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  1. Encountered an annoying bug, if you dont have enough ammo to reload the MG to full clip, it will be stuck like this.
  2. Xaero really needs to be finished
  3. What a shame, this looks really good
  4. But zandronum has a bigger and better mod support
  5. Why Skulltag and not Zandronum?
  6. There's a plethora of other mods that do that, brutal doom isn't the first one to do that
  7. My friend made a vanilla enhancement mod called EVP, it reskins everything and adds some really nutty brightmaps, you can get it here:
  8. Wonderful map. The music gives a sense of dread and despair, while the gameplay is (for the most part) balanced and fun. I'd play this with some weapon mods, as gameplay changers remove the enemies which are fun to fight against. Anti-gravity chamber gave me a big mindfuck, but it's impressive and I liked it a lot.
  9. I believe so, long live Doom!
  10. So it has been 24 years since Doom was released, and it's community still stands strong even today. But will you continue to be the part of the community for, lets say, 10 more years?
  11. Serious Doom is a gameplay mod for Doom2, taking the weapons, enemies, powerup, etc. and putting them in Doom. The mod is currently in Alpha state, having only 3 enemies and 11 weapons (more to be added). This mod is Dtouch compatible (Mobile port of GZDoom plus some other engines.)! Features: Health and Armor pickups straight from the game 3 new enemies (for now): Beheaded Rocketeer, Beheaded Firecracker and Zorg Mercenary 11 new weapons: Military Knife, Bonecracker Chainsaw, Schofield .45 Pistol (dual and single), 12 Gauge Pump Action Shotgun, Coach Gun, M1A1 Thompson, XM1024 Minigun (done by me), XPML21 Rocket Launcher, XL2 Lasergun and finally, the powerful SBC Cannon (done by Bazooka) Big ammo pickups straight from the game Blood and Gore by DBThanatos! More stuff yet to be added! Screenies: Credits: Download Link: That's it for now, remember, the mod is currently in Alpha, there's still A LOT of stuff to do. See ya.
  12. I can safely say lads, the future of Dtouch is bright. Superbly optimized Full mod support All you have to do is wait, because the alpha has quite a few bugs
  13. Alpha testing beloko? Where do we sign up?
  14. It was a hub wad with diffrent themes, you start out first in a tech base, then you can go to a jungle-like theme, nordic and something else I forgot. It also had jumpers that needed to be activated.
  15. Download Slade, its a Doom editor. Make a new wad and put all of your other wads/pk3's in the new archive.