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  1. Hey everyone :) Its 4 am, and Jim and Lance are asleep, and Nathan has been gone for a while now. We had a blast, regardless that the place we played in was wide open, filled with 600 people, and had no air conditioning (try staying in that from 11 am to 7 pm while keeping the will to play Magic).

    I a did some major trading and buying, I'm going to start off with what I got my hands on first:

    1x Spectral Shift (foil)
    2x Beacon of Unrest
    3x Endless Whispers
    2x Mephidross Vampire
    1x Magma Giant
    2x Door to Nothingness
    1x Helm of Kaldra (regular)
    2x Razormane Masticore
    2x Crucible of Worlds
    4x Ion Storm
    2x Silent Arbiter
    1x Bringer of the Red Dawn
    2x Bringer of the Blue Dawn (one foil)
    2x Desecration Elemental
    1x Trinket Mage (foil)
    1x Arcbound Wanderer (foil)
    1x Dragon Whelp (foil)

    then outside of Fifth Dawn, 3x Death Cloud (1 foil), 2x Oblivion Stone, 1x Great Furnace (foil), 1x Leveler, 2x Dross Harvester (the Leveler and Harvesters are for what I call the "Suicide Migration" deck, as well as the Death Clouds and Oblivion Stones), 4x Bloodstained Mire, 2x Flesh Reaver, a few select commons/uncommons (Grab the Reins, some Fifth Dawn stuff, etc.), and a few more things that I probably can't think of at 4 am in the morning.

    My PR tournament was halfway decent. I went 2 and 2, so obviously didn't win any packs, however, I did pretty good the games I did win.

    The Preperation
    When I got there I wasn't expecting anything certain as I did with the Darksteel PR. The Darksteel PR I planned on playing blue/black control, and I did. I had a Neurok spy, good equipment, and lots of evasion and answers. This time however, was different. I got my tournament pack and as me, Jim, Lance, and Nathan opened our stuff I looked to the right and noticed a guy pull not only a foil Broodstar, but a foil Eternal Witness. I wish I could have traded him for that.

    I opened my tournament pack first, wanting to save the Fifth Dawn packs for last. I scanned through what I had opened. I wasn't too pleased with my Mirrodin rare pulls being Tooth and Nail, Vulshock Battlemaster, and Leonin Sun Standard. Next I proceeded to open my Fifth Dawn packs. The first thing I pulled, I laughed at. How could it be that I was cursed with these things? Such as my fate was in pulling a Darksteel Reactor at the DS PR, so was it here, as my first rare was nothing else but Door to Nothingness. Screw you too, R&D. The next pack I opened, I pulled out a Silent Arbiter. I wanted two, I was half way there. And finally out of the last pack, came the Bringer of the Red Dawn. At first I was skeptical, but set it aside, and continued registering my cards.

    After I was done I began making piles of the cards I knew I definitely wouldn't use, and the cards I would. The piles that I would possibly use were as follows:

    White: Skyhunter Skirmisher, Razor Barrier, Taj-Nar Swordsmith, Vanquish, Leonin Squire

    Blue: Trinket Mage, Early Frost, Annul, Condescend, Disarm, Regress, Thought Courier, Advanced Hoverguard.

    Black: 2x Visous Betrayal, Nim Shrieker, Moriok Scavenger,2x Lose Hope, Irradiate.

    Red:: Magma Jet, Spikeshot Goblin, Molten Rain, Screaming Fury, Ogre Leadfoot, Bringer of the Red Dawn.

    Green: Deconstruct, Turn to Dust, Creeping Mold (I was stunned by those), Tangle Asp, Dawn's Reflection, Ferocious Charge, Predator's Strike, One Dozen Eyes.

    Artifacts: Lantern of Insight, Opaline Bracers, 2x Spinal Parasite, Conjurer's Bauble, Thermal Navigator, Suntouched Myr, Slagwurm Armor, Myr Quadropod, 2x Sawtooth Thresher, Cranial Plating, Leaden Myr, Omega Myr, Silver Myr, Sunbeam Spellbomb, Paradise Mantle, Talisman of Dominance, Talisman of Unity, Andonet Lurker, Leonin Scimitar, Wayfarer's Bauble.

    Lands: Vault of Whispers.

