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  1. Soul Wound

    Nicked myself on the sharp edge of time
    Leaving the trail of blood
    Knowing what would come of it
    Fearing what would follow it
    Trying to find myself
    Torn apart from the inside
    Deeper in the hole I crawl
    Scratched and Tired, Whispering,
    Mumbling to myself as I fall,
    Wanting something to heal it all,
    The wounds open from the past
    All the bandages are falling off
    Into the nurses hands
    As she tells me what I've done,
    While I'm still hiding from the sun.
    Figuring the effect on me,
    of the sum of what I've undergone.

    Concluding my mathematics
    Nearing the answer to it all
    Drawing closer in a creeping crawl
    Try to tell them what it is I see
    But they do not understand
    The feel of floating in a sea
    Of discontent as I search more
    Getting them to leave me be.
    Went out a door, didn't make it back,
    Moving on, Going on, Traveling On,
    Never feels complete
    The more I find, the less signs appear,
    Losing control, Unguided.

    Battle of blind faith and free mind
    Knowing where I want to go,
    But my mind and these thoughts,
    A dam is blocking them,
    They won't flow.
    Wandering in the unknown
    Wallowing in the insanity
    Spinning around watching it all,
    As I slowly feel when I began to fall
    And found my way back by a glow.