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  1. I just zapped in the TV for a bit, as I was eating dinner. I looked at a channel which plays a lot of action movies during night time and guess what they decided to show...




    Ok, not a big fan of the movie (if only they had the minimal plot of the game, instead of the "extra gene superhumans" one), but it has some cool moments (mainly the BFG and the FPS scene) and I will probably watch it later.

    One question though. How did they even decide to play it? Usually they put some generic-good movies that I have already seen 1000 times.

    1. bzzrak


      I saw it on our TV maybe a year and a half ago as well. Rewatched it after that. Twice. I really don't see where's all the hate coming from, it's a perfectly good SF action movie.

    2. ShoDemo


      I don't know really... For me it was just that I didn't like the plot and got disappointed. Plus, I wanted to see more demons. Other than that, as I said, it had some cool moments and for me it is a generic action movie.