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  1. So yeah, been forever since I've blogged on Doomworld. So here we go with a very long post.

    First of all I have a boyfriend, his name's Joshua. He asked me out about three days ago, and we'd known eachother for a while before that, everythings great, one of the sweetest and cutest guys I've ever known. Good fact, he's not religous, like the last guy I was interested in was. Bleh, gay + religous personality = hell, figuratively (sp).

    Anyways, moving on, because I would go on about Joshua forever normally. Darksteel prerelease for Magic the Gathering. Best one, ever.

    Woke up and left about 10, got there at noon. I walked in proud with my trade binder and began registering. The staff leader was really friendly, and I was talking to him alot. I was wearing my Darksteel hoody that I made (has the logo on the front, expansion symbol on the right sleeve and magic logo on the left), and he asked where I got it this early. I told him I made it and he thought it was really cool. He said that it looked like the staff shirts, and I could pass off as part of the staff if it actually had "staff" written on the back.

    So anyways I registered and had an hour before my flight began. So I went over to the business I usually do, uh, business with and started trading. He looked through my folder and pulled out tons and tons of cards he needed. I ended up getting $150.50 in store credit. That was awesome. So then I left thinking of what I was wanting to get. That took the majority of my time since I had to unsleeve everything. Then, after that, I sold some cards to a guy for $30. Great day, $180.00 for cards hehehe.

    After that I walked around some, and since I go to the same place every PR, I begin to recognize people i've played, friends I've made from going to the same place for the last 5 prereleases. I noticed that one of the stores up there that usually isn't up there was there. The guy that runs the store is awesome, he's really cool. I shall hold some thoughts about him to myself lol. Anyways, yeah, after that my fleight began. I don't remember exactly how it went, but I'll try to remember:

    Stage 1: Registering
    I opened my Mirrodin tourney pack first, to see what I would get out of there, because I was depending on some things. I pulled a Necrogen Mists, Fatespinner, and a Nightmare Lash. I also pulled an Aether Spellbomb, Thirst for Knowledge, Pyrite Spellbomb, and other decent commons and uncommons. On to my Darksteel packs. As I opened them up I was of course excited. My rares? First one I pull was Darksteel Reactor. I laughed, I couldn't believe it. 2nd one I pulled was Pulse of the Tangle. Good, if I decide to play green. 3rd and final was Aether Snap. I thought that might come in handy. So I registered.

    Stage 2: Deck Construction:
    When I registered my cards I seperated them all into their respective colors. I looked over the cards and realized that the first to go would inded be green. Didn't have anything worth using, and I didn't particularly like Pulse of the Tangle too much. Green's out.

    Red was decent, but I had very, very few red cards, like maybe 5 at the most? And the only ones that were worth using was Detonate, and then I pulled that Pyrite Spellbomb. Nope, bye bye red.

    I had really good white pulls. Arrest, Roar of the Kha, Raise the Alarm, Sphere of Purity. My Darksteel white was good too, pulling two Pteron Ghosts, two Metal Fatigues, and a Leonin Battlemage. I set the white aside, ready to put it in if I needed.

    Blue was very good. I had the Fatespinner, which I would no doubt enjoy using, because it annoys the hell out of people. I also had those nice few cards, Thirst for Knowledge, Silver Myr for blue mana, and then Regress and Aether Spellbomb for bounce. Oh and I can't forgot my victory condition alot from today, Neurok Spy. Out of my Darksteel I had two Vedalken Engineers which came in handy alot today, a Neurok Transmuter which I automatically decided I needed to use due to the Emissaries and if someone pulled out a Memnarch on me, and then a Machinate, and we all love can trips.

    Black. Oh black I was planning on playing when the spoiler was complete. I got two creatures from Mirrodin that were good for use, Nim Shrieker and Flayed Nim. I only threw in two other spells from Mirrodin which were Irradiate and Wail of the Nim. Darksteel was much, much better. Echoing Decay was on-spot removal for most of my matches, and then Hunger of the Nim was a victory condition. I also threw in my only Murderous Spoils since I figured I could use more on-spot removal.