    As I looked up and down the piles, I really wanted to play black for creature removal, blue for board control, and green for artifact removal, using artifact creatures as my main source for offense. However I liked the red I had. White I knew was the first to go. Way too little of white to make anything decent with it. Next I decided to remove all the red cards, except for the Bringer of the Red Dawn. As I looked at the Talismans, Myrs, and other mana helping spells, I realized it was most definitely playable, and would more than likely be my trump card. And after that I chose the creatures I knew that I was going to put in. The Slagwurm Armor and Myr Quadropod was a nice combat trick (and I used it more than once in play, too), and the while I didn't want to go overboard on multicolor-based spells, I threw in the Sawtooth Threshers in the "Definite" pile to go in. After that I slowly eliminated cards, and got down to this deck, plus the land I got for it:

    1x One Dozen Eyes (offense, blockers)
    1x Deconstruct (artifact removal)
    1x Predator's Strike (creature pump)
    1x Creeping Mold (artifact removal)
    1x Ferocious Charge (creature pump, scry)
    1x Dawn's Reflection (mana fixer)
    1x Tangle Asp (defense)
    1x Turn to Dust (artifact removal)
    1x Advanced Hoverguard (offensive/defensive)
    1x Thought Courier (card draw)
    1x Regress (control magic)
    1x Disarm (control magic)
    1x Annul (control magic)
    1x Condescend (control magic, scry)
    1x Slagwurm Armor (creature protection)
    1x Myr Quadropod (offensive/defensive)
    2x Sawtooth Thresher (offensive)
    1x Cranial Plating (creature enhancement)
    1x Leaden Myr (mana accel)
    1x Omega Myr (early-game defense)
    1x Silver Myr (mana accel)
    1x Sunbeam Spellbomb (card draw)
    1x Pyrite Spellbomb (card draw)
    1x Paradise Mantle (mana fixer)
    1x Talisman of Dominance (mana accel)
    1x Talisman of Unity (mana accel)
    1x Anodet Lurker (offensive/defensive)
    1x Leonin Scimitar (creature enhancement)
    1x Wayfarer's Bauble (mana accel)
    1x Silent Arbiter (defensive)
    1x Bringer of the Red Dawn (win condition)
    7x Island
    7x Forest

    Round 1
    The first game I had no flying creatures and the guy had been on the offense with his own flyer for quite a while. He eventually got me down to one, but thanks to artifact removal I removed his creatures from the game except for one Arcbound Wanderer, then played Bringer of the Red Dawn, during my upkeep took control of it, and attacked with everything (the Bringer equipped with Cranial Plating, a Myr Quadropod equipped with Slagwurm Armor and a Leonin Scimitar, with switched p&t, Silver Myr, Leaden Myr, and a 8/8 Thresher, killing him in one swing as I hadn't touched him the entire game). The 2nd round I won as well, again with the Bringer of the Red Dawn, me being at 1 life for 5 turns in the end, and on the final 5 turns as it was since time ran out.

    Round 2: Only won the 2nd match. I got way too much mana, like 7 forests and 2 islands by the end of the game, in the first match. 2nd match I once again eliminated his forces and took control of his last remaining creature with Bringer of the Red Dawn, finishing him off. 3rd match I got a good opening hand but the card draws following didn't help me at all.

    Round 3: First round I was beat. 2nd Round I pulled a lot of tricks with Myr Quadropod and had to remove a CoP: Artifacts with a Creeping Mold. We were within 10 minutes of the final match when he began to draw, and mulliganed down to 4 cards, followed by giving up the 3rd match.

    Round 4: 1st match I was pinged to death basically by 2x Vulshock Sorcerers, 1x Goblin Spikeshot or whatever its called, and 1x Blind Creeper equipped with a Viridian Longbow. 2nd match I opened up my offense by attacking him for 10 damage with a Slagwurm Armor-equipped Myr Quadropod, and then ended up losing horribly as I only had 1 flying creature, and he had one himself equipped with a bunch of stuff.

    Unfortunately, no pack payout, however I still got a ton of Fifth Dawn stuff as listed. I traded quite a bit with Jim and Lance, Nathan didn't have much that I wanted at all. Then I also traded with several other people, which brings me to something I'm just gonna say and not bother elaborating on: I can understand the strategy of "making sure you get the best deal," but when you do it to your friends or a friend who trades for stuff you've been needing for a while, its really offending. No, this isn't me I'm talking about, its someone else. However, I'm not playing that game anymore, and not doing any favors unless I'm promised a good deal ahead of time for the trouble I spend looking for **** and thinking of other people.

    Moving on, it was all around an excellent day. I asked Chris Rush his opinion on Mirrodin block, and he thought it was outstanding, and wised he could have done art for Mirrodin and Darksteel. He also said that he is or has done artwork for Kamigawa block, which is excellent in my opinion. He even got in and played in a fleight at the end, it was great. Well that's all for me now. I had some other things that needed taken care of so I came back here and it was 6 am instead, 6:16 at the moment. I hope any of you that went had an excellent time at the PR! Here's looking forward to breaking Fifth Dawn and awaiting Kamigawa!

    Oh yeah, and once again, made profit by selling unwanted cards to an old fat guy with a pony tail.

    1. Little Faith

      Little Faith

      Agh, it's ages since I played Magic.

      The only cards mentioned I know anything about are Dragon Whelp, Creeping Mold and the basic lands.

    2. DooMBoy


      Awesome kekeke ^____________^