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  1. Got bored this morning and decided to make a quiz that tells you what Magic: the Gathering legend you most resemble based upon the novels. I have pics made but the retarded image uploader at the site doesn't work, so the pics don't. Anyway, here's a link to the quiz.

    What Magic: the Gathering Legend Are You?

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    2. Darkstalker


      Braids, Cabal Minion You don't care about anything. All that matters to you is that you're able to prance around merily within your own insanity. But that is the key to your power and intimidating presence: you are the perfect mix of dementia and intelligence, and being able to control that has made you nearly unkillable.

    3. Quast


      Ixidor, Reality Sculptor Once a pure hearted arist, now a mad man awaiting your own fate. You've lost the only true love of your life through a terrible means of some sort, and you continuously strive to find a further meaning to live. Your artisticnature let's you find such a meaning.

    4. The Ultimate DooMer

      The Ultimate DooMer

      Heh, same as me. (unfortunately)