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  1. What an experience, this is one to remember.

    While the tournament itself wasn't necissarily too good for me, the day in its entirety was great.

    Coleman stayed at my place Friday night, and we had quite a bit of fun playing Soul Calibur 2 on X-Box, and then playtesting our decks (which used proxies of Mirrodin cards for the purposes of experimentation). After that we went to bed around 10 pm. It may be hard for some to understand, but I always enjoy it because he's laying there right beside me, and I feel so secure. Anyway, going on...

    So around 6:30 am we got up, took a shower, and then my other friend came by to pick us up. His mom was taking me, my best friend, another friend and his brother, and his brother's friend all up there for the day. Unfortunately, that was six people stuffed in a truck, 3 up front, and 3 in back. But we entertained ourselves alot the entire way up there (2 hours).

    When we got there, we registered as usual, checked out the stores that had set up stands, etc. Finally we got our cards, and we all had some good stuff. Here's a list of the rares we all got (Note: except for me and coleman, I don't remember the exact rares everyone got):

    1x Tower of Eons (saved me alot)
    1x FOIL Temporal Cascade
    1x Chalice of the Void
    1x Grim Reminder
    1x Arc-Slogger

    Coleman (My best friend):
    1x Glimmervoid
    1x Goblin Charbelcher
    1x Promise of Power
    1x FOIL Quicksilver Elemental
    1x Blinkmoth Urn

    Lance (my other friend, aka Lance, Magic Guy):
    1x Oblivion Stone
    1x Sculpting Steel
    1x Troll Ascetic (?)
    1x Molder Slug
    1x Plated Slagwurm (?)

    Lee (Lance's brother):
    2x Worldslayer

    Chris (Lee's friend):
    1x Auriok Steelshaper

    I myself ended up playing Red and Blue, with a splash of White. Why the splash of White? Because I pulled a Sphere of Purity, Blinding Beam, and two Altar's Light. Out of my rares, I only used Tower of Eons and Temporal Cascade. I had thought about Chalice of the Void, but nah. Anyway, my first match was a draw, because I kept gaining so much life with my Tower of Eons, lmfao. My 2nd round, god, I got mana screwed of one color both games (either red or blue). I wasn't feeling too well (as in, I was sick. Half way there, I threw up when we took a pit stop, but I told Coleman not to mention it), so I went ahead and dropped, and got my prerelease card. I must say, that thats probably the most awesome prerelease card I've seen in a very, very long time. The only thing that could possibly match its coolness, is maybe Laquatus's Champion or Glory, but atleast Sword of Kaldra is readable .

    Well, it turned out that none of us did too well. I ended up selling only a few cards (including a Portal WoG for $10), and got $57 of credit at one of the places set up there. I was a bit angered that he'd only give me credit, and not cash. But ah well, the place up there wouldnt' sell Mirrodin until tommorrow at 4 pm. I was quite disturbed about that, too. Anyway, so, I got ahold of 4x Stilfes, 1x Words of War, and 1x Vedalken Archmage for the hell of it. I was struck with inspiration, and decided to make a deck based around Leveler and Stifle. It will basically be mono- control . I also bought a Words of War, which Coleman needed, and after the tournament traded it to him for his Promise of Power.

    Later, I sold my 4x Rotlung Reanimators for $18.50, which was pretty good IMO. I bought 3 decks-worth of sleeves (Silver, Blue, Red, I put my pre-release deck in the silver sleeves because I love the foil Temporal Cascade. Puddnhead rules!!!), the Ultrapro binder with the space for card pages, decks, tokens, etc. (Not the one with the foam bottom, I hate those), and one of those plastic Ultrapro deckboxes (I wanted the Rook ones, but there was no way I was paying $8 for one, without it coming with sleeves). Me and Coleman have been through ALOT lately, and he's stuck by my side the entire time, so as a thankyou to him for being the best friend I've ever had, I traded a guy my $17 left on my credit from the afore mentioned store for 4x Starstorm that Coleman needed, and gave them to him.

    Anyway, theres a crapload more of stuff that made today one of the greatest in a long-while, but alas I'm tired and shall end this post for now