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  1. The blog title says it all. I hate fucking school.

    Okay, so, yeah, as usual there are many ways to prove the Physical Education or as they call it at my school "Lifetime Fitness", is a very pointless and stupid class. High School is supposed to prep us for college and our future careers, I so no way how P.E. does this.

    So yeah today we played hand ball. I fucking suck at running but I'm an excellent goally. I have a pretty good team, hand picked myself. So anyways towards the end of the period the opposite team gets on the offensive, and puts up a very good one at that. So I go to block a ball, lose my balance while the light ball fastly bounces out to the other team again, and this kid picks it up and throws it and while I'm trying to catch my balance so I dive to the side and land on my fucking shoulder with my arm straight out above my head, but twisted. As I fell I could literally hear what was happening to my shoulder. Fuck. So yeah, here I am, waiting for my mom to get home so I can consult her as to what I should do about it. Fucking hurts, can't even bend it at all or it throbs. I hate fucking school.

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    2. kain


      dont feel bad, i was in a car accident on saturday, and spun out and hit some trees, and a pillar. nedless to say that nissan took a beatin and is still tickin. it didnt even get pissed at me, it kept runin smooth as hell. o well, ill fix it with my bare hands, all i need is a hammer, and a dolly, and ill be set.

    3. dsm


      Hate to do sports too - but I love to do physical stuff. There's really nothing wrong with sports in itself, it's the people I loathe.

    4. Tobester


      Dislocated shoulder isnt too bad. It pops right back in.

      You've got nothing to worry bout, unless it was your beating off arm.