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  1. Apparently when I switched usernames the threads remained but the actual Bloggage became lost. So I'm gonna fix that for now, starting with the only really important Blog I made, which was the first.

    Today (I guess that'd be yesterday now) was rather cool. I came back from Lance's house around 8 pm, because I couldn't sleep in. No one would have been there.

    We had quite a bit of fun, and played the first series of Magic games we'd played in quite a while. Also Lee's friend Chris was over there (Lee is Lance's bro), whom I still have fond memories of free-balling one time in mesh shorts. That was a great thing, especially when his shlong fell out while he was sitting cross-legged with his legs elevated a little, lmao.

    Anyways, moving away from the perverted stuff, tonight I made a thread on Doomworld asking any gay or bi guys to post or PM me. I was PMed by Use3D whom I hoped would, and thusly added him to my AIM list with glee. He's really cool soooo cool. He said he's just a bit older than me, but I'm curious and plan to ask how old he is. He seems like he could be a really good friend to have, I'm glad I talked to him tonight. Depending on how much older he is than me, I might just see if we could do some sort of date, however that would work over the net, lol. I get a really good vibe from talking to him.

    Also the rest of Doomworld who've posted on my thread so far seem to be really cool with gay people. Another hilight was that Lut provided a quite insightful and even deep post, which was very truthful. Lut is really cool, I like his personality and the way he thinks, hes really smart. I've been talking to him about the matters of NewDoom and Doomworld this last week, and I think we've both gotten a better understanding of eachother where all thats concerned.

    Another thing thats happened is I've began making an awesome RPG which I've simply entitled "Worlds" (only temporarily), which will feature my friends and quite a few people I know. Right now I have definite plans of putting myself, Coleman, Lance, Tristan, Nolan, Jim, Nathan, Justin aka Flem, and Chris Ewing in it. That list will probably expand, as I plan on this rpg to be rather large and lengthy. All that limits it is the amount of time I spend on it. While I've got the majority of RPG Maker 2003 figured out, theres still some things I need to learn. If I need help, I'll probably ask BlackFish from Doomworld, since he's been using it just a little longer. Originally I was going to make Blackfire the main villain, but my friends are so tired of him, I decided to do a twist and use Necophigos instead.

    Today after 15 minutes of deciding wether I was or not, I ended up calling Coleman. I've been so paranoid for the last few weeks that he was avoiding me since I told him how I felt about him, but in confronting him about the thought, it turns out that he meant what he said, that it didn't change anything. He's just been busy with other stuff lately. I've began to get so that I miss him now, but I can't complain too much, since he's practically spent the whole summer until here recently with me, coming over to my house everyday, staying on weekends, etc. Plus the night shift that he's working now doesn't help at all. I almost can't wait for school to start so he'll beable to come over after school again :).

    Humm, I really wish I could lift weights and lose some of the extra weight I've gained over the summer. I need to do alot of stuff, get my permit finally, get a job so I can have money, etc. *Sighs*

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    2. Melfice


      I love how some people just assume gays are going to be all over them for no reason at all. Like you're god's gift to mankind, and gay men simply CAN'T RESIST you.

      I agree entirely, I find that very annoying indeed.

      /me continues eating Chinese food.

    3. Use


      BBG said:

      I DO, however, hate the "look at me, I'm gay, I must flaunt my sexuality and let everyone that encounters me know that I am a homosexual" gays, you know, the ones that walk around wearing pink shirts, talking with lisps when they don't have a lisp and all that, it's annoying as hell and so stereotypical, it's like they're making the decision to be gay just so they can show it off or something.

      Oh I agree. But sometimes I wish I had a faggoty lisp or liked showtunes/Judy Garland, cause often when I tell people they don't believe me D:

    4. Ralphis


      Use3D said:

      I love how some people just assume gays are going to be all over them for no reason at all. Like you're god's gift to mankind, and gay men simply CAN'T RESIST you.

      I never said anything like that at all. I'm simply saying I just don't like being involved with their lifestyle. That doesn't mean that I'm going to punch them in the face and call them a faggot.