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  1. Another day, another mindless drone in the war against self. We are all pawns on this board of kings and queens. Cannon Fodder. Just another smudge on the glass. Someday we will be movie stars and on the magazine covers they tell us. We’re slowly starting to see the reality of the situation, and we’re really fucking pissed off. We wanted to live in excess and bleed the love right out of this world. Our knife was just a bit too dull it seems.
    He’s banging on the door again.
    “I need the phone”
    I tell him to wait.
    “Hurry up!”
    Just be quiet and he’ll forget I’m alive.

    Sometimes I want to pull my hair out, fall onto the floor, and scream in agony. I want people to feel what I feel. It would be my final gift to them and their final glare of confusion. I want to break everything beautiful in this world and sink it into the sea, just because I can’t have it. What is it keeping me from fulfilling my wishes? Fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of what might be. Fear of fucking bravery.
    Hit the play button.
    Just let the music go.

    Her hair is pulled up again today.
    Glance, but only for a moment.
    Keep your head down and walk.
    I find myself tormented over her.
    Months later and I’m too weak to let go.
    She knows I’m the weak link in her chain of dominance.
    Why did I ever love her?
    Oh now I remember, I was in desperation over my lack of human bonds.
    She somewhat brought a sense of hope into my life.
    It’s fucking hilarious how good things never last.
    And she was my one good thing at the time.
    God’s upstairs laughing his ass off.
    I just need a high-powered sniper rifle.
    I’ll shoot that fucker right out of the sky.
    And when his corpse hits the ground.
    I’ll piss on it.
    Territorial pissing in a sense.
    He owned me.
    Now I’ll own him.

    That’s what life is all about, dominance over another living thing. We’re all slaves in the end. Slaves to our money. Slave to our material possessions. Slaves to our computers. Slaves to our parents. Slaves to our schools. Slaves to our species. Slaves to god. Personally I’m absolutely fucking sick of it. We need to burn it down. Return to primitiveness. Return to ourselves.