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  1. Okay, alot of people are still asking exactly what happened at NewDoom and what is going on now. So I'm going to answer those questions.

    My problems with WMull date clear back to may when a friend of mine had comitted suicide and I made a thread in his memory, and it was shut down after I told someone that was joking about it on my thread that I was going to "skullrape them if I ever saw them." WMull thought that I was threatening physical harm to him, however I would do that, living hundreds or thousands of miles away. After that I was quite angered at WMull and Doom_Dude for following him around like a sick little puppy, agreeing with everything he did, more than likely for the sake of not getting himself in trouble. I argue with the two of them back and forth, and eventually made it clear to Doom_Dude that it wasn't really him that I had a problem with. It was WMull.

    A month and a half passed, and things had quieted down. I was heading the NewDoom Legacy Project, and making some maps for the vanilla doom2 project aka NDCP. Picklehammer, one of my best friends, decided to take two letters and form them so that under the "Location:" thing in the old forum software, they aligned just right to form a smilie. He was banned, and Phoebus literally said "He was taking out the trash and making sure it didn't happen again." That greatly offended me and several of Pickle's friends. On that same day, for no apparent reason what so ever, I was banned. The only thing I know is that right before that I made the statement that "NewDoom was no longer in my favorites menu, because things have changed." Note that this was not long after the spam attack on NewDoom by a certain person. Probably within a week of that, actually. So I asked The Hotdog Man who usually visits the JDoom forum to post in the NewDoom Projects forum saying that I was handing down the Legacy project to DarkWolf, who I thought would be excellent for the job. Well, he wasn't banned, but the post was deleted and he was threatened of course to be banned.

    So alot of people were pretty angered, and still are. Wolverine, who is a pretty cool dude, made a thread defending us, asking Phoebus why, not flaming, and telling him to face the public. The thread was locked, and Wolverine was banned. Probably a few days later, KinkyFriend was banned for defending us aswell. Then Jen was banned for no reason whatsoever. And that is the story of WMull's power trip. Since then I have been frequenting here, where it is much more looser and not as uptight, and the people here are actually decent, despite the fact that WMull attempts to shoot Doomworld down all the time. While the number of people from NewDoom coming over here is increasing, I hope that it'll send a message across to Phoebus (whose personal site is called "Cult of Phoebus" if that tells you anything about how self-wrapped he is), that he isn't wanted and nor is NewDoom.

    According to an inside source, Athguy, Phoebus's practical clone, is a mod now and is seemingly as bad as Phoebus (which is why I called him Phoebus's practical clone). So apparently its just getting worse, no thanks to Phoebus, of course.

    If anyone feels the urge to talk to me about this or anything regarding it, feel free to PM me :). This thread shall be closed to keep from posting flames, personal info, etc. Peace!