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  1. Well, I haven't slept yet and its nearly 6 am. Right now I'm listening to the Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust OST (for those who don't know, OST = Original Sound Track), and thinking about Use3D :).

    Since I'm blogging yet again, I might aswell post a link here to my site, aswell as the latest anime-style portrait I've drawn of myself.

    ...Uploading now...putting it on the site...got it!

    Note: If you have a geocities site and want to hotlink an image to somewhere, all you need to do is open the File Manager after uploading the picture to your site, and change the extension to .txt, and for some wierd reason Geocities will then allow the linkage :D Hope this little bit of info helps someone :)

    Anyways, the link to the main page is Here.

    Well, this is it for now! I'm sure I'll be back later to fill more in on my blog :P

    1. insertwackynamehere


      or, it seems, if you use the .png extension.