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  1. So, I wanted to play Pleiades and there were 2 versions in idgames. One single level and an 11 level episode. I downloaded the episode, I finished it and I have to say that I loved it. Things I liked: Things I disliked:
  2. I uploaded Doom 1 and 2 on the cloud in my college. :) And I played at a computer there. Just beat E1. I might continue some time, though I don't think I will play anything that requires medium to hard movement and targeting skills, because the keyboard is awful.
  3. When there is only a Cacodemon or two, I like to take my time between shots and hit it in the eye, with the single shotgun. There is something fulfilling in seeing the Caco blink, while staggering, while hearing its scream.
  4. Seconding Pleiades, because its spaceship was consistent throughout the WAD (haven't played Mir yet, but I suppose the spaceship will be similar). The same spaceship rooms could be found in many maps inside the WAD and they weren't overdone or anything. They had purpose. For an example, in the Pleiades spaceship, you entered the ship via its teleporters and you could find toilets, living quarters, a room with a bunch of weapons, a room with machines, that probably generates energy, the pilot room and a few other rooms with actual uses. Also, Epic 2 had some spaceship maps (don't know how many, since I stopped playing at Map13), but they could even be described as tech bases, because there are quite a bunch of them in the WAD and the only things they have in common are similarities in architecture and textures.
  5. When I play chess, I am a bad to average player. Usually I do what you said about small random moves and exchanges are a must for me, because they don't always need you to think a lot, about how you can do them. However, one friend of mine, for whom chess is a hobby, told me that you should do exchanges only if you don't know what else to do. In the meanwhile, he has read books and learnt chess openings from many sources (like videos) and he prefers setting the board in a way that he can remove pieces of the opponent, with no exchanges. Once you have an advantage from the opening or you are in equal ground with the opponent, because he countered the opening, you could probably use some tested moves, if the scenario is the correct one. And protect your pieces, but I don't know if protecting multiple pieces, with just one, is a good idea. Probably it isn't worth it, because if you accidentally move that one protecting piece or if it is taken out, bye bye protection. Essentially, look online for tips and maybe find a book or two, to see those essential moves that you must know (and maybe look at some beginner mistakes, to get an idea of what you should and shouldn't do - I may be doing lots of them when I play).
  6. Started playing 2002ADO again and it is pretty fun. I just finished the second episode today and it had a reasonable difficulty, with some nice architecture and pretty cool encounters. By the way, damn you, Room with 4 teleporters that lead to 4 switches, that spawns enemies when you step on a teleporter (it was in E2M6 and MY GOD, was it annoying exiting a teleporter and accidentally entering another one, while the demons were damaging you from your sides and back, because you couldn't know where they are, once you stepped on the teleporter). And the boss fight was nice and relaxing (16 monsters), but they gave too many supplies in that level (only the plasma and the health was enough, or just the plasma). Still, I loved it! Might check out the rest of the episodes later. It's been a long time since I tried playing MM2 and while it didn't hold my attention as much, I remember enjoying MM1 a lot. About maps that drag on though, I too prefer average to shorter maps, most of the time.
  7. Also my favourite, from the little time that I played Overwatch. And if you want to get a guaranteed play of the game, there is Bastion (get in turret mode and camp in a secret spot, LOL). It is always fun seeing the reaction of my friends, when this works.
  8. My favourite episodes are in this order: E1=E3 > E4 > E2 Knee Deep in the Dead is a classic. Fast music, awesome tech bases, and sweet level design. I like it very much, thanks to E1M1 (most played map), E1M2 (goes in pair with E1M1), E1M4 (my favourite map ever), E1M8 (pretty nice for a boss fight) and E1M9 (Hiding the Secrets...). The Shores of Hell bores me to death for some reason, which I haven't discovered to this day. I just play it when I want to finish the Ultimate Doom as a whole, but otherwise I stay away. Ask me to tell you any map from this episode and I will only remember E2M2, because it is a great map. The rest of the maps I don't remember, but I can think of a moment when you had to traverse a toxic floor labyrinth, which had some vines here and there (don't know why I can remember it). The problem for me in this episode, must be the textures, or maybe the tight spaces, if it has tight spaces (seriously I can't remember). Edit: I forgot E2M1 and E2M8. E2M8 is the best boss fight in Doom1 and E2M1 was ok for a start, but still, not a fan of most of the levels in E2. Inferno is a masterpiece. Atmosphere is strong thanks to the hellish design and the music is pure evil. I think it is a sign... Gameplay is also pretty fun. E3M1 is a memorable beginning, E3M2 is a hand in the map, which made it stay in my memory and it is well designed as a rocky exterior, E3M6 is a very open and interesting map, E3M7 feels like a very dark place (imo, it is the most hellish level in the episode), E3M8 is just memorable, although I admit that the first time I played it, it felt awesome, because I killed the Mastermind with the Rocket Launcher, which took some time, compared to a few BFG shots and E3M9 is one enjoyable secret map (love the idea of the map unfolding, as the player makes more progress). By the way, the Victory music rocks! E3M5 is a stain in this otherwise flawless episode (I have nightmares from those constant random teleportations). Finally, Thy Flesh Consumed is unique thanks to its difficulty, which is higher compared to both Doom1 and 2. In this episode I enjoyed E4M2, E4M3 and E4M6 mostly.
  9. If I choose a song repeated over and over (or I just put it in loop, on youtube), then I can surely listen for 1 hour. But 10 hours is too much. Sometimes even the 1 hour of a song is too much.
  10. Sorry, I forgot that it needed to be a txt and so I posted the info in a post in this thread. Here is the txt: About the stuck monsters, I can't remember it having stuck monsters (maybe I encountered them once and didn't pay attention or maybe I have written about them in this thread, yet I can't remember anything). If you are not bothered by it, then by all means you can edit the monsters any way you want.
  11. Meanwhile, if I had the Ultimate Doom box (either the one with the poster or the one with the imp in the cover), I would be perfectly happy. About older games though, if I have the correct hardware, be sure that I will play the games on it, at least once, before storing them somewhere on my desk.
  12. Before deciding, I thought that the monster needs to be mid to small size, in order to be able to sit in a chair normally. So that leaves me with the zombies, the imp and the lost soul. However, the lost soul would probably annoy the people around me and for that it has to go (just imagine a floating skull ramming your head, while you are trying to relax). Finally, we have just the imp and the zombies. Zombies, even if we disarm them, would be boring, because they don't have a perfectly functional brain anymore. Conclusion: The imp. P.S.: I too don't like seafood much.
  13. I really love the idea of how Doomguy stays back with a shitty weapon to guard the space ship or whatever and then he has to progress alone, in demon infested grounds, because his squad members were all killed, when they carried some really heavy hitting guns. After that, the badassery begins and I didn't follow much of Doom2's or TNT's/Plutonia's plot. I know I am playing as Doomguy and that's enough.
  14. Hell Knight or Baron would be my first choice. The Hell Knight looks cooler imo, so I would be happy with that form, although the Baron has the same attacks, while boasting higher health, which is a plus if you want to survive Doomguy's blasts for a bit longer. Arch-vile would be my second choice, because he is the offensive medic of the demons and I would love helping fellow demons, while having a devastating attack. Plus, many corpses mean great sustainability, when you can resurrect them. But he draws too much attention. He is the first demon in the list of Doomguy, that has to be killed immediately. Finally a Revenant, because I love skeletons and rockets are always appreciated, when they are not fired at you.
  15. I could have never imagined to see such a monstrosity in Doom. I don't know if I want to thank you for opening my eyes, or hate you for giving me nightmares... :)