    Finally, Artifacts. I had an awesome amountof equipment to use, and I pulled some awesome ones. I knew since I was playing black that Specter's Shroud was a must. I didn't pull any Bonesplitters or Leonin Scimiters, so I threw in the two Vulshock Morningstars that I pulled from my packs. Ah, Loxodon Warhammer, I had been waiting for you, where had you been at the Mirrodin prerelease? You've come just in time. And oh yes, we can't forget yet another piece of my victory conditions, Whispersilk Cloak. Oh, and I can't forget Nightmare Lash[/card[, which has earned my uttmost respect, as it let me kick alot of arse. Hmm, ye 'ole artifacts, normal ones, you know, not creatures, not equipments? As mentioned earlier, I threw in [card]Aether Spellbomb. Aether Vile appealed to me, it just did. I threw it in, no harm, it might even help. Ah, Darksteel Pendant. I love this card, and thusly I used it much to my advantage. Okay, now this next card, is an odd pick, I must say. Kraken's Eye. Yes, that's right the the blue card from the new cycle of "Lucky Charms" which is sure to be put into 9th edition. Creatures, lots o creatures. Ornithopter, Steel Wall, Silver Myr, Yotian Soldier, all good picks to put in. And then, I had quite a set of Arcbound creatures. Arcbound Worker, Arcbound Stinger, Arcbound Hybrid, Arcbound Lancer. Hell, I threw them all in. The stinger and worker helped alot. The lancer and hybrid not so much. Ah yes, and them my mighty helper, Spire Golem. Four of those are going in my Affinity deck, no doubt about it.

    So at this point as I'm looking at my stacks of blue, black, and white, plus my artifacts, I begin to think. I know three colors is not a good idea. I've tried it and failed miserably. I knew that blue had to stay no matter what, and I was already planning on black. White, regardless of the few really handy cards you gave me, you're out. Sorry my little Leonin Battlemage, I won't forget you (actually thats a lie). So I eliminate any cards I don't need, and then put my remaining cards inside my small tourney box and turn my registration sheet in and retrieve 10 Islands and 10 Swamps. It seemed good enough to me, I was still below 60 cards, the way I wanted it. So then after that I waited. Then it was time.

    So here's my final decklist:

    Blue Creatures:
    2x Vedalken Engineer
    1x Neurok Transmuter (works great against emissaries)
    1x Neurok Spy
    1x Fatespinner

    Other Blue Spells
    1x Thirst for Knowledge
    1x Regress
    1x Machinate

    Black Creatures:
    1x Flayed Nim
    1x Nim Shrieker

    Other Black Spells
    1x Echoing Decay
    2x Hunger of the Nim
    1x Wail of the Nim
    1x Irradiate
    1x Aether Snap
    1x Murderous Spoils

    1x Specter's Shroud
    2x Vulshock Morningstar
    1x Loxodon Warhammer
    1x Whispersilk Cloak
    1x Nightmare Lash
    1x Aether Spellbomb
    1x Aether Vial
    1x Darksteel Pendant
    1x Kraken's Eye
    1x Ornithopter
    1x Arcbound Worker
    1x Steel Wall
    1x Arcbound Stinger
    1x Silver Myr
    1x Yotian Soldier
    1x Arcbound Hybrid
    1x Spire Golem
    1x Arcbound Lance


    10x Swamp
    10x Island

    Stage 3: The Rounds

    Round 1:
    First round I played against some some old dude. He was playing red, green, and blue all three. Ok, yeah, sure. The first match I beat him severaly. He had hardly any defense, and what defense he did have, I was able to fend off upon their attack with an equal amount of creatures. Ah, but off to the side sat my little Neurok Spy. I love you Neurok Spy. So what do I do? I equip two Vulshock Morningstars, a Specter's Shroud, and Loxodon Warhammer to it. A couple of swings end the first game. The 2nd game went more or less the same way. Swiped him, oh yeah. I must say though he was an worthy opponent, for he made us go until time ran out and we had only 5 turns left to declare a victor.

    Inbetween I wandered around some more, talked to the afore mentioned guy whose really cool. I forgot to mention that I made a joke out of buying purple sleeves to play with. Basically I said that I was so confident about the manliness of my deck that it did not mind wearing purple sleeves. The reason though is because purple is between black and blue, and since I ended up playing black and blue, it matched.

