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  1. Um, screenshots?
  2. A sequel? And its jungle themed? Nice!
  3. Oh hey, a mod that uses cod4's colour palette, thats pretty dang neat.
    Aww yeah baby, another mapset by Decay and the crew. Aestethically pretty and plays good.
  4. I'd also like to mentioninate QC:DE. The mod is the cream of the crop, the creme de la creme, whichever you prefer. Combined with maximum compatibility, outstanding multiplayer AND singleplayer, must not forget that. Of course, its not a 1:1 remake of Quack Champagne, but it does do an outstanding job at rebalancing the less used weapon in QC. Hats off to theDBTeam.
  5. Hypeeee
  6. Vaporwave is about neon colours and synth music, take a look at Hotline Miami.
  7. This just might be one of the best things all year, I really hope this one gets the cacoward for all the effort that has been put in this.
  8. Judging by the screenshots, it looks atmospherical and good
  9. Nice TC! Weapons and enemies are well made, enjoying it so far. My only issue is that there's very few shotgun shells.
  10. Torment and Torture can still drop to 20-ish frames nowadays (atleast for me)
  11. So I'm guessing this is still in development, or was it abandoned?
  12. Its a damn good wad, its rather slow in pacing, but you'll have fun. Play the whole wad.
  13. Looks like JSJ does not like it.
  14. Oh my, a Zanieon map? But the question is, can I run it in a playable frame rate?