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  1. Definitely. Well atleast for me, and for more than one reason.

    Reason #1: Graduation. I finally graduate from the hell hole that is the Nevada High School. Freedom is mine. No more Mr. Smith, no more Mr. Adams, no more councellers that don't know how to do their damn job, and no more cooperating by spending 7 hours a day with nothing but potheads, hicks, and stuck up preps.

    Reason #2: Fifth Dawn PR. Finally the next prerelease for a new Magic set. It's gonna be awesome, because it's going to have some of the best cards in a while. I love playing in tournaments, around hundreds of Magic players. Magic players are some of the nicest people you'll ever meet, as I've come to find out. No one time in the last year and a half since I started going to the PR's has there been a report of theft or fraud, or fights. But not only this, I look forward to the set to come afterwards: Kamigawa. An oriental based set, kamigawa means "River of Gods." A set about mortals warring against their own gods, should be interesting.

    Reason #3 (Top reason), I'm going on a date. That's right. I'm going on my first date with a guy, and I really like the guy who I'm going on a date with, and he likes me too. Since there's really nothing to do here (he lives 45 minutes north of me, so not too big of a deal, considering if we lived in KC it'd probably take us 30 minutes to get to one another's house because of the nature of Kansas City), we're going to just go out to Chinese Chef for some chinese, go see a movie if there's a good one playing or not, and then come back to my house and hang out for a while.

    So in all, May is looking totally excellent.

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    2. Melfice


      Ralphis said:

      Your second paragraph is TOTALLY gay

      OMG lolz0rz roflmfao stfu kthxbye!


    3. Fredrik


      May is shit because it's the month before graduation, which means shitloads of work.

      Not that I don't have time, I just procrastinate.

    4. Danarchy


      Hopefully, this month, I shall get my driver's liscence and a job.