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  1. ShoDemo

    Terrible puns/jokes

    So, I haven't been posting much lately and I want start with an easy thread that came to my mind. Well, sometimes I come up with some jokes (they can be terrible at times), then I tell them to my friend in school and he always tells me to commit suicide (he says that just for fun, we have been friends for many years). Here are a few of these: 1) What kind of music do yu-gi-oh players hate? TRAP 2) What band does Bob the Builder listen to and what car does he drive? He listens to TOOL and drives KIT. (I wonder if you will get it) 3) I look at my phone and tell my friend I have 16% METALLICA and that I need to charge it. I can't remember more. If you want, you can post your own, or tell me what you think about the ones I wrote.
  2. ShoDemo

    Diablo Immortal

    At first, when I saw of the new Diablo game on the notifications, my jaw hit the floor. I love the series, started playing from 3 and then 1 and 2 and while I know the 3rd wasn't as good as the others, I didn't mind at all (in fact I loved it for being my intro to the series) And then I got really disappointed about it being on mobile. Heck, if I knew a Diablo 4 would come and they also released this mobile game as a side project (like what Bethesda is doing with TES 6 and Blades iirc - I love how I mentioned Bethesda here of all companies), I would gladly give it a go, even if just for a little. Seriously though, I can't see how a game like this would be played with touchscreen.
  3. ShoDemo

    "Favourite Horror Movie?"

    From slashers I like Friday the 13th and Halloween the most (any of the early movies, until like the 4th film in each series). Otherwise I guess The Thing.
  4. Doom monster as a pet, eh? I think there would be 3 choices for me: 1) Caco. He is the most adorable Doom monster and if I can climb over him, I can fly anywhere I want. Plus he has a good ranged attack too. 2) Arch-vile. Personal doctor, hard to kill, with a powerful attack and really agile. 3) Hell Knight. Since he is grey, he has potential to camouflage pretty much anywhere, though as a towering behemoth he will eventually be seen, he will scare everyone who manages to see him and he has good defense and offense, if he should get in a fight.
  5. ShoDemo

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Been playing No one lives forever. Pretty cool for a spy game and it feels like a mix of Deus Ex with James Bond movies.
  6. ShoDemo

    Popular/highly rated WAD's you're not a fan of?

    Two wads stand out for me here: 1) Epic 2 after map 13 iirc, when it has totally given up on the Egyptian theme, in order to go to space, with those invisible hitscanners and the rest. I believe that this wad shouldn't have been here, because of how excellent it's first 11 maps were. I had never seen an Egyptian themed wad being so perfect, both in gameplay and aesthetics (I still think that no other wad has nailed this Egyptian setting so much) and it was a real shame that the theme didn't last until the very end of the wad. 2) Scythe 2 after map 15 I think. I loved the first Scythe and I had great fun with Scythe 2 in the beginning, since it kept changing the setting every so often, plus the gameplay was as challenging as it should be, but I feel like the Revenant spam at the last levels I played made me quit the wad.
  7. ShoDemo

    Maps You Used To Hate But Now Love

    I used to hate Containment Area and Slough of Despair, because I died a few times on those on my first Doom playthrough, but once I replayed them I loved them both.
  8. ShoDemo

