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  1. Dying to Doomguy is a very honorable death, even for a creature as magnificent, majestic and clever as a dragon. :) A dragon would be happy to even face such a worthy challenger.
  2. I would like to face a dragon. I like those guys a lot and find them to be pretty cool.
  3. Saw GGG's review some days ago and to be honest, it looks promising as a game of this kind. Fast gameplay, exploration, secrets, strong weapons, no randomly generated levels, it's all there. I will be waiting for a full game review in the future and if it is all enjoyable, like they say about E1, then I will buy it. Also, I hope that I won't get bored of the crazy cultist enemies everywhere. I usually get turned off by that setting and I don't know if it's just me, but lately it has started appearing a lot (for an example Outlast 2 and Far Cry 5).
  4. Eh, fair enough I guess. :)
  5. Glad to know I wasn't the only one! :) Ok, then I shall continue with my 2nd difficulty playthrough (I am currently at the Stables, so I have progressed quite a bit and going back now seems like a stupid idea). The only enemies that can be annoying for me, due to not being able to hit them easily, are those winged guys that throw fireballs. But they sometimes dive on to the player, so they can be hit with the sword. And it is really fun running around with the sword. Also, the Paladin seems to not have any problems with mana, just like the Fighter (I am glad I picked up the Fighter in Deathkings). I didn't think of that this morning, but you couldn't have been more right in this statement! Basically, this question of mine in this thread happened due to a stupid thought I have in my head. I was thinking of the difficulties in Doom (like 42% described, a "full experience" difficulty and a "you stink at this game" difficulty) while choosing the difficulty in Hexen 2 and I wanted to know that while I am having fun, I am also pushing my self to the best I can achieve difficulty-wise. It just would make feel ashamed to play any game I really like on easy, while I know that I could play on hard and have similar amounts of fun. However, in most other games I just go with normal, without thinking about it.
  6. Today, I started playing Hexen 2 and I had some trouble getting used to the melee weapons and the enemy A.I. Monsters are a lot smarter compared to previous games in the series. Some even duck and they can block my hits. And spiders leap towards the player, not caring for anything. Plus, those stone golems are really aggressive, although they are very slow and I can take them out pretty easily, while being careful. So, I tried the 3rd difficulty (I usually go UV, but here it had only 4 difficulties) and I got my ass handed to me, no matter the class I chose each time (I could only clear the first map and half of any other map, before I would end up with very low health and not much ammo). Until finally, I lowered the difficulty. I played in the 2nd one with the Paladin (haven't tried any of the other classes in the 2nd difficulty). And I started seeing the game as being very fun! I took the sword and I started killing everything, while solving the puzzles. And oh God!!! The puzzles feel very secretive at times, yet I can always find my way around the levels and unveil any secret areas needed to proceed (or any unnecessary secret areas that give extra items). They are very satisfying to find (I use the "break everything that is breakable" technique, which works pretty well) and I feel that Heretic and Hexen helped me a whole lot in exploring the maps. Anyways, my question is the following: What is the default difficulty for Hexen 2 (I mean the difficulty that the game was designed for)? And is the 2nd difficulty an ok way to experience the game? I don't want it to get extremely easy later (currently, I find it to be easy to normal). And I already started getting a lot of items, while I haven't cleared that many areas yet.
  7. I wanna do that too, mainly for the hobby aspect of the game. So far, I like Grey Knights, Legion of the Damned and I find some interest in Necrons, although I don't like Xenos that much. Back to the topic: I collect music CDs, PC games regardless of age, PCs (later in the future for that one to happen), old console games and a few consoles here and there (I think PC big box collecting has more interesting items inside the box, compared to console fragile cardboard boxes).
  8. Now, this is the first time I have ever heard that. Anyways, I am more of a dog person and it doesn't help that most of my friends have or had cats as pets at one point in their lives (only one has a dog and he also had cats in the past).
  9. I have two red ear slider turtles that I got like 4 years ago. I love them and their not that hard to take care of most of the time, except when you have to change their water multiple times a week, because they enjoy pooping all over the place. One time, my female turtle even pooped when I held her in my hands, which I didn't appreciate that much. In the future I would love having a dog, although I will still keep my turtles (they are one of my favourite animals).
  10. Who knows? I had a really hard time finding this Star Defender on the Internet, due to it being renamed where I live, so I guess an alternate version of it wouldn't have been unreasonable to exist. And it is not that popular of a game either. Anyways, good luck in finding your game and if you don't have any success there, I guess you can stick with Star Defender, if it has so many similarities. :) And here is the intro of Star Defender, in case it reminds you of anything (I could remember the game music, even after 10 years). I am placing it here, because it wasn't included in the game playthrough above:
  11. Just checked Space Invaders Extreme and it is by far the funkiest shmup I have ever seen. :D
  12. Oh sorry, I should have explained. The playthrough is not mine. I just found it on youtube for demonstration purposes. When I played the game, I usually grabbed everything that fell off the enemies (except the skulls). But I can't remember if I had a good score or not and I didn't care much about it. My aim then was to beat it and I managed to do it, although it wasn't hard at all. I shall try it again at a later time to see what I get. Also, it didn't have any save game stuff. You could only use a code to continue given to you from a certain point after beating bosses.
  13. Especially for the 8 year old me at the time, that was indeed a simple game. Maybe that's why I liked it. And for me it was probably the first shoot em up I had ever tried, so it might also be staying in my memory thanks to that.
  14. At the age of 8, if I remember correct, I went with my parents to buy some PSP games in an electronics store, when I saw one PC game. It was called Star Defender 1 (in my country it was sold as Galactic Guard). Apparently, this is considered to be a 2002 shmup, but your ship is limited to move only horizontally (like Space Invaders or Galaga). It had 99 levels, mostly filled with weak to strong enemies and once in a while you faced bosses. The gameplay made me happy for a long time, as a kid and the game featured a weapon upgrade system where each time you got a powerup, your weapon level raised by one, with a maximum of 5 levels and a minimum of 0 (death). It also has rockets, invulnerability, downgrades (a skull that when you pick it up, your weapon level falls by 1) and a very primitive scoring system (some enemies throw money when killed). I finished playing it a very long time ago and I still have the disk with me. Here is a complete playthrough of the game:
  15. I play many different games, when I am not playing Doom and here are some of them: Heretic/Hexen/Strife Diablo (just started on that) Thief Gold CS:GO Deus Ex (mostly the first game) Tyrian 2000 Daggerfall CoD 4 Crash of the Titans Crash Tag Team Racing Tomb Raider Series Hitman Series Assassin's Creed Series (until Black Flag) GTA San Andreas Pokemon Firered Paladins (free Overwatch, fun with friends) Rocket League (try-hard simulator, at least when I want to get the ball to the goal)