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  1. Thanks! I wanted this for a long time. Now I need to find some free time to play it.
  2. 1) I will heavily agree on jumpscares. I want the air around me to fill with fear, because something in the movie seems threatening. Not because the retarded bad guy will start jumping to my face every 30 seconds. I swear, in many horror films today, I hold my breath until a peaceful scene, because I sometimes want to take a long breath and fill my lungs with air and in between that, the jumpscare pops up and it feels like a punch to the stomach and the heart (not cool). 2) The hero has an aura of invincibility around him. I love this and I hate it. When watching a movie, I appreciate good fight scenes and happy endings, but not ridiculous ones. Watch movies with Stallone (Cobra, Rambo, e.t.c., to get an idea). I love watching those action movies, but I don't take them too seriously. They are mostly brainless killing and action, just for fun (now that I think about it, ADD SOME MOAR ACTIION!!!). 3) Oh, we finally killed Jason or Freddy or Myers in the end of the movie and he is totally dead!!! Let's party and return to our normal lives!!! A few years later: Evil mascot of the franchise: I have returned from the dead, because I am made of true evil and I never die!!! ... This is mostly in slashers, which is my 2nd favourite movie genre and it gets kinda annoying after the 5th movie (and they usually make 10 movies damn it, with the quality falling till it becomes one with the rocky ground). I seriously don't like seeing my favourite movies getting butchered, so that Hollywood can have money (just no!). And it is even more bullshit, when they don't kill the battle-scarred protagonist of the previous film, just so that he can hunt down the murderer again, like any sane person would do, AM I RIGHT??? Seriously, if you want a smooth transition in a horror movie, from one ending to the other beginning, watch Halloween 1 and 2 (where the 1st stops, the 2nd starts and nothing is explained about Myers, so no stupid ideas there).
  3. 1) I was a stupid 9 year old, thinking that I knew much about computers. I had been playing only San Andreas at the time and I loved my old computer, but I was really afraid of viruses. So I start searching around the files of the PC, when I found my first ever registry file. And I thought: "HEY, I have never seen a file like this before! I should delete it!!!" So I did and I didn't even care about the warning saying that a few programs might get destroyed, including San Andreas. (was I dumb???) But the computer must have had a virus from before and when I deleted the registry file, a whole bunch of viruses took over. It was really slow for the rest of the day and you couldn't even do simple tasks with it. At night, the pc fell to the enemy's hands. Had to install Windows again and after that it was better. Now I scan every single file that enters my laptop, from the tiniest photo, to the biggest folder. 2) Also I had a Blue Screen of Death in my laptop, if that counts as scary. 3) And finally my hard drive got messed up before a year or so. I changed it when I got the chance and I never had similar problems. EDIT: In case modding mobiles counts, the whole time I was changing ROMs, rooting my device and unlocking the bootloader, I was really nervous. And once I bricked my phone. It was that one time when I prayed for my mobile to work, because I had no money left for buying a new one and I kinda loved the old device. Then I found SEUS in Sony's site, so I restored the phone to full working order once again (and after one day I flashed Kit Kat in it - I couldn't stop admiring the accomplishment of flashing my first ROM).
  4. Just finished Sanitarium (2 games finished in a weekend, when I had a month or more to just to even play a game). It's story is really cool, the atmosphere is perfect and it is full of puzzles (needed a walkthrough for some of them, because the required items are not always too visible). Overall, it is a great game and possibly a hidden gem for the PC (I don't know if it was well-known back in its days, so it might or might not qualify for a "hidden gem"). Note: Windows compatibility mode is a Godsent! At first the game was crashing randomly, which is why I turned on Windows 98 mode and disabled virtual themes and desktop composition. Then the game never crashed again.
  5. Don't know Night in the Woods, but here is a like for Life is Strange, because I love that one. I was in a masochistic mood these 2 last days, so I decided to play a point and click adventure. And I got Myst, which I finished today. The pleasure I got from writing down info on a piece of paper and later using it to solve puzzles correctly was indescribable. Also, the puzzles felt great, minus the one with the train for which I used the built in hints system and it still was challenging (a boring puzzle). Luckily, I didn't need a walkthrough, except once near the ending (spoilers below): Might check out Riven and the rest of the sequels at Christmas, because I enjoyed this one a lot.
  6. I usually eat healthily, but I hate fruits and fish. From fruits I eat absolutely nothing and from fish I can eat tuna and fish that are cooked like fishsticks (I mean cooked with toast covering them). Otherwise, I can devour practically anything and I like to mix things up quite a bit (I have tried some awesome combos in the past). And once in a while I will have some sweets. Most of the time though, when I start eating sugar and chocolate, I have trouble stopping, so I try to limit sweets to once or twice in a week.
