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  1. DoodGuy

    Cacowards 2020 Mentionation Thread

    Refracted Reality deserves a Cacoward just because of its looks, but the gameplay is strong as well. For mods I'd mentionate DOOSK (Dusk weapons and monsters) for it's gameplay and effort it took and Highway Acceleroid Booster for it's originality and wackyness that every TerminusEst13 mod needs.
  2. DoodGuy

    DBP23: Evil Egypt

  3. DoodGuy

    DBP23: Evil Egypt

    Me likey, downloading now!
  4. DoodGuy

    Doom Eternal's Deathmatch Shaped Hole

    It runs bad, has no playerbase, and doesn't feel like Quake. It's not a reason for Doom Eternal to not have deathmatch.
  5. I think it should run, but don't expect good performance. Game will refuse to run if you have less than that. Pic is from friends laptop
  6. DoodGuy

    Duke it Out on GZDoom?

    No other reason than making the engine not redundant
  7. Epic 2 + Serious Doom https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=65194
  8. DoodGuy

    Doom: Annihilation update

    So, I watched to movie, here's some thoughts: The good: -There are more game references than the 2005 movie, which I'm glad -Building up the tension to the demons was done correctly -The dude who played Bertruger did a great job, he didn't feel sinister at the start, but later on he did a fine job -The CGI in hell looked surprisingly decent considering its a B-List movie The bad: -No Doomguy. It's not a Doom movie without Doomguy. With correct writing and cast, Karl Urban would've killed it, but we can't have nice things -Cast generally felt bland with the exception of Bertruger, no one stood out that much (I hoped for James Brown, the captain dude, would stick around because he really looks like Doomguy). None of their deaths were impactful in any way to the characters. -All of the weapons look like ass or plastic -Only demons that appear are the possessed scientists and imps. No revenants, no pinkies nothing.Scientists look bland but the imps look decent -The squad dies WAY too fast -God awful cliffhanger ending -Winslow is a twat 4/10, saw it coming though so I wasn't dissapointed. Would be a 3/10 but they made this cute reference:
  9. DoodGuy

    Modding Android Doom

    If you want to play custom maps and wads on Android, you need Delta Touch, and unlike Bethesdas port, it runs on the original engine and not Unity
  10. DoodGuy

    Bored, and what something new

    Alienated is a new gzdoom wad with Ancient Aliens textures, plays and looks nice
  11. Its not a rule, but generally people on Doomworld ignore gameplay mods and come here just for maps.
  12. DoodGuy

    ZeniMax shutdown Doom Remake 4

    So it's the new brutal doom... great
  13. DoodGuy

    ZeniMax shutdown Doom Remake 4

    Is it true that the author included the official iwads in the download? Never downloaded that garbage.
  14. DoodGuy


    The atmosphere is just astounding on this map, the background music, the visuals, everything! A shame the texture pack didn't get it's own megawad.