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  1. Coleman came over and I read him what I had wrote in the "First time I've cried in years out of happiness, and perhaps sadness." He took it very well, is alot more talkative, and did agree that we're best friends :D Now I can go on without being worried and stuff. The funny thing is that when he was actually here, I found it in myself not to cry. He also didn't object to going to college together. Finally I can freakin not be depressed form having shit on my mind. The future most definitely looks brighter.

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    2. Scuba Steve

      Scuba Steve

      AndrewB said:

      I guess you'll be there for him when he drops out of the governer race, right?

      OK, now I'm just confused...

    3. Melfice


      I am too...

    4. Jenblaze


      wow melfice thats great!!!!:) i didnt read it last night when you told me to:S i was sooo tired. but i am very very very happy that things are starting to go well for you:)