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  1. Again.

    Thoughts are painful, in all respects
    Don't move for a while,
    I'm gonna try this once again,
    Let's pull it out with a new style.
    Look around, Look inside,
    It's always the king of lies.

    Can't help but to bleed,
    On your shoulder,
    From how you've wounded me.
    Move, don't move,
    Stay a little while here,
    Breathe, or don't breathe,
    Walk a thousand miles,
    Inside my aching head.

    How soon is now?
    Absorbing all I can,
    I've really just about
    lost all control.
    Anti love and anti fun,
    Here's my anti president gun.
    Move, don't move.
    What do you really want from me?
    Why is it I just really
    didn't want to leave.

    Angry? No.
    Angry? Move.
    Angry? ....

    If someone whispers
    I'm really not so sure I wouldn't
    Fall asleep.
    Tired of trying, Sick of crying,
    Outside I'm smiling,
    On the inside I'm dying.

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    2. Bucket


      He may not, but other songwriters do. They(except for rappers, it seems) believe it's a definite sign of "making it". Nirvana was the first band to state that, I think.

    3. Bloodshedder


      Weird Al writes plenty of original songs as well.

    4. MaximusNukeage


      Bloodshedder said:

      Weird Al writes plenty of original songs as well.

      wierd all rocks, especially that song about astrology, where he's like " your friends talk about you behind your back KILL THEM!!"