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  1. Tier/Zone 0 - Staging Zone
    Tier/Zone 1 - Angel Island's Edge
    Tier/Zone 2 - Polluted Mire Zone
    Tier/Zone 3 - Mechanical Coast Zone
    Tier/Zone 4 - Darkwater Ocean Zone
    Tier/Zone 5 - Frozen Ruins Zone
    Tier/Zone 6 - Celestial Chase Zone
    Tier/Zone 7 - Death Egg III Zone
    Tier/Zone 8 - Final Zone (name pending)

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    2. lupinx_resurrected
    3. Ralphis


      Melfice said:

      These shots are only from being like 3 days in development. Believe me there's way better ones to come :)

      All you did was use a model off of polycount and make a platform. congratulations

    4. Quast


      ravage said:

      If Furreal ever get's released, I'm reinstalling Unreal.