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  1. Yeah, if you haven't noticed, I changed my name back to Melfice. I won't provide some long story for it this time. You may think its stupid, but I actually have a few reasons for having it done:

    1. Everyone still calls me Melfice anyway
    2. It confused half of the people out there
    3. I thought it would be fun trying something different, but I use Melfice for everything on the NINternet, so it wasn't the same.
    4. People asked me to do something about #2.
    5. You can actually pronounce Melfice the first time saying it, unlike Kuberr, which even I am not sure how Kuberr is pronounced.

    So...yeah. lol. I'll spare you the story of who Melfice is unless someone asks for it...then you'll get it muah hah hah...err....yeah. I'm off to post some more.

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    2. Ralphis


      Only if you're a homosexual! (You see that's a clever in joke at you being gay. Aren't I witty?)

    3. zark


      Yeah whatever.

    4. Xaser


      Melfice said:

      Ya know, sometimes its hard to decide what belongs in a Blog, and what belongs in Everything Else :P

      The way I think about it is this: If it has something to do about my life are anything like that, it's a blog. Then again, I don't start too many new threads nowadays...