    Your Favorite Doom Weapon

    My favourite weapon is the single shotgun. I enjoy firing it, I love it's pump action animation and I can have great fun sniping enemies with it or getting in more close range battles. Killing hitscanners and imps with it is also great! The chaingun is my 2nd favourite. It can snipe, it can stun enemies which is extremely useful and it can empty a room full of low tiers in seconds. Plus when I'm out of shells, I will switch to the chaingun, because shells and bullets are the most common ammo types in the game. The SSG is great too. At close to medium range it can prove to be really destructive, though further than that is a waste of 2 shells, if fired. Plus it has a cool animation. The rocket launcher I keep for hard situations, trying to save up rockets and when I get to use it I tend to really enjoy it. Especially when I manage to throw a rocket between a group of enemies and see them being killed from inside out, it is wonderful. Then, it is a tie for the plasma rifle and the BFG. The plasma is like an improvement for the chaingun. It stuns, it deals huge amounts of damage and it fires super fast projectiles (actually, if it was hitscan it would have been even better, but it wouldn't have good looking projectiles and it wouldn't be as fun to use). Meanwhile, many times it is better if you just use the BFG as a shotgun of mass destruction, with a pretty cheap firing cost (40 cells for 1 BFG shot is definitely worth it).
  9. Heretic: Hellstaff It is really powerful, ammo is kinda plentiful and it fires super fast! Hexen: I guess it is the Wraithverge. It is simply overkill to even wield the thing and let's not talk about how much damage it can do (I completely realized when I first faced that undead iirc cleric Traductus). A close second would be the Serpent Staff. Really like it's design and I enjoy shooting with double particles or absorbing health if needed.
  10. ShoDemo

    Which Doom monster do you dread the most?

    I mostly hate having to face Pain Elementals, especially if they are placed in a great range from the player, because then it is harder to close in with the SSG and kill them before they spawn anything. Also, Chaingunners can get really annoying depending on their placement. Put them in range or in very open areas and they will definitely eat up a considerable part of the player's health, unless RNG works to the player's favour.
  11. ShoDemo

    What is your favourite flavour of Ice Cream?

    Chocolate, stracciatella or vanilla. And sometimes Ferrero or Bueno.
  12. ShoDemo

    REKKR - V1.16

    Oh boy, I will have something to play once again!
  13. ShoDemo

    Most recent movie you saw

    I just watched Darkman with Liam Neeson and it was quite a good movie. The effects were half good-half bad, but I still enjoyed the movie. The origins of Darkman as a character is a very dark story. The character was living a normal life with his wife, until an explosion in his lab, caused by criminals, took his face and made him look like a freak. From there it is a hunt for vengeance and the character can use his research for synthetic skin to look like any person he chooses, for a short period of time, which is quite handy when he has to take down so many enemies. Cool concept and the design of the Darkman is really good. Trench coat, fedora and a face full of bandages (kinda reminds me of Rorschach).
  14. ShoDemo

    [GZDoom] Diabolus Ex v1.1

    This is an amazing level. I love Deus Ex (especially the first game, but also Human Revolution) and this has exactly that Deus Ex feel. Also, I love how the player can take alternate routes to avoid triggering the alarms. And I like how the level is connected with vents. Plus, the gameplay is really good and the level is good looking. Finally, those login credentials are pretty cool references.
  15. ShoDemo

    Your Guilty Doom Pleasure

    I enjoy facing tons of hitscanners and killing at least 3 or 5 of them with one shotgun blast, while their death sound plays at the same time. I enjoy this more with the single shotgun, but the SSG is good too.
  16. ShoDemo

    What do you listen to when you're playing Doom?

    Most of the time I listen to to the wad's OST. But when I want to listen to other music, I just boot Doom 1. Only tried listening to Yes this way and some playlist I had made with calm songs. It was a pretty good experience overall.
  17. ShoDemo

    Favorite doom 1 level

    E1M4 is my favourite Doom 1 level. The blue key imp room, the maze with the imps and the pinkies being really tight and claustrophobic, the swastika room and the beginning rooms that are intertwined in an seamless way, are some of the reasons I love this map. E2M2 is a lengthy map with a crate maze and great atmosphere. I like how mid way through it, the architecture starts to change. E3M6 is really open, with tons of exploration to do and I love that. If I can also choose for an E4 map, it will probably be E4M2, E4M3 or E4M6:
  18. ShoDemo

