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  1. heh, I'm working on a very dark anime comic at the moment. The intro is going to be basically this:

    (Overhead of a large busy mall) Narrative voice: Another day, another place, another soul damned. (Shows the front of the mall, and then the inside, people walking about shopping). Ignorant as always to the fact that everything they've ever known, everything they grown used to could be upheaved in a second's time. (Show the front door from the inside, the silouhette of a female can be seen through the doors. She walks through the doors into the center of the mall lobby near a fountain, where various people sit at benches talking admist the busy mall). They don't realize many things. We all have demons of our own, how we go about dealing with them our own choice. (the woman, dressed in a black army coat and black leather pants with long black hair is staring through slitted eyes at a young couple, her eyes move from person to person). We do as we can, living out our every day lives, but life isn't so ordinary, it has its moments. (The woman's face turns to anger, her mouth opens, and she laughs manically. She pulls out an assault rifle from behind her back and begins shooting randomly, killing the young couple, an elderly citizen, and a teenager, and wounding others). Maybe there's still a such thing as normal, maybe there's not. (a squad of policeman take her down from behind while she's still in her manic rage. She falls to the floor. Her army jacket opening to reveal a black shirt with the words "Kill Them All" on it.) We all have our own demons, we all have our own idea of the grand solution to everything, to end it all. (The woman is seen in a police interrogation room, mumbling, and says it was her way of solving the world's energy crisis. Doctor's tell a policeman she was diagnosed with skitzophrenia previous to this facade. Fade to black). From the shadows our thoughts come forth, what they reveal, can never be forseen...

    (If this were turned into an actual animated anime, Marilyn Manson's "Count to 6 and Die" would come on now)

    Count to 6 and Die
    She's got her eyes open wide
    She's got the dirt and spit of the world
    Her mouth on the metal
    Lips of a scared little girl.

    I've got an angel in the lobby,
    He's waiting to put me in line,
    I won't ask forgiveness,
    My faith has gone dry.

    She's got her christain scriptures,
    And death is crawling her ear,
    Like elevator music,
    Songs that she shouldn't hear.

    And it spins around,
    (one two three)
    And we all lay down,
    (four five six),
    Some do it fast and
    Some do it better in small amounts.
    And it turns around
    (one two three)
    And we all lay down,
    (four five six),
    Somedo it fast and
    Some do it better in smaller amounts.

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    2. lupinx_resurrected


      Heh, it's happened before it can happen again)

    3. Melfice


      Epyo said:

      Marlyn Manson + anime = huh

      Never know, could change.

    4. Bucket


      So, who's the protagonist? The woman in black?

      ...Or perhaps her purpose is the protagonist?