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  1. Two days before school starts again, my last year, and I'm fucking bored as hell.

    Thankfully though Coleman is done working on we can spend alot of time together again. I was missing him so much. Last night was the first time he'd stayed in about a month in a half because of a stupid night-shift job he had for the last half of summer.

    Hopefully Friday or Saturday he'll be staying again. Once the school year starts, he nearly comes over every day after school for a few hours, and spends almost every weekend here. We're really close. I last night finally got over my ordeal with falling in love with him. I still love him like a brother though.

    1. Ralphis


      It's wierd reading about guys falling in love with internet women here for years and then seeing this!

    2. geekmarine


      Damn you! I'm bored, but just bored. God I hate summer. I probably should have been less anti-social, but I can't help it. I just lose all interest in the outside world as soon as school gets out. Well, that's one more summer gone, with nothing to show but a finished Freedoom map and one regular map. I have like three other maps I'm working on (only one seriously at the moment), and only one has even a chance at getting finished before I head back to college, but it probably won't, so whatever.