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  1. "My milkshake bringeth all ye gentlefolk to the yard.
    And they're like, "It's better than thine!"
    It's better than thine.
    I could teach you....
    I must levy a fee!" - Toby.

    aye indeed, need a retort? nay, the price for treason be high today, thine words need not a retort. Thine words need ye criticism not, verily not. Price of treason be nil, as thy have no monarch. Monarch verily overrated! Thine word is good enough! my word? I gave nothing. perhaps i did but im very intoxicated right now so wouldnt recall . hehe. Verily? I've just stopped george bush ****ing someone to create more geroge bushes and some big robot was boning the stat of liberty. Oh the shame. hark! poly-tics! many many bloodsucking beasts of burden yonder! Keep thine beasts to thy self! Treason! Treason! Ye bloody beast of burden! Bury yourself! Hark! Do so quickly, verily quickly! Damndable thy poly-tics! damndable indeed! ni? NEE!!!! ni! ni ! Neeeee! the knights of NEEE! AAARGH TREASON!!! Thine words, oh thine words bringeth pain to thy ears!!! Bloody **** stains! Vaginal stem samples! Holy incarbonated treason! For 'tis the testicular cancer of the world that doth taste of tinsel It's like magic to me , im taking it in and imagining all objects in my room reciting it heh. The dolls of clasp do condem thee the peelings of thy musty ballsac doth glisten in the vat of melted baboons. bloody **** bubbles be thy weapon of mass destruction! Doth thee think he can defeat me! I think not! What is this blasphemy thy mouth spews?! Say it is not so! Must I remove my lower intestinal tract and squeeze like toothpaste the wisdom within into the sparkly eyes that are held in thy head by bulbous bumble bee poo? Or must I refrain from inserting David Lettermens schlong relic into my dual pin plug socket? oh yea, and no, 'tis not so. May you bite into a icecream cone full of wasps that are bent on stinging your 15th eyelash 4000 times. well, hell hath no fury like a chris squashed by overweight immigrant feaces
    . May you explore gims mud chute with your quivering inquisetive eyebrow, and writhe in ecstacy as you force his moustache and pipe to penetrate your nostril holes. Then have a shower with an elephant hemaroid pool and repeat the process, My child.

    I've been listening to Disturbed's cd "Believe" lately. I love it, and the last track, "Darkness," is just awesome, and very touching. Everytime it plays I have to sing to it, if I can, even while in the middle of a game of Magic (yes, we listen to rock while playing Magic. I even usually pick theme songs for my decks). Which I guess brings me to a point where I can post my latest MBC deck which does well against Lance's goblin-bidding deck. But I've sideboarded some cards to help that a bit, as well against Ravager.

    Death Dealers
    Theme song: "Duality", by Slipknot

    4x Blind Creeper
    4x Dross Harvester
    4x Grinning Demon
    4x Desecration Elemental
    2x Razormane Masticore

    4x Lose Hope (this is here to get rid of early game blockers or mana producers, such as early goblins, vedalken engineers, etc.)
    4x Night's Whisper
    4x Plunge Into Darkness
    2x Death Cloud

    2x Phyrexian Arena
    2x Grave Pact (I just now thought of putting this in here, finally a good use for a really cool card).

    4x Lightning Greaves
    4x Chrome Mox
    4x Talisman of Dominance

    4x Infest (replace 4x Lose Hope against goblins)
    2x Death Cloud (replace 2x Grave Pact against Colossus/Staff or T&N)
    4x Withering Wretch (replace 4x Blind Creeper against goblin bidding)
    2x Damping Matrix (replace 2x Plunge into Darkness against Ravager)
    2x Endless Whispers (replace 2x Phyrexian Arena against Bidding or T&N)

    And that's all for now. Hey, atleast I managed to make a real post

    Oh onem more thing, I have a pic of Eric :) I'm the first to see his new hair since he beached it yesterday (yesterday as in an hour and a half ago, its 1:33 am now).