered. Make it three times. In primary school, we had typical pcs that run on Windows XP again (suitable for playing flash games during the lesson, when the teacher allowed us) and after I left, they bought very good laptops with Window 7. I was somewhat jealous! 

    4. Pavera


      5 years old in 2005 wowowow