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  1. Been listening to an Egyptian theme lately: Nice melody! I didn't know of this song until 2 days ago. Easily the best Rainbow song from the first 3 albums. Rich in meaning and melody. Nice everything in the song! (I guess Dio had a thing for Egypt...) Making a more badass Egyptian song than this one is a very hard task. The riff at the beginning and generally the whole song fits the theme perfectly.
  2. Games: 1) Amnesia The Dark Descent : Never finished it, but it was pretty fun and probably the first horror-survival-whatever-game I had ever played. 2) Outlast: It felt great playing this one with friends and getting chased by everything and I mean EVERYTHING! 3) Doom 3: It's Doom, but scarier...nuff said. Movies: I prefer slashers, with my favourites being Friday the 13th (most creative kills in a movie from a point and after), Halloween (Michael Myers is a character that I may like as much as Jason or more, but in the Halloween movies I also like Dr Loomis a whole lot) and Texas Chainsaw Massacre (crazy cannibals in the middle of nowhere killing everyone that stops close to their area is a scary thought and the characters like Leatherface and the rest of the family are well presented).
  3. That is partially true. Yes, it will feel great if I make a choice without saving and it is a good one, but if I make the wrong one, I just won't be happy with myself, if it is a really major thing that messes up my ending or something. Now, if it is just about losing resources, I won't bother as much, but sometimes I want to keep those too, without losing them to stupid choices.
  4. When I know that I have to make a choice in a game, I save and I pick the option that seems best to me. Usually I will try one option for a few moments to see where it goes, then reload the save to try the other one and finally decide which has the best outcome. If in one choice I do a good thing for the game world and in the other a bad thing, I will certainly pick the good thing option and be satisfied. The bad thing where a character dies or something doesn't exist for me afterwards. Also, the saving before choosing method helps in ammo and resource management, as I can pick the option that uses less resources in the game and keep them for later. Unless the options are too straightforward, in which case I will pick without saving.
  5. My documents are full with the backed up save files from many years ago (I reinstalled Windows 2 times, so these files were quite a few). Can't get more specific than that, since I don't know what to look for as far as old files go. But I have some old media I used when I was 5 years old (an encyclopedia about the body and its functions disk, Star Defender's disk and San Andreas boxed when I was 9, but I threw the box away, because I was stupid). Also, I can remember that the first games I played in my laptop were Super Hot's demo, Mirror's Edge (cool game) and Skyrim (I think I will revisit it someday), so I might have some files from those games.
  6. I prefer E2M2, because if you know me, you guessed it... ATMOSPHERE!!! And it is a huge map, though it doesn't overstay its welcome. Every encounter is fun, plus the design of it is sweet. E4M2 on the other hand is also great and it can be a fun challenge, but I feel like it was done better in the form of E4M6, since both maps play around with the idea of lava floors, but with E4M6, you needed to be more careful compared to E4M2. I don't think I would ever go with MAP24 here, but as a map I feel it is ok, with its high verticality. But not that interesting, compared to the rest of the choices and I think I may had gotten bored when I played it (not sure on this).
  7. I finished Memento Mori recently and it left quite a good impression on me (this review won't be very specific, because it's been some time since I finished Memento Mori). Generally speaking, this WAD is full of exploration, which is good and bad at the same time. Good, because I like exploration and it feels great to find where you need to go, when it is not so straight-forward. It is also a bit bad, because some of the maps are like: "Here are 15 switches spread in the game world. You have to find them and discover what they activate." That can be a bit tedious, because the switches are not labeled in any super obvious way, for the player to know what they do. One good example of labeling the switches was Romero's new map, I think, which had numbers on the floor, made from sectors with varied brightness (not E1M8, the other one). Then the combat was awesome. The difficulty started raising after MAP 15/16, whatever, when the maps are starting to become very open, with F_SKY everywhere (love those later maps). Those later maps are the kind of map that needs sniping and careful shooting at the beginning, so that you can progress further without getting shot at by everything (I tried to Rambo my way through them, but it usually was a stupid idea). One encounter at a time was the best strategy and the maps had quite often ambushes to make things interesting (I will never forget when one of the map authors put a Cybie in a tight staircase, when I was least expecting it - that was a really bastard design choice). Finally, MAP30 is great!!! nuff said... Overall, this WAD turned out to be very fun and I love how it is structured. It never got too boring for me to stop playing. Know that I usually get tired after the 20th MAP in most WADs. That is saying something about it.
  8. Is this the Quiz/Survey week? So, I got Reclusive Tactician and Champion of Glory. The first is spot on! About the second one, I am actually not so sure. Maybe it is 50% true, who knows??? What I didn't like is that the last 2 weeks I haven't been gaming a lot, thanks to studying, so it might be a bit of a not steady way to make the survey.
  9. Took the angelfire/whatever test and it showed I am a Lawful Good Human Cleric. YEAH HEXEN!!! Also I tried out easydamus and I got Neutral Good Human Wizard/Cleric (1st/1st Level): (still a Cleric, yeah!!!) Point is, I am Cleric! These surveys were pretty fun to complete and read the results. :) And I got pretty close to getting Elf, who I like as a race, but I guess Human is the perfect choice for me.
  10. I am currently working on the map and I think it got at least 50% less annoying. I deleted the box maze for a simpler room with an ambush and I also replaced the dark maze with a simpler construct. Finally, I changed the Caco arena so that you can enter it and not doorcamp instead (I guarantee it's better as is now). Will check for some more stuff I can change later.
  11. I normally use ZDoom for most WADs and I occasionally use ZDaemon or Zandronum for multiplayer. GZDoom is also nice for mods and stuff.
  12. I first joined during January of 2017. Before that, I knew that Doomworld had many answers to many different topics, because I searched in Google and many if not all of my questions were answered here. Normally, I wouldn't have joined, but I wanted to ask about some WADs to play and I am actually really glad that I made that thread, because my WADs folder was almost empty and now it is full with many good WADs. This means that I didn't care much about Doom 2016 and that I found the site thanks to playing Doom games at least 2 years earlier. I also liked it very much here and it is the first community that I ever decided to join on the Internet, so I stayed.
  13. I would put the "in my country we don't do such pagan stuff" option, but even if we did, I surely wouldn't have time.
  14. I have 3 favourite city levels. 1) MAP 13 Downtown. One does not simply make a city better in Doom 2. High buildings that are accessible by the player, granting him great verticality in the process, tight alleyways and fun encounters from what I remember. Additionally, the music was perfect for that level. 2) I second Doom City. Played it some months ago, when I was searching for random short WADs in my Doom folder and it felt great. The city was well built, although it reminded me of a small village-town, instead of a large city with huge buildings, but it's ok, since it was very well designed for what it is and the gameplay didn't take any hits in the process. I like that it had a sudden start with many hitscanners and then once you find equipment, it becomes easier. Great music by the way and blue sky earns bonus points, because I love blue! Overall good atmosphere with a feeling of loneliness in the air. 3) MAP 12 The Factory. I don't know why I like this map, but maybe it is because it was the first city level I have ever played. It is very open, it focuses more on gameplay rather than design and the Arachnotrons from this map are stuck in my memory.
  15. My Doom folder is 5,51 GB, but it also includes Doom Engine games like Hexen and Strife. If we count Doom 3 too, which is in another folder, then it is around 7,05 GB.