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  1. Today was a fine snoozefest of nothingness. Nothing to see here for all the sleezes and slags. But it's nothing to panik about, for the show must and will go on, even if there's nothing for you to drink to, all that booze, if you snooze you lose.

    Today which is now yesterday was a bit odd. The night before once I was ready to be incompacitated it was only seven in the evening when I went and slept the tired sleep of a pussy cat who had been jumping humping and parking all day long on another pussy cat. I woke up in the early 'morn around 1 am while all the other rats around the nest were asleep in their shit-pads behind their hollowed doors through which you can hear now and again a fucking a happening. Disturbing? By all means! That's why I told you, you naive weasels.

    But I must keep on going now. So I stayed up all the night long bored off of my ass while I noticed my own pussy cat rolling about on the couch twitching in its sleep. I was tempted to disturb it in all of its feline dreams but I didn't, afterall I wouldn't want some slag disturbing me while I dream, not that they'd want to, you never know when you might wake up doing what you thought you were while being lost in your sleep. Not a good thing for the weak of heart.

    So once it got so that it was around 6 am, the usual time for the queen sewer rat to crawl out from behind her hollow door to roam around the nest, was when I decided to go back and become incompasitated again, until some point later in that polluted river called time. I ended up waking up around 2 hours after noon, and once again fucked around on the piss internet, and then basically did that all day until my love Eric came online way later around 10 of the P.M.(S.), and talked until around the midnight hour and a few minutes into the 'morrow which is now.

    And so here I sit in the same spot as last night. Perhaps I should head to bed so I can wake up reasonably later in the day, to join the rest of the shit-faced inhabitants of the house for another glorious day of disappointment, atleast until I talk to Eric once again. Well that be it for now, shitstains!