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  1. Melfice Darkmage: This will sound just as ridiculous as it doesn't, but do you think we'd beable to get more shit done if we didn't have the internet and our computers all the time? I don't know about you but I swear if I didn't have the option to sit here in front of this thing all evening long half the shit that I've wanted to do would be getting done by now, because I never watch tv or play games anymore
    Wilderness Lofts: I think it would make a difference
    Wilderness Lofts: we see it as an outlet
    Wilderness Lofts: and we use it
    Wilderness Lofts: depend upon it
    Wilderness Lofts: when you have nothing to do
    Wilderness Lofts: you sit on your ass on the comp
    Wilderness Lofts: and then although you still have nothing to do
    Melfice Darkmage: But what I just said is an example of what I said before. I know what it's doing and how its messing shit up, but I'm so used to this and obsessed with doing the same routine over and over now that even though I'm saying all this it probably won't make a difference
    Wilderness Lofts: you're reassured by the fact that you can atleast pretend to do something
    Wilderness Lofts: you never even go out and do anything else
    Wilderness Lofts: yeah I know
    Wilderness Lofts: but me for example...b4 we had the net I was outside being active like..almost 24 7...I only came in to sleep
    Wilderness Lofts: then we got the net
    Wilderness Lofts: and I went out less and less
    Wilderness Lofts: now I only go out to do chores and come back in
    Melfice Darkmage: Fuckin'eh dude, these fucking computers are a problem. That realization just hit me. Shit. I gotta come up with someway to avoid this thing.
    Wilderness Lofts: but I love it outside
    Melfice Darkmage: Its like, bam, right in the face. It becomes an obsession. These fucking things really are the devil.
    Wilderness Lofts: yeah but think of it this way
    Wilderness Lofts: you'll try to pull away
    Wilderness Lofts: and then think of all you're missing
    Wilderness Lofts: and get sucked right back in
    Melfice Darkmage: But the thing is, is that I'm not missing that much
    Wilderness Lofts: exactly
    Melfice Darkmage: We fool ourselves into thinking that
    Wilderness Lofts: but it feels like it doesn't it?
    Wilderness Lofts: wow...what do we do? surf a few sites we go to everyday
    Melfice Darkmage: We feel like we're missing that much because of the obsession, its all tied to the obsession
    Wilderness Lofts: talk to a few people
    Wilderness Lofts: and mainly sit there and stare blankly
    Melfice Darkmage: Yeah
    Melfice Darkmage: going back to sites over and over again
    Melfice Darkmage: nothing's new
    Melfice Darkmage: we know it won't be
    Melfice Darkmage: but we do
    Wilderness Lofts: it's like..I'll sit there and open and close my messenger just to see if anyone else has signed on
    Wilderness Lofts: when I know they haven't
    Melfice Darkmage: Yup, same here.
    Wilderness Lofts: cuz a box will pop up
    Melfice Darkmage: Or just looking for someone to talk to when there's only a select few on your list you talk to anyway
    Wilderness Lofts: I think it's the pure and simple reassurance of a false belief in being busy
    Wilderness Lofts: yes
    Melfice Darkmage: fuck
    Melfice Darkmage: We gotta do something man or we're screwed, me and you both know unless we do something this isn't gonna end, its gonna keep going on and on, and screw us over royally in the end.
    Wilderness Lofts: I would suggest that we put timers on our computers that only let us on so long
    Wilderness Lofts: but eventually we'd complain because it's not long enough
    Melfice Darkmage: everytime we'd be like "a few more minutes" a few minutes would turn to an hour, maybe more
    Wilderness Lofts: eventually no timer at all
    Melfice Darkmage: yup
    Melfice Darkmage: back to normal
    Wilderness Lofts: but it's like...this is me...I'm on the net...I don't even play any of my comp games...it's just the net
    Wilderness Lofts: and if someone gets on
    Melfice Darkmage: yup same here
    Wilderness Lofts: I don't go do something
    Wilderness Lofts: I watch TV and wait
    Wilderness Lofts: and as soon as they are off
    Wilderness Lofts: I'm back on
    Melfice Darkmage: I don't edit levels or anything. I don't play games. I surf 3 websites, and chat. That's it
    Wilderness Lofts: my favorites list is full of sites I go to once or twice and never check again
    Wilderness Lofts: but have them there anyway

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      "Am I crying? I wouldn't be surprised if I was. That was beuatiful." -Mo Fuzz