    Harlan Ellison Dead at 84

    And I played I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream recently. Quite a dark story and I enjoyed it all the way through. Plus, I knew it was based on a book, but I didn't know much about the author. Regardless, rest in peace.
  19. I will mainly talk about 2 reboots. The first is Thief. I definitely had fun playing it, stealthing around, exploring the city and the asylum level was great and very spooky. It may be one of the worst Thiefs out there, if not the worst, but as a game it is not that bad. The ending was kinda meh though and unfortunately the great sound system of the original games was gone. The second is the Devil May Cry reboot. This is also one of the worst DMC games, contesting with DMC 2 for last place imo, but as a game it can be really fun. The combat isn't necessarily bad (felt pretty smooth to me, while I felt combat in other DMCs is more precise), you have a reworked story and cool weapons. Unfortunately, Dante is a hipster and Vergil doesn't seem like the honorable Vergil he was in previous games. Then I also played Watch Dogs. I mean, it is a fun sandbox. The only problems for me are the driving being kinda weird (you drive with the motorcycle, crashing on the bus stop and tear it apart, without falling from the bike and without damaging the bike...) and the story was a typical revenge plot, so not all that interesting.
  20. Usually my favourite is the first episode, for a multitude of reasons. One is that I love tech bases. And I find the enemy roster to be interesting, with a lot of variety, ranging from low to medium or even high tier enemies. Plus I enjoy some hitscanner action here and there. As for the rest of the episodes, it depends on the wad. Generally though, when the combination between technology and hell has a good analogy, I like the 2nd episode a lot. Or when city levels are used in it. On the other hand, the 3rd episode is usually the most iconic in the wad. It should have plenty of action and memorable moments, but like Memfis said, I tend to get tired after the first 2 episodes and it doesn't help if each and every map in the 3rd episode is slaughter. 1 or 2 final maps with slaughter and the rest being average, sounds like a good target for a wad.
  21. ShoDemo

    Hard maps with low enemy counts?

    I will just mention some wads, because I can't remember map names right now. I think Plutonia (especially the early levels) and Going Down have low monster counts, while being challenging, but Going Down also has smaller map lengths iirc.
  22. ShoDemo

    Liking posts

    Actually, I use this system with one of two ways. First way: If the post is something I kinda liked, it gets Invisibility sphere (I think it looks cool as an item). If I REALLY liked the post (like in the Doom pictures thread), it gets a Invulnerability). Second way: If I am not feeling like doing the above, I just give the Soulsphere and be done with it.
  23. Cyberpunk 2077 (I really love scifi/cyberpunk settings in books/movies/games, e.t.c.), Doom Eternal (no explanation needed) and TES 6 (I am curious as to what the story will be this time).
  24. Sanitarium: My favourite top down puzzle game. Dark and very interesting story, appropriate music and places to visit beyond anyone's imagination. MDK 2: Really fun action game with comedic elements and very fluid gameplay. Giants: Citizen Kabuto: Again, very funny game (even funnier than MDK), with average to good gameplay. The Neverhood: One word. Claymation. That and a lot of humor (some aspects of the gameplay can become a little bit annoying, but I forgive the game for being so nice overall). Psychonauts: Again funny 2000s platformer. Brutal Legend: Most metal game out there. Beyond Good & Evil: I still don't know why it sold so poorly. The fact that it was being given free for a while, if you would buy some mozzarella was ridiculous. Vampire Bloodlines: I know it is considered a really good game, but I rarely see it mentioned, unless it is in some favourite RPG list. So I thought I would include it here. And what can I say about it? Vampires, character customization with a lot of depth, beautiful nighttime environments, mostly in cities, with some of the greatest ambient music I have ever heard playing on the background, downright creepy locations here and there and of course a well thought story, where your choices actually matter for the outcome of the story. No wonder I played it for 40 hours, completing the main story, coupled with every side quest I could find. Hexen/Strife: Both are very innovative games that perfected the use of the Doom engine in different ways each. But because of their release date being kinda late, they never got the attention they deserved. Hexen is more well known than Strife, but still not as much as most id games. And it is a shame, because it has nice combat (although it is somewhat slower compared to Doom) and a shit ton of puzzles, which I like, while Strife manages to have RPG elements in the Doom engine. That by itself is amazing.