  7. 1) Ammo starvation. I hate it! Especially if it is shotgun shells that are missing (that almost never happens, thankfully). Instead, I like it when I have 50-80 shells of shotgun ammo (100 is full, so it can be too much at times), use almost all of them and then switch to my chaingun, which managed to gather 400 bullets, while I was firing my shotgun. Then I start gathering ammo for my shotgun and so on. Sometimes, starvation is acceptable, but in a very small quantity. 2) Barons everywhere! I just can't accept that kind of monster placement. I mean, why don't they use Hell Knights instead??? They are way more fun to kill and seeing them in earlier levels in a megawad will not frustrate me. 3) Having to deal with Barons using the regular shotgun. Yes, it is my favourite weapon in the game and it will always be, but why do I have to kill Barons with 10 shots in close quarters (by the way, IT ALWAYS HAS TO BE CLOSE QUARTERS WITH BARONS!!!)? I'll tell you why! Because it is very early in the game to face a Baron and the Rocket Launcher or the SSG (if playing Doom 2) was not given to me in the first place!
  8. LOL! Indeed! :D
  9. It may seem stupid, but I bought Audio Technica's M30X headphones 1 or 2 years ago and I am proud of them. They are monitor headphones, so expect some good sound quality and they costed 75 euros when I got them (might be a bit overkill to have monitor headphones for music and games, but they are from the lower-end headphones in the series, which means that they can be really effective for everyday use). The first day I wore them, I felt like my head was being crushed, which happens to me with headphones, because they are new and they have to be bent a bit from my head. After that day however, they became really comfy and they fit on my big head perfectly, so I think they can fit practically with anyone's head. And the build quality is great. When you hold them, you know that they have some weight on them, though once you wear them, they feel lightweight. My ears got sweaty with them a few times in summer, but I can get full of sweat in less than a minute and therefore I am not the right person to talk about this. No built-in mic. And the wire is huge. Maybe the wire length you desire is a bit smaller than in these headphones. Just looked online and it says it has 3 meters of wire (I personally have the wire spin a few times around itself and then tied it, in order to reduce wire length and I still have more than enough available). Finally, they require no drivers.
  10. Been discovering some NWOBHM band lately and these songs are the highlights of my search: Only 3 albums from this band, near the 80s, but they have really good quality! If only they were a bit more well known... What someone can find in youtube is amazing. This heaviness in their sound I can't fully describe. They are awesome! As a band I think that they must have changed so many members all this time, that it is ridiculous. But what a great debut album!
  11. Guys I have the perfect combo for the shittiest WAD EVAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Want a map that: 1) has the Cyberdemon do less damage than the imps? 2) has replaced imps with black guys throwing basketballs? 3) has the enemies moan like being fucked, when they get shot? 4) has nude textures everywhere? 5) has no rocket launcher splash damage, because the rocket launcher throws dicks (now I get why it only has rocket launcher ammo in the level)? 6) is annoyingly happy? (very bright colors, stupid house at the beginning, forests filled with shrooms and annoyingly happy music) If you answered yes, to at least one of the questions, then greatness awaits you in the following link: Oh God protect us!!! WHY DID I EVEN PLAY THIS SHIT??? Just remembered... I was searching on random in idgames, for a map that I could try to fix (for Recycled CP) and all of a sudden this comes up. Once I started playing though, my eyes couldn't withstand this monstrosity and I quickly quit!!! By the way, I must had not seen the title that day, as I was playtesting like 20 WADs (if you see it, you will understand what I am talking about) P.S.: Here is a request. Please don't ban me! If you want to, you can freely delete this message! Thank you! And I am going to play some 2002ADO, just to wash away all this stupidity from my mind...
  12. YESSSSSSS!!! SOMEONE GETS IT!!! That album had quite a few good songs in it and it is one of my favourites from Megadeth. Also: I had the exact same thing happen to me with my father. A bit annoying, but in a way it feels great, knowing that someone is amazed by your own creations.
  13. Well, all my friends know about my love for Doom and I have told them that I am a member here, but I wasn't very specific. I mean, not that they would care to search anyways... So, I guess Doom for me is "a secret place I like to go" and have fun. ANYONE GOT THE SONG??? *everyone silent as the grave* OK, FINE!!!...
  14. I have been playing 2002 ADO in my free time lately. Currently I am at E2M6 and I love the gameplay. The level design is nice, the difficulty is well executed, hitscanners are put to good use and I never felt that they were placed cheaply (except in one level from E2, where the gimmick was teleporting Sergeants, but truth be told, you had a good second or two for reaction, after you saw them). Also, IT IS A WAD FOR ULTIMATE DOOM!!! That alone is a huge plus. I mean, it is the first megawad I play in Ultimate Doom and everything about it screams quality.
  15. Could try that out! I usually play with continues though, so I should do it with pistol starts I guess.