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  1. Well after a few hectic days at school, things are finally starting to calm down. Monday I panicked as I had to have my artwork up for the senior show and I was home sick the previous Friday when I was supposed to get everything ready. Luckily my Math teacher 1st hour was kind enough to not count me as absent or tardy while I hung everything up before activity period.

    Inbetween all of this I've been working on my first map returning to mapping for DooM 2, titled "Damnation and a Day" subtitled "Just Like You Imagined." The entire layout is done and a little less than half of it is totally complete (IE. sector and texture work, triggers, etc.). I've been showing the soon to be beta testers screenshots as it's went along, or should I say, its progress. I've shaded the regions completely done in purple. I can't wait to release this to /newstuff next week! It'll be the first map I've publicly release, not counting the very small DN demo I released a long time ago.

    1. Bucket


      That's, um... ambitious. The layout's definitely above par.

      *prints out screenshot and plays Clue with it*
      Hm. Colonel Mustard in the sausage-link-shaped hallway with the Plasma gun?

    2. Danarchy


      Very Episode 2-ish. I approve.