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  1. Well today was...sucky. Really sucked balls.

    At first it was okay, me and my family left at around 10 am and got to KC at around 11:30, pretty good time. So we went shopping blah blah blah, anyway by the time we were done it was like 7:30 when we left. Got back around 9:30 and talked to Lance on MSN. His fucking family already went to sleep, so he couldn't come over. I didn't even bother calling Justin, and just planned to try and do something tommorrow (which is now today).

    So yeah, I talk to Chris, who I have yet to talk about on here. Long history that goes along with it, I'm gonna skip that right now. So yeah, he's really nice and stuff, and we were gonna meet up sometime. It crossed my mind today that he said he has black hair and brown eyes. I was thinking, okay, that'd look cute on a guy...then it hit me I automatically thought he was white. Well it hit me today up in KC with all the blacks running around up there, that he could be black...or worse...mexican. So then I asked him, and what'dya know, he's black. I didn't know what to say, I don't like blacks. I just blocked him, I didn't know what else to do. But anyway, so there's another really sweet and cute guy I'd been talking to lately, trying to get to know more. He also only lives an hour away, closest yet. Well the other day we finally cammed, and then he was really tired so he said we'd get to know eachother the next day (that was Thurs. night). So anyway, I noticed I hadn't seen him on at all, and while running a block check, found out that he had me blocked. So here I am right now, very...heart broken I guess you could say...because I'm fucking alone yet again. I really wish me and Matt could be more than just friends. I hope he still wants to stay the weekend at my house in January sometime, too. Fuckin a.

    I hate my life...and people wonder why I'm not too friendly anymore, fuck, can't anything ever work out for me right? Has there always got to be something bad within something good? GOD DAMNIT... (well atleast I'm not as pathetic as Coleman)

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    2. Captain Red

      Captain Red

      the_Danarchist said:
      Obviously you missed Wavelength's anti-German rant. Of course, that was technicaly not on the forums, but rather on the POTD comments board.

      Can that thing still be accessed? I want to read those for myself.

    3. Melfice


      What should have been written then is "I'm not attracted to Black People". When I read "I don't like Black People" that's a very bold statement. And Hating Mexicans because they steal is stereotyping. It's not that People from Mexico are geneticallly predisposed to stealing, it's that poverty breeds crime. Mexican people are already seen as 'inferior' so government laws and racism make sure they stay poor.

      Where Mexicans are concerned, my dislike for them is only within my town, because the ones living here are dirty, and I do know who everyone of them are that live here, and I do know for a fact they're like that. Other places I don't know about. Sorry I didn't make myself more clear on that matter. So really I'm not stereotyping mexicans, just stating a fact I am sure of about the ones in this town.

    4. Grazza