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  1. Route and thoughts on E4M6:

    So, I just started playing Thy Flesh Consumed again. I had stopped because of E4M6 and the lava everywhere. I needed a route to follow and I came up with one today. 


    First I cleared everything in the outdoors area and then I went in and grabbed the Hazard suit. Went to the right, found a blur sphere in a secret wall, got the plasma rifle out, fell in a small outdoor area, killed everything, fell to the lava and I took the right side of the central teleporter (leads to an area with many rocket boxes). From there, I sniped some Imps and Sergeants in the opposite side of the map.


    I fell again to the lava, went to the back side of the central teleporter (I was lucky that I picked the right one), picked up the blue key, teleported to the left side of the central teleporter, killed some Barons and Cacodemons and got the yellow key.


    Afterwards, teleporter chaos:


    I fell and teleported to the front, where I found some Sergeants, Spectres and Cacodemons. Killed them, teleported to the lava, killed Sergeants, went to the yellow door, opened a path for teleporter, teleported to the previous room, went inside another teleporter (too many of those in this level)

    and after killing some enemies, I reached the red key. Then the Cyberdemon is unleashed, just to make my life easier (I mean harder)!


    So, I return to the previous room with yellow and red key obstacles, I hit the red switch, get the Hazard suit and Health pack, teleport back, teleport way back again, from the central teleporter room, grab invulnerability that was locked behind red key bars (I didn't want to take any chances with the Cyberdemon, because I died there in my previous try), teleported to the Cyberdemon and I killed it with the plasma rifle (the invulnerability lasted long enough).


    In the end, the bars raise and I rushed to the exit, like I was being chased. Unfortunately, I killed 100/104, so I wonder where the rest of the monsters were located (probably at the remaining secrets). But in E4 I decided not to go for 100% anyways, because of E4M1, which decided to throw at me an army of Barons, without enough ammo (had to make them infight with other monsters or something for 100%).


    Overall, I enjoyed this map. The gameplay is pure adrenaline, if I could describe it and the use of environmental hazards is done in a clever way. Similar was the use of lava floors in E4M2, across the whole level, but it felt less threatening to me, compared to E4M6.

    I may post something again, after getting the whole episode beaten. I believe E4M7 and E4M8 will be easier or at very least only E4M8 will be easier, because I remember finishing it somewhat fast in my past playthrough, 2 or 3 years ago.