    Round 2:

    Ah this fellow was a funny fellow, very chipper and uppity. I sat down and began to play. Ah, he was playing green and white. I at first feared artifact removal. It didn't end up being that much of a threat. Early on in the first game I got a Neurok Spy with a Specter's Shroud on it. That ended any hand he would normally have. Ooh, he played a Darksteel Brute. Fun. So I took to the air. What the?! An Emissary of Hope. Great. Well, Echoing Decay fixed that, no worries anymore. Bam Boom Ding a Ling he's dead both rounds from unblockable fliers. Muah hah hah.

    So here I am awaiting my next match. I stared in the case, and saw two Chrome Moxen sitting there. "Hmmmm" I thought to myself. Then it hit me, oh yes yes yes, Mono Black Control. I had witnessed how well black had worked in my previous games. They would not work in my Affinity deck, but they would in a T2 MBC, or atleast B/U Control. So I pulled out the 2x Chrome Moxen and it was time go have another go.

    Round 3:
    This guy, a bit strange. Not in a bad way, just something I noticed about him. As I sat down, he said vigorously "For we have played side by side all this time, now, we must fight one on one." It hit me, that he had been sitting beside me or the next match over from me the previous 2 rounds. Heh, what a co-winky-dink. Anyways so yeah, he got me pretty low on life the first game, however Kraken's Eye prevailed, letting me equip my Nightmare Lash to a suitable creature for the kill. Nice win. 2nd round was hard, and he beat me. I got creature screwed, and badly. 3rd round I won again, using unblockable creatures. Well, time to go get the rest of those rares I need...

    I head back up to the case. Ah! He has managed to get a few Darksteel items in. So, here's what I bought total:

    1x Arcbound Reclaimer
    1x Sword of Light and Shadow
    1x Mephitic Ooze
    3x Sculpting Steel
    4x Triskelion
    3x Worldslayer (I collect these now)
    3x Nightmare Lash
    2x Power Conduit
    1x Broodstar
    2x Platinum Angel
    2x Glimmervoid
    2x Chrome Mox
    4x Dawn Elemental
    3x Bane of the Living
    2x Mutilate
    2x Visara the Dreadful
    2x Reshape

    A prety good haul, and mostly all for decks. Muah hah! Junk I don't need turned into store credit to be used on that which I do need! Ah round four has begun...

    4th and Final Round:
    This time I was up against a kid, I'd say maybe 13, 14? A cute kid, very polite, had a good personality. The first game I totally beat him down. He was a good sport about it, and laughed, so I didn't feel bad. I mean he wasn't a scrub or something, but he was so light hearted, it almost made me feel sorta bad. the 2nd round, crapola, lasted a looong time, and he finally beat me. We were just getting ready to start our final match, and time ran out. We had just begun but the judge said we couldn't go on. D'oh! A draw! Noooo! Well the kid offered his hand, so I shook his hand and said good game, that I hope to play him at Fifth Dawn. After that we both turned in our slip, and went to claim what was ours.

    Stage 4: Prize Collection
    Me and the kid (who now I remember his name is Charley) went up there. It turned out that he had one his three previous matches. I was amazed, and congratulated him. He had went 3 and 1, just had I. And being 3 and 1, we both won 10 packs of Darksteel as our prize. Because he was good enough and friendly enough, I didn't even give any second thoughts about the fact that if I had one the last match, I would have won a box. It was okay. So after that, it was time to leave. A long days work, 6 hours exactly. On the way out I said bye to anybody who I cared to say bye too, since I wouldn't see them for another 3 and a half months, at Fifth Dawn. Next time, if I can remember to do so by then, I shall ask for their emails or something, so we can keep in contact. And thusly the drive home began, and now here I am, writing this report.

    The best PR yet. An after fact I learned on the way out was that this was the biggest turnout they had ever had up there for holding prereleases. I was glad to be one of the many to attend.

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    2. Little Faith

      Little Faith

      I remember I once won a tournament with a thallid deck.

      The moron I played with last had a lot of really nasty creatures, but no destroy spells whatsoever (he had a few counterspells though).

      I think I ended up with having an army close to 500 creatures and a near unlimited supply of "fog" due to my Spore Flowers.

      Had he just a single Nevinyrrals Disk or Wrath of God I would be fucked.

    3. Danarchy


      But...you can't win friends with thalids.

    4. Melfice


      No but you can win their attention with a cool demon.