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  1. Mentality of Damnation

    There was something, within
    That day, that saturated
    Into the mind.
    Sometimes its just that
    Everything is nothing.
    The heart beats indefinitely
    And the brain thinks thoughts
    With a deepness that of infinity.
    Thinking is a struggle for survival
    As daily tasks become meaningless.
    Everyday is dead.
    Confined within ones self,
    The imagination is left to decay.
    Leaving hope and trancending thoughts,
    You fall in line with the everyday crowed,
    Finding happiness in slavery.
    The answers remain unknown
    And your thoughts overgrown
    With all that preceded today.
    Hear the breathing while
    Locked inside this coma.
    The movement somewhere,
    Out there, Anywhere...Missed.
    The diesease remains and
    The brain can no longer function.
    All the grayness settles in and you
    Leave with a trace of all that was,
    And all that could have been...

    1. Julian


      2 mauvais liens dans ta signature, mon ami: 'mon projet' et 'chasseur de vampire'.