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  1. varth

    What are you listening to?

    It's really fucking cold out my way!
  2. varth

    What are you listening to?

    I'm highly attracted to Cindy Wilson and Kate Pierson of The B 52s, new wave chicks for life
  3. varth

    What are you listening to?

    Super classic release, sounds like Mortuary Drape, Rotting Christ and Masters Hammer had a baby, which is the hideous maggot on the album cover of course
  4. varth

    What are you listening to?

    Yeah with the crossover, along with The Accused I also like Dr.Know, a newer band I like in that vein are Birth A.D., and while I agree scenes never die they certainly regress. If there are more punks now than then the quality of newer bands is nil, I am sure there is something out there that is decent but the last modern punk band I liked was The Spits who are total hipster shit. I hate I grew such a negative attitude over time about punk but I have, I think people were more creative with punk back then and the personality/creative types that would have been attracted to the genre in previous generations are now drawn to other types of music. Also feel its appropriate for GISM, who a lot of people have heard, but damn, necro-rotten-demented take on the Discharge formula, I think they integrated cock rock guitar solos and hair styles better than Discharge, and they end up sound way more fucking demented and fucked up. Such a masterpiece!
  5. varth

    What are you listening to?

    Man oh man I fucking love Purtenance, I lucky to nab up a used copy of the double LP of Member of Immortal Damnation and have even considered getting the skeletal reaper/horse tattooed on my arm, I'm not much a tattoo guy but I've always wanted a death metal tattoo. Morgoth and Morta Skuld have went to the shitter which was common in the mid 90s, but man, no band fell further than Kam Lee's Massacre, this is like Morbid Angel's Illud Divine Anus album only 20 years earlier! It is the worst fucking transition I've ever heard a competent death metal band make! The fact they were so good at a more death thrash style than the standard Cannibal Corpse/Suffocation sound makes it worse in my eyes. But odd as it is I haven't heard Demonical, I have that Lobotomy album with the great artwork then a later more black metal sounding record on LP but I don't listen to them much. Man anytime someone mentions Discharge I am compelled to share this incredible article with a great sound file to listen along with, this is very much worth your time and fucking hilarious http://theappendix.net/issues/2013/7/rules-of-the-tribe-hardcore-punks-and-hair-metal-in-the-1980s
  6. varth

    What are you listening to?

    I highly regard Disma (seeing them live this year!), Dead Congregation, Funebrarum, I have a record and CD from Carbonized and Centinex and think they're good, I have never heard Demonical, I am familiar with Krabathor and Slugathor (really like Desecresy as well) but I have no albums by them/haven't gotten around to them yet. So I am sure you're familiar with the awesomeness of Finnish death metal, the awesome early 90s stuff and they're still producing great bands to this day, so here's a Demigod song, I was lucky to see them live in 2011 in San Antonio Texas.
  7. varth

    What are you listening to?

    Asphyx are one of my absolute favorite death metal bands and are easily one of the best live bands I was lucky enough to see twice. I am rather fond of their first real unreleased 1990 album with original bassist/vocalizer Theo Loomans, though I do not much care for the later God Cries. Funny looking this song up to post on here, this mix is drastically different than the 2009 2CD reissue I have, the bass sounds colossal here, maybe they artificially pumped everything up and layered it with cheesy FX, in fact now I'm not even sure this is the same fucking session!
  8. varth

    What are you listening to?

    White Zombie post reminds me of the time I discovered that indeed Devo were far more demented and frightening than I first thought, also now reminds me of a time I got in a damn near fist fight with a total douchebag in a Foo Fighters shirt over Devo who he insisted sucked horribly, I wonder if Dave Grohl knows what mongos who only like modern radio shit music his fans are.
  9. varth

    What are you listening to?

    I had no idea White Zombie started as a punk band, sounds like a Butthole Surfers influenced type of band with Rob trying to sound like dude from The Cult, the CD set this comes in from Numero Group is so nice it might be worth a purchase.
  10. varth

    Most recent movie you saw

    I watched the 70s Australian dipsomania classic Wake In Fright, a brutal and funny movie with a keen eye for human behavior
  11. varth

    Post a picture of yourself!

  12. varth

    What are you listening to?

    Don't blame metalcore on